Soapie teasers: 13 February 2018

7de Laan

Marko finds out that Esti is hiding something from him. Aggie is excited about the Valentines competition.

Days of our Lives

Sonny is surprised when Will and Arianna return home. Will claims they are back to stay because they missed Sonny so much. However, in private, Will makes a secret (one-way) call to Sami, and it’s revealed he was let go from the screenplay job. Meanwhile, Sonny admits to Adrienne plans for the new club are not going well at all even though he put a good face on it for Will. Zoe tells Paul she wants an exclusive on the story of his surgery for Sonix. Chad and Jordan make love for the first time. Abigail brings Ben a small Christmas tree, which they decorate together.


Jack turns up the pressure for Smanga. Lucy overhears something which gets her blood boiling. The Russians receive a visit from Mr X.


Judas takes a dramatic step in order to pursue his revenge. Mpiyakhe reaches out to Jabu. Thandeka owns up to her faults with hopes at a second chance.


A furious Nikiwe chases Ben from her home. Sechaba has a special plan to welcome Lerato back from Atlanta. Anja plots to get Ben’s attention.    


Konanani convinces Vhutshilo that Tenda is the big enemy. Ranthomeng makes a life changing decision that will change everything. Livhuwani becomes more and more desperate when she fails another pregnancy test.

Rhythm City

There’s a bloody showdown in prison. Jakobo starts to show his true colours. Blossom tries to help Rene.


A young man is determined to land a position which he would normally consider beneath him. Stokkies is on the up and up and doesn't want to involve himself in a project which he considers small fry. A pair of new lovers make a decision about their future.

Skeem Saam

Wallet interprets Granny’s dream in an interesting way. Mr Kgomo has a major PR problem to solve. Eunice encounters a problem that might get in the way of her studying at Gauteng University.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Not airing.

The Queen


Gracious smells a rat when it comes to her niece. Can Martha resist Bakang’s charms? Vuyiswa takes a nasty fall.


For those who loved her, it’s a struggle to accept MaNzuza’s death. MaMlambo seeks the ancestors’ help. More devastating news rock Khumbulani and Mastermind’s world.