Soapie teasers: 14 November 2017

7de Laan

Has Andrè made the right decision? Justin and Charmaine are worried about Vince.

Days of our Lives

EJ and Sami share a close moment just as Kate arrives. Kate makes it clear to Sami that she can see what’s going on: Sami’s giving up on revenge and wants to reconcile with EJ. EJ talks to Stefano, who has no idea his son betrayed him. Eve lays out her plan to Jill to keep her daughter away from JJ.  Hope is struggling with her feelings for Aiden when she encounters Kayla.  Aiden runs into Nicole.  After a scratchy start, they decide to have a drink together. Nicole picks up on his frustrations about Hope, and she trashes Hope a little.


Getty tries to convince herself the strange dreams mean nothing. Gadaffi realises he wants more from Sphe. Gog’Flo is horrified when she realises what she’s done.


Skhaleni revels in being the boss. The Ngwenyas find themselves in a dangerous situation. Mabuyi tells Duma and Qondi about her dream, and everyone starts worrying.


After dreaming of Nikiwe suffocating him, Gabriel’s heart nearly stops when he opens his eyes and sees Nikiwe in his ward. Georgie is emotionally stung when he catches Nina and Matlala secretly doing DNA testing behind his back and has heart palpitations. Lalage and Wendy revive their sibling rivalry with a baking challenge. 


Is Rendani right about the Ramashias? Ranthomeng's paranoia worsens. Teboho is nervous about her renaming ceremony.

Rhythm City

MamMothibi tells Puleng she wants more children. Bongi gives Lerato her final ultimatum. Mkhushulwa causes havoc.


Dintle and Freddie are alarmed when an unexpected stumbling block pops up to hamper their plan. Two rivals meet for the first and last time. The unlikeliest of unlikely truces is called.

Skeem Saam

MaNtuli unintentionally rubs salt onto Sthoko’s already open wound. Leeto demonises himself in the eyes of the Seakamelas. Malebana manages to throw Mary off her fortress of power.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge gives Eric a second chance to do what’s right for the family by making him the Power of Attorney instead of Quinn. Quinn begins to use her newfound power in the family by revoking Pam’s unlimited access to the Forrester mansion. Liam attempts to talk Steffy into moving back into his home with him to restart their relationship where they left off. Rick has a candid conversation with Brooke regarding the men in her life.

The Queen

The Punch

Kagiso is not happy when Gracious decides to take Diamond’s advice. Thato wants to come clean. Schumacher finds Kgosi with Mike. Who will Kgosi choose: Mike or Schumie?


Pastor Mdletshe discovers something MaNzuza is up to. Smangele is between a rock and a hard place. Mastermind has a very big problem on his hands.