Soapie teasers: 16 March 2018

The cast of Uzalo. (Facebook)
The cast of Uzalo. (Facebook)

7de Laan

Alexa gets shocking news from Justin. Amorey wants Willem all to herself.

Days of our Lives

Clyde forces Jordan to face a memory she’s long repressed - that her mother was pregnant the day Jordan crashed that car into a tree, killing not only her mother, but the unborn baby.  Clyde insists it was intentional and a rocked Jordan, swimming in uncertainty, is unable to refute it. JJ is a wreck and admits to Jennifer that he slept with someone behind Paige’s back. Jennifer, talking to Maggie, realizes that her son needs help. Eve is alarmed when Paige says she knows who JJ slept with… Melanie and Brady are full of anticipation over their “date to discuss having a date” - both leery of making that step towards commitment but excited, too.


Sphe’s dream is shattered in an instant. Lucy is furious when she finds out who ordered whiskey under her name. Namhla and Zitha come up with a plan.


Qaphela’s attack is derailed by Blade. Mabuyi sees right through Gloria’s facade. Siphokazi confesses her mistake to her husband. Meanwhile, Bhekumuzi fears for his life.


Kgothalo gets the carpet pulled from under her feet. Makgorometsa blames Sibiya for roping him in to beat up Gabriel.


Vhutshilo's finger prints are found on an unlicensed firearm. James and Ranthomeng get into a brawl in public. Livhuwani's guilt weighs heavily on her.

Rhythm City

Lerato is determined to blame someone for her child’s death, while the secret is buried right under her nose. Rene finally understands what Musa’s parties are all about.


A man's hopes of improving his life are dashed, and he decides to seek revenge. A potential date does not turn into a reality. Industrial action is interrupted by the sudden clarification of a situation.

Skeem Saam

Kwaito receives a gift from an unexpected source. Kat urges Granny to put a troublesome issue to rest. Nimza keeps making things worse.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ecstatic about her engagement, Nicole shows off her ring to Maya and Vivienne. In a loving moment, Nicole asks her big sister to be her matron of honor. Zende makes a big request of his grandfather regarding the location of the nuptials. Sasha shows up and passionately apologizes to Nicole begging to be invited to the wedding. Sally discovers online that Nicole and Zende are engaged. The Spectra gang discuss their upcoming fashion show but Sally is distracted by thoughts of Thomas.

The Queen

Queen of Bullets

Kea sees a side of Tebogo she didn’t expect. Gracious’ finds unexpected opposition when she tries to get Kaizer out on bail. Brutus is worried that Kagiso is still not over Goodness.


Pastor Mdletshe enjoys the financial support from Qhabanga but resort to prayer to ease his conscience in the eyes of Mxolisi, desperate to get closure from Lilly by giving her family a cow. Mastermind helps him while battling with Thobile who prefers him as a criminal to the boring driver for the funeral parlour. Mastermind gives in to Thobile's wish and buys a brand-new convertible car. Fikile, who just got locked up for her flashy life, is about to turn the tables on Sbu who is sidelined by Nkunzi planning the next big hit without him.