Soapie teasers: 17 November 2017

The cast of Uzalo. (Facebook)
The cast of Uzalo. (Facebook)

7de Laan

Lesedi is worried about Jacob. Rickus has to choose sides between Alexa and Amorey.

Days of our Lives

Chad confronts EJ with a gun. He’s furious that his brother slept with Abigail. EJ tries to explain, but Chad lashes out at him. Theresa tells Brady that Kristen threatened her. Theresa expresses her concern to Eve about John possibly waking up.  Fed up with the lack of support from her sister, Theresa decides to take matters into her own hands. JJ is excited about his first college party with Paige, but little does he know that Eve has hired a hooker, Jill, to discredit him in Paige’s eyes. Eve also enlists Marybeth, who feigns an injury to get Paige away from JJ.


Getty is distressed when the doctor can’t find what is wrong with her. Lucy will be damned if she allows Elsa to save the day. Gadaffi is hurt when his ‘services’ are no longer required.


The clock ticks fast as the Ngwenyas race to save Zama, while things look increasingly bad for Jabu. Mandla and Bongani stake out their suspect.


A desperate Gabriel needs money to pay his hospital bill, but is he desperate enough to sell his Rec shares to Nina? Matlala and Georgie continue to bond, much to Gatanga’s dismay. It’s the day of the bake-off and rivalry between Wendy and Lalage is at an all-time high. 


Matodzi tells Rendani news that stuns her. Nyamukamadi is taking her duties a bit too seriously for Mulalo's liking. Ranthomeng is not happy about all the arrangements to honour James.

Rhythm City

Lufuno and Puleng are caught out. David drops a few bombs. Cuba is told she might never see her grandchild again.


Threats are traded and Zinzile finds herself reaching out to someone she dislikes intensely. A false accusation of a serious crime is made. Mlungisi takes note of a shady conversation.

Skeem Saam

The culinary academy wages a war against the thief. John gets exposed by his dream state. Lehasa’s moment of reckoning has arrived.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge makes serious allegations against Quinn in regards to her treatment of Eric, comparing his father to Liam. He is thoroughly convinced that Eric will someday thank him for driving Quinn out of his life. Bill summons his trusty staff to plan an elaborate wedding to Brooke that he feels is long overdue. Still recovering, Eric confesses to Ivy his feelings regarding the current state of his marriage versus what he had initially envisioned.

The Queen

Love and Drugs

Thato’s birthday turns into a nightmare. Patronella makes it clear to Mjekejeke that she doesn’t approve of Schumacher’s sexuality.


MaNzuza worries about Advocate Zulu. Captain Mthimkhulu lets Nkunzi know he’s on to him. Smangele shares Khumbulani’s secret with MaNzuza.