Soapie teasers: 19 March 2018

PHOTO: 7de Laan Facebook
PHOTO: 7de Laan Facebook

7de Laan

Esti puts her foot down; she has had enough of people walking all over her. Aggie has a big decision to make.

Days of our Lives

Nicole makes a decision not to pursue the informant’s tip about Serena and instead focuses on Daniel. The two make love in the shower, and go to the new club to support Rafe, who is managing it. Nicole accidently dumps her drink on Serena and the fur flies. Theresa wants to take her mind off of things and goes with Anne to the new club. The night is a bust, and Theresa and Anne leave. However, Theresa then spies a shady-looking guy in the square and makes her move. Will has to do a follow up interview with Paul and Sonny and wonders when he’s going to be done because the money would come in handy. Will says it’s taken longer than he thought, but it took a new turn.


Jack devises a strategy to get leverage over the Phillips family. Zoe is horrified to see what’s been done to her child. Wandi is hopeful when a job interview comes her way.


Mpiyakhe pardons Bhekumuzi and does his best to get Siphokazi to have faith in the future. Mandla is riddled by guilt and takes it out on Pleasure.


Gabriel makes a discovery that sends shock waves through the Deep. Sechaba wonders how Barker’s newly discovered corpse will affect the land claim. Rajesh winces when Kgothalo asks to be friends.


The Mokoena household is shaken to the core - will it survive this? Neshehe believes he has found Konanani's murderer. Livhuwani is rattled after Tenda reveals one of his secrets.

Rhythm City

Rene makes an important decision about the parties and Lerato makes an important decision about the baby investigation.


An argument provides an opportunity for a revenge, and social media provides the means. Mary decides to put her heart on the line and Romeo initiates a plan to secure his future. There are some embarrassed faces when a misunderstanding is cleared up.

Skeem Saam

Rachel makes Nimza’s day in an unexpected way. Kwaito’s past throws him off in front of a group of very influential people. Lelo is pained to realise that she’s still judged on her past sins.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Zende greets his parents, Kristen and Tony, who have flown to Los Angeles to attend their son’s wedding. Nicole shares a tender moment with her parents before the wedding begins. Sasha expresses her gratitude to Nicole for allowing her to attend the wedding. Pam tends to the caterers, bragging that she made the cake. Shirley enters the Spectra office with a couple of cakes, which gives Sally an idea about how to garner more publicity for Spectra. The sexual tension between Ridge and Quinn before the ceremony is palpable. The wedding begins as Nicole appears at the top of the staircase ready to descend on Julius’ arms. Nicole notices the amazing gift that Zende made for her.

The Queen

Bad Judgement

Kea is conflicted as different voices tell her how to handle Tebogo. Gracious makes a bold move to get Kaizer out of jail. Bakang tries to offer Vuyiswa his support.


There is a lot of change in KwaMashu and some residents are struggling to accept it. Too much change can see you go back to your old ways and for others old habits (and careers) die hard. Others yearn for change, they just don’t know what it is yet and one resident might ruin his chances at love because he refuses to accept his lifestyle changing