Soapie teasers: 21 February 2018

Rhythm City! (Facebook)
Rhythm City! (Facebook)

7de Laan

Will Vanessa find out that Justin wasn’t completely honest with her? Amorey shares her feelings with Chris.

Days of our Lives

As Eve sells Paige on the lie that her grandfather is a lot sicker than he is, JJ almost opens up to Rory about sleeping with Eve. However, JJ is interrupted when Abigail brings home Melanie. Eric fills Serena in on Nicole’s snooping as Nicole asks Daniel out on a date. Daniel regretfully declines, telling Nicole about his dinner plans with Eric and Serena. They agree to postpone taking this next step until after the holidays. Sonny and Will are still at odds over Will’s lie about why he came back home. Meanwhile, Paul is cornered by Theresa, and he lets her down easy. Theresa takes it in his stride, identifying with him as he shares that he’s still carrying a torch for an old flame. Paul then meets with Will for another interview - and Will wants to ask him questions about his love life.


Lucy is fed up with her boyfriend’s bad mood. Has Nandi finally found her calling? Sphe is shocked to see who her lover is meeting.


The Zungus and Ngwenyas struggle through their mutual distrust to face their revenge-filled adversary. Iris is offered a deal that could change her life forever.


Nina sends her goons to hijack the SG gold. Sechaba is concerned that Lerato’s dreams have taken over their lives. Gabriel tries to convince Wendy that he is a changed man.    


Azwindini rejects Susan’s suspicion that Konanani inflicted her own wound. Azwindini has some good news for Livhuwani. Gugu refuses to be Rashaka’s rebound.

Rhythm City

Lerumo makes a deal with Suffo. Bash and Bongi connect. Lerato comes to an important decision about Lungile. Fats and Jamaica make a terrible discovery.


Quinton tries to gain some control over a dire situation, and Romeo finds himself in the worst position of his life. Stokkies's plan is thwarted by an angry mob. A son is disappointed in his father and issues him with a warning.

Skeem Saam

Leshole wakes up to find a pleasant surprise. Emkay is gobsmacked at Eunice’s naiveté. Sebolaishi leads Granny into temptation.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Not airing.

The Queen

Friends with benefits

Shaka continues his shenanigans with Onica. Refilwe continues giving Vuyiswa a hard time..


Gabisile is worried that Pastor Mdletshe is not dealing with MaNzuza’s death in a healthy way. A memorial service is held for Smangele. A new romance is in the works for KwaMashu.