Soapie teasers: 23 November 2018

7de Laan

Alexa shares concerning news with Justin. Rickus decides to forget about the past and move on with his life.

Days of our Lives

Chad attempts to put his alibi in motion via the bum he fought with the night Serena was killed, but the bum has certain demands of his own. Ben asks Will to be his best man, and Will happily accepts. It’s the night before Paige’s funeral, and Eve is struggling. 


Zitha is finding it hard to let her suspicions rest. Smanga is not at all happy to see his brother with Rorisang. Pele has no idea the Diales are onto him.


Dabula shows he is no ones’ fool as he starts to reorganise the power in the valley. Dabula’s actions help Mabuyi make a choice about her future. Meanwhile, Sibongile continues to keep her past secret from Mpiyakhe.


A blind Nina breaks out of prison with Dlangamandla’s help but it comes with cataclysmic consequences. Lalage and Hendrik makes a shift that dismays Wendy. Lungi inadvertently volunteers to be Sechaba’s wing-woman in his first foray into a scary (for him) space.


Mulalo turns into a monster - will Mulimisi wake up? Gugu struggles to accept the truth. Thobile is busted.

Rhythm City

Suffo receives a ransom demand for Busi, but it doesn’t go as he expected. Blossom writes a letter to her long-lost daughter. 


Neo makes a dangerous proposal. The charming newcomer's influence penetrates deeper. Mthunzi tries to tie up loose ends. 

Skeem Saam

Tbose is stunned when Noah acts in a weird fashion regarding a response to a faulty alarm. Alfred leaves Charles with food for thought regarding his plot against Rachel and Marothi’s relationship.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Tension runs high when adversaries Quinn and Sheila find themselves staring each other down with Eric in between them.

The Queen

Hard to Stay Afloat

Schumacher tries to get money out of Gracious. Diamond decides it’s time he reminded the Big 5 who they’re dealing with.


Living a lie is living dangerously.