Soapie teasers: 24 August 2018

7de Laan

Esti is starting to find out the truth about Monique. Rickus is determined to follow his passion for sport. 

Day of our Lives

Eve stops Jennifer from seeing that she has lifted Laura Horton’s medical file. Paige discovers JJ and Bev making out. After seeing how a couple was brought together over their child’s health scare, Theresa heads home, determined to be a family with Tate and Brady. Chad again accuses Stefano of having an ulterior motive in wanting him to be with Abigail. Clyde is twigged when Ben says Stefano was trying to play matchmaker between Chad and Abigail.  Kate sets up a mysterious meeting, claiming she has a proposition. 


Mazwi decides to take the high road for a change. Wandile realises there’s something missing from her life. Tau is on a mission and is not about to give up.


Will the Zungus and Ndlovus secure their victory? Zanele warns Ntwenhle about Qaphela. Saddam finds himself in a dilemma with Lillian. Mehlomamba is followed by darkness.


Striking miners, armed and angry, hijack the SG building.  Ben and Ntando set the police on the miners. The miners resist arrest and a huge brawl ensues.


Terror’s threat leaves the Zikalala’s shaken. Vho-Masindi defies Teboho’s instructions. Ranthomeng moves on with Imani but his ex is still lurking the shadows.

Rhythm City

Suffo has a spy on David. Lerato struggles with motherhood. Sabelo disappoints Lungile.


A con-man is remorseful when tragedy strikes.  A light at the end of a tunnel is enveloped by darkness for Hlengiwel. Gloria's plans come to naught and a supervisor learns of slipping standards. 

Skeem Saam

MaNtuli throws Pretty and Sthoko an ultimatum about their sleeping arrangements. Lelo lets it slip to Lehasa that someone is looking out for her. Big Boy pleasantly surprises Leshole with a secret he’s been harbouring regarding a forgotten bank account.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bill attempts to persuade a highly reluctant Caroline into going along with a plan. At Spectra, Thomas is distracted, thinking about Caroline's fatal disease, as Sally enthuses about how great everything is going for them with the upcoming fashion challenge in Monte Carlo. Steffy discloses her earlier interaction with Sheila to Ridge.

The Queen

Will Goodness’ plan against Kea workout? Thato and Adelaide finally have a heart-to-heart. Vuyiswa has a rather interesting encounter.


Zekhethelo threatens to put her life in danger by not eating just so Mxolisi can give her some cocaine.Zekhethelo's hunger strike continues as Gabisile encourages them to stay strong for better times are ahead. There's a new family in town. Who could they be?