Soapie teasers: 25 May 2018

7de Laan

Xander gets shocking news. Everyone in Hillside is excited about the Africa Day event.

Day of our Lives

Serena’s caught off guard by Eric’s arrival at her hotel room while she’s with Xander. It’s revealed Xander also knew Eric back in Africa, and Xander handles it smoothly, claiming he wants Serena to write an article about his new company. Eric suggests they all have dinner together. Daniel intensely questions JJ about Paige, Roxanne, and finally the leather coat he borrowed last fall. JJ’s rocked but admits nothing. He then calls Jennifer to say he thinks Daniel knows about him and Eve! Jennifer heads over to confront Daniel. 


Zondiwe’s not happy to hear her daughter’s big news. Mazwi manipulates the enemy like a pro. Skhalo is not ready to forgive and forget. Jack is floored and furious by what he sees on the news. Jason proves just what a big jerk he is.


Iris is on a warpath, but the Ngwenyas have the upper hand. Thandeka is rushed to the operating theatre, but there are dire complications with the procedure.


When Lalage urges Wendy to alert Sechaba and the police about Jacques, Wendy declines and vows to fix things herself. When Sechaba orders Mavusana to retract the corruption accusations, Mavusana agrees to do it only if Sechaba joins his party. When Nina suspects that Cebisa might be dropping the ball, she lays down the rules for working with her.


The culprit behind Rendani’s poisoning is exposed. Imani and Brother Max are concerned about Meme falling head over hills in-love with KK all over again. Thobile promises to give Moliehi another chance.

Rhythm City

Pearl and Mzi continue their desperate search. Mapula is overwhelmed by the love shown to her. Mampho finally meets her long-lost ‘brother’. 


A man is conflicted until his family members encourage him to make a decision. Not even a disguise can save an individual from being identified and insulted. 

Skeem Saam

Petersen discovers a crucial piece of evidence. Glenda and MaNtuli play a cat and mouse game regarding what they know about Kwaito. Lehasa steps over Cindy’s toes but she stands her ground. Alfred’s conscience is pricking at him.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke and Bill consummate their love as a re-engaged couple. At Spencer Publications, Wyatt and Liam discuss Bill's skyscraper plans being on hold due to the success of Spectra's fashion show. Katie reminds Quinn that she once served as CEO of Forrester Creations. Eric has a shocking proposition. Quinn has a tough time controlling her temper as it dawns on her that Katie knowing about her kiss with Ridge will continue to throw her life for a loop. Ridge's world is rocked when he learns about Brooke's engagement to Bill.

The Queen

Treacherous Love

Gift rescues the lobola negotiations, while Mamiki takes advantage of Roy’s vulnerability.


Qhabanga tries to find out what Nkunzi’s next move is, Thobile has to decide whether to take Mastermind back, and MaMlambo has to discourage MaNgcobo from playing matchmaker.