Soapie teasers: 27 August 2018

PHOTO: Youtube shot
PHOTO: Youtube shot

7de Laan

Justin and Vince get shocking news. Lesedi enjoys seeing the Welman family suffer. 

Day of our Lives

Panicked Will opens up to Marlena about how he had an affair when he was in Los Angeles. Paul goes to Kate and accepts her offer to work for Mad World. Clyde runs into Abigail and drops a not-too-subtle hint about how important Ben’s happiness is to him.Clyde tells Stefano he believes they can co-exist in this town so long as they stay out of each other’s business. Rafe and Hope meet up and she lets him know Clyde is meeting with Stefano. Adrienne’s thrown when Justin hands her divorce papers. 


Lesedi is hopeful when Mr Carlson pays her family a visit. Okuhle is not happy to have her new-found freedom taken away. Jack reveals that he didn’t kill Thabi.


There is tension at the Ngwenyas. Joy returns to Bhubhesini as S’bu and Thandeka celebrate their double victory. 


The angry miners continue holding Sibeko Towers hostage as they seek out Benjamin and Ntando. The entire Horizon Deep is in the dark as SG fails to make a public statement and Sechaba decides it's the last straw, Ben will listen to him as mayor.  


James is mortified to learn how deep the Zikalala’s dark side runs. Vho-Mukondeleli reveals that Mulalo’s dzekiso wife is ready. Rashaka warns Ranthomeng against helping his ex.

Rhythm City

Lerato makes an offer Nomalanga and Zolani can’t refuse. Suffo decides the best form of defence is attack. Gail tries to make David jealous, but he’s a step ahead of her.


A person thinks he's covered up a murder but he couldn't be more wrong. Someone's health is at risk and she's encouraged to take steps to improve her situation. Stokkies pep talk to his team results in some unusual but inspiring actions

Skeem Saam

Pretty and Sthoko finally get the evidence they need against MaNtuli. Lehasa learns who Lelo’s cousin is. Big Boy is reminded of his fears.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Caroline is unsettled with Bill's plan to get Thomas away from Sally so that their family can be reunited. Ridge takes the blame for his affair with Quinn and encourages Eric to return home to his wife. Brooke lectures R.J. and Coco about the dangers of distracted driving and how lucky they both are to be alive following their accident.

The Queen

Jerry’s visit to Vuyiswa’s house is nothing but full of disappointment. Gracious makes a shocking discovery while Kea is unaware of what is happening.


MaGwala worries that there won't be any food for them tonight, but Bab'Mthethwa promises to make a plan. Bab'Mthethwa is turned away from the church soup kitchen.