Soapie teasers: 28 June 2018

7de Laan

Justin tells Vince about his new love interest. Lesedi’s future plans don’t pan out as she had hoped.

Day of our Lives

After her struggle with Marlena, Kristen falls out the window to her death. Brady runs outside to see if he can find her. Theresa and Melanie come in with the baby after hearing the crash. Xander drops in on Nicole, ostensibly to make sure everything’s okay between her and Daniel. JJ and Paige make love in their hotel room. 


Lucy warns Mrekza - either they both get tested or it won’t happen at all. Cosmo can’t stop thinking about Mei. Mazwi wants Dr Mokoena to conduct a DNA test for him.


Deeply troubled by what he suspects, Mehlemamba delays his departure. Iris finds out about the new Ngwenya taxis and resolves to do something about it.


Nina’s house of cards starts to crumble. Ntando finds out explosive information that leaves him suspicious. Thabang feels dejected as his father gives him the cold shoulder.


Rendani has a big decision to take. KK freaks out when he wakes up next to the person who tried to kill him. Gugu wants intimacy and Brother Max doesn’t... will their relationship survive?

Rhythm City

Gail finds out the truth about Pearl and Suffo’s history. Mapula tries to find a way forward with Melusi. Blossom upsets Kop after his health scare. 


Brother surprises sister, but she has a surprise for him too.  Bella faces the truth of her marriage.  Grace resists any question of impropriety. 

Skeem Saam

Alexos Mathon is cornered by Petersen in a manner he never expected. Another nail is put in the coffin of an already distressed and shamed Turfloop community member. A familiar stranger has a stern warning for MaNtuli.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Rick and Maya miss Lizzie, but also enjoy the success of their business trip. Nicole cannot help but wonder whether Julius was right and that she should have never given her baby up for adoption Shirley is concerned that the Forresters might convince Thomas to drop his support for Spectra Fashion. Eric and Steffy appeal to Thomas to return to Forrester Creations.

The Queen

Cold Truths

An old friend asks for Harriet’s help. Something strange is happening at Boi’s Corner. Mmabatho finds out another harrowing truth.


An impatient Mondli almost burns a bridge back to his old job. Thobile wrestles with Mastermind’s desire for a baby. MaNgcobo is a mess of emotions over Nkunzi’s condition.