Soapie teasers: 28 May 2018

PHOTO: Youtube shot
PHOTO: Youtube shot

7de Laan

Hilda gets suspicious about the Welmans’ strange behaviour. Matrone unintentionally spills the beans.

Day of our Lives

Eve comforts Theresa, who’s feeling lonely and emotional but isn’t exactly sure why. She knows it can’t just be about Clint leaving. Maggie gets a call from Sarah, and Melanie remembers her grandmother was once a surrogate – and this privately sparks a crazy theory. Kate stokes Ben's jealousy of Chad by suggesting that the young DiMera is now free to pursue Abigail now that Jordan is gone. Kate complains to Lucas about Stefano's treachery but Lucas calls her on her own machinations. He’s appalled when he realizes she may have her eye on his job. 


Tshidi is rattled about the strange text messages she receives. Will Brandon turn out to be the perfect boyfriend after all? Gadaffi is thrown when Detective Roberts shows up.


A moment meant for joy is marred with tragedy for the Zungus and Ndlovus. Sunday’s dark plan is revealed. The Ngwenyas celebrate their most recent victory over Iris.


Wendy is taken aback when Clive threatens to reveal her secrets. Sechaba is conflicted about which political party to join. Nina plays her cards close to her chest about her business ventures.


Mulalo and Teboho are between a rock and a hard place. Meme believes that she has finally found the healing she needs. Thobile lets Moliehi down when she breaks her promise.

Rhythm City

Those around Mzi and Pearl unwittingly pull them further apart. Mapula receives a shock - and Melusi rises to the occasion. Jafta’s paternity test results are revealed. 


A woman is blackmailed into continuing with an illegal enterprise.  A patriarch bids his family farewell.  Friends chicken out of telling one of their own the truth. 

Skeem Saam

Leeto receives information that shakes him to his core. Lehasa drops a bomb to his staff at Cafe Rovuwa. Wallet has fantastic news from the Department of Arts.

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Spectra gang has a hard time filing and fulfilling all orders they receive for their collection. Shirley and Saul pressure Sally to accept the realities and just enjoy getting the company out of a looming bankruptcy. Sally vows to do the right thing and to eventually win back her sister's and Thomas' trust. At Forrester Creations, Carter arrives with Lt. Baker and informs Ridge and Steffy that they may have a case against Spectra after all. In the design office, R.J. insists to Zende that the larceny was not Coco's fault. Later, Ridge urges his incredulous son to convince Coco to come forward and sell her sister out to the police. At Il Giardino, Nicole offers friendly advice to Coco who has to rethink her career path and relationship with her sister.

The Queen

Power and Seduction

Shaka vows to win Mmabatho back. Mamiki takes her Roy seduction plan further.


Qhabanga tries to find out what Nkunzi’s next move is, Thobile has to decide whether to take Mastermind back, and MaMlambo has to discourage MaNgcobo from playing matchmaker.