Soapie teasers: 29 June 2018

The female cast of Scandal! (Photo supplied)
The female cast of Scandal! (Photo supplied)

7de Laan

Olivia and Matrone don’t see eye to eye. Nozi gets sent home because her work is not up to standard.

Day of our Lives

It’s determined that Kristen’s death was an accident, and all four are allowed to go home. On the plane, Brady and Theresa are seated together with the baby, Victor calls Stefano with his condolences. Abigail opens up to Will that she is having some doubts about Ben. 


Gadaffi talks the fire back into his woman. Zitha is increasingly suspicious about what her man is up to. Smanga is fed up with his brother’s attitude.


Convinced that his fears are real, Mehlemamba confesses to S’bu. Judas and his plans for his new taxis get opposition from an unexpected source. Ntwenhle receives a worrying call.


Lincoln resorts to asking Ben for a favour to keep Ntando close. Ntando reveals his startling suspicion to a shocked Kgothalo. When Thabang’s attempts to reach out to Gatanga fail, he has to make another plan. He receives a pleasant and unexpected surprise.


Rendani decides Teboho’s fate. KK needs to decide what he is going to tell the police about who tried to kill him. Maureen decides to do something drastic to get Brother Max’s attention.

Rhythm City

Puleng tries to get the secret out of Mzi and Gail advises Pearl to come clean with Mzi. Melusi finds Mapula’s bruise photos on her phone. Jafta urges Blossom to press for Kop’s will. 


Yvonne gets an opportunity to make mischief and goes for it, while Romeo encourages someone close to him to push for more. A mother is shocked to discover how her son really feels about his sibling. Mlu reluctantly admits something he has been in denial about and comes to a painful decision. 

Skeem Saam

Alexos delivers on one of his threats to Kwaito. Granny fears history is about to repeat itself. Meikie is unimpressed with something she learns about Tbose.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Quinn and Ivy are concerned about Katie's sudden aspirations at designing and her urge to have her first jewelry pieces featured in the new collection. Quinn is highly concerned for her marriage and confides in Ridge that she fears that Katie could tell Eric about their kiss. Thomas enthuses to Sally about their new partnership and predicts that Spectra Fashion will soon be a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.

The Queen


The Khozas gear up for a war with Gracious. Thato feels like Diamond is getting and closer and closer to him, but Vuyiswa and Jerry are also closing in on Diamond.


Fikile is surprised when she learns that she still has her job. Captain Mthimkhulu continues to investigate in order to find the culprit behind Nkunzi’s shooting. Mastermind and Thobile agree on trying for a baby.