Soapie teasers: 29 May 2018

Muvhango (SABC2)
Muvhango (SABC2)

7de Laan

Marko gets a unexpected phone call. Rickus and Diederick have a new house mate.

Day of our Lives

Eve meets up with Cole, plotting to break up JJ and Paige in a way that keeps her hands clean.  JJ reluctantly goes to Daniel, who seeks confirmation of his suspicions. JJ finally admits he slept with Eve. But he also makes it clear he wants to be with Paige, which means keeping the truth from her. Serena meets up with Xander, and they talk about their past relationship – which Serena now regrets. It led to her helping him smuggle diamonds. Will downplays his problems with Sonny to Rafe. Meanwhile, Sonny thanks Paul for donating blood when he was stabbed. Paul explains he didn’t tell Sonny because he didn’t want him feeling he owed Paul anything. Ben apologizes to Abigail for making the snide comment about EJ. Ben admits he felt threatened by Chad and was jealous he and Abigail connected over her father’s book. 


Michael falls off the wagon again. Jason can’t believe it when Lesedi stands up for him. Mazwi kisses his wife in a way he never has before.


The Zungus and the Ndlovus find themselves struggling to deal with the recent tragedy. Iris decides she is going to push back against the Ngwenyas.


Wendy threatens Clive to tell Sechaba all she knows about Jacques Rothman. Benjamin unwittingly helps Sechaba make an important decision about his future. Cebisa gets the ball rolling when she entices her first recruit into prostitution.


Teboho decides to own up to her evil ways. KK’s jealousy rubs Meme up the wrong way and she throws him out of her apartment. Moliehi suspects that Thobile is up to something sinister like selling drugs.

Rhythm City

Tension mounts between the Genaro and the Ndlovu camps over a coffee machine. Mapula is caught in the middle of a difficult decision. Jafta is in for another unpleasant surprise. 


A woman who suffered in the past is determined to do whatever she has to in order to prevent others suffering the same fate. A scheming young man plays his biggest card, only to find that luck is not on his side. 

Skeem Saam

Sihle provides Leeto with ammunition. Wallet drags Mr Kgomo’s name through the mud on a public platform. Bontle’s heart almost stops when Café Rovuwa’s new Chef is announced.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Sally attempts to repair her relationship with Coco by offering her a position within Spectra Fashions. R.J. struggles with Ridge's and Steffy's request to get Coco to confess to the police about Sally stealing designs from Forrester Creations. Zende and Nicole differ over whether or not Coco is really innocent in the situation. Coco is completely blindsided when R.J. asks her to turn on her own family.

The Queen

Weddings and babies

Mamiki is having her cake and eating it too. Shaka plays Madimetja like a guitar.


MaMlambo goes on a blind date derailing Nkunzi’s focus with a lucrative client. Mumsy threatens to do the worst if Mastermind does not come to the baby daddy party. Gabisile’ shows her fiercest colours to the people of KwaMashu.