Soapie teasers: 30 January 2019

7de Laan

Mariaan is determined to go through with her plan. Vince and Aggie promise to not to hold their agreement against one another.

Days of our Lives

Caroline picks up Victor’s money clip and has a vision of him lying on the floor in distress. Abigail momentarily gets Ben to stop choking Chad to death. Ben then cuffs Abigail to Chad and sets the place on the fire with Chad and Abigail struggling to escape their bonds.                                                                                          


Ayanda’s rash decision leaves Tau floored. Tshidi is furious when her ‘associate’ outwits her. Lerato is startled to hear her best friend's plan.


Still without answers, Mpiyakhe and his team try to find out the truth. With a lot of suspects but no evidence, Mpiyakhe becomes increasingly worried and more and more desperate.


Lincoln leaves Gabriel flapping helplessly in the wind. Hendrik and Wendy ignore the warning signs at their peril. Gatanga takes his position as stand-in shift boss a little too seriously.


Sundani and Tenda’s romance blooms. Moliehi shocks James by what she suggests. The people on social media call Rendani a “magogo”.

Rhythm City

Chicken gives Sabelo a terrible task. Bash confronts Bongi for her betrayal. Rene has second thoughts about helping Sindiswa.


Xolile stands her ground and has to warn a former lover of a possible danger.  Lindiwe tells Phindile about her career progression but chooses no to tell all to the rest of her family.  Mama Jewel's enterprise begins to take off and Dintle is less than magnanimous. 

Skeem Saam

Kat and Candice have another falling out when they disagree about a major business opportunity. Alfred feels betrayed by a new friend. Leeto gets upset with Mokgadi when she and Noah question Tbose’s commitment to dropping the charges.

The Bold and the Beautiful


The Queen

Love Lost & Regained

Goodness finally receives maternal support. Thato loses his potential girl to his best friend.


Nkunzi ropes Zekhethelo into one of his jobs. GC has to choose who her new business partner will be, DK or Mrs. Madlala?