Soapie teasers: 5 April 2018

Isidingo. (Photo: Facebook/Isidingo)
Isidingo. (Photo: Facebook/Isidingo)

7de Laan

Diederik makes an important decision about his future. Will Mariaan and Alexa find out the truth about Rickus?

Day of our Lives

Paul finally comes out to his mother and grandfather over the phone as Will quietly watches.  While things don’t go so well with his mother, Paul is touched by his grandfather’s words.  Sonny is gut-punched when he realizes Will has been sleeping with Paul!  Sonny takes off – and has a deadly encounter. Serena makes a mysterious one-way call, and it’s revealed she intends to switch Eric’s elephant statue with an identical one of her own. Later, Eric drops by and admits he wants to take their relationship to the next level – tonight.


Two lovers have the time of their lives, oblivious they’re being photographed. Michael finds out how deep in he really is. Lucy is perplexed by Brandon’s strange eating habits.


MaKhanyi does not trust Pleasure and decides to do her own spying. Samson gives Iris a piece of his mind. Gloria starts to suspect Ngwebedla. Judas wants Beauty to make the deal.


Kgothalo surprises Sechaba when she releases him from his contract and wishes him well with the hotel. Mmakgosi says something that makes Kgothalo realise she has unresolved issues with her mother. Wendy reminds Lalage that her children are all grown up and now it’s time for Lalage to make herself happy.


Azwindini takes Livhuwani and Ndiwanga to a secret ritual at Mulimisi’s hut. James tries hard to bring peace and harmony to his dysfunctional household. While Imani dreams of white wedding, Ranthomeng is giving in to his side-chick’s seduction on the other side.

Rhythm City

Cuba meets a man in the internet. Rene bonds with a fellow captive. Bongi moves on her plan to end Bash’s life.


Two people who were once extremely loyal to each other are now sworn, bitter enemies. Someone is shocked when an old school friend makes a revealing confession. Family members continue to get drawn into a web of lies.

Skeem Saam

Kwaito learns he may have shot himself in the foot accepting help from Spiller. Alfred has a solution to his family’s financial problems but it’s at the expense of someone they know. Rachel is more determined than ever to make her and Nimza’s dream come true.

The Bold and the Beautiful

A dinner party at the Forrester Mansion held by Pam and Charlie causes Eric and Quinn to spend the evening with Ridge and Brooke. Ridge and Quinn get accidentally stuck in the same bathroom. Coco finishes up her intern interview with Thomas and R.J. who is smitten with the Spectra ingénue. As Sally feels the pang of guilt about using Coco as a spy, Shirley and Saul remind her that it might be their last chance to make the Spectra Fashions revival work.

The Queen

Freedom fighter

Harriet’s enemy finally goes to trial. Harriet tries to get Kea to admit she is not happy with Tebogo running things.


Nkunzi’s determined to find out the person who double-crossed him. Qhabanga’s plan seems to be unfolding perfectly. GC makes unreasonable demands.