Soapie teasers: 6 April 2018

PHOTO: muvhangosa/Instagram
PHOTO: muvhangosa/Instagram

7de Laan

Vince tries to find out the truth. Amorey and Willem regret the decision they made.

Day of our Lives

Maggie and Victor are horrified when they find Sonny unconscious and bleeding in the town square. Adrienne arrives and tries to contact Justin but he doesn’t pick up his phone. She turns to Lucas for support. As Sonny’s life hangs in the balance, Victor comforts Will, Lucas supports Maggie and Paul unknowingly donates blood to his ex-lover. Lucas and Adrienne almost kiss and are flustered by their attraction. Serena tries to talk Eric into making love at his apartment but he’s still set on the Green Mountain Lodge.


Namhla tries to reach out but gets snubbed for it. Fana is ready to throw in the towel. Mazwi’s had a complete change of attitude.


Gloria discovers Ngwebedla’s betrayal. A Ndlovu family dinner has S’bu and Thandeka amused and Khanyi annoyed. Beauty has a huge price to pay for her husband’s freedom.


Gabriel cleverly sets the next part of his plan in motion to escalate the tension between Sechaba and Nina. Kgothalo and Mmakgosi appear to build bridges, but Kgothalo realises there’s more to Mmakgosi’s emotional state than meets the eye. Anja and Wendy decide to put in serious effort to help a despondent Lalage in her job hunt.


Azwindini is forced to take a heavy secret to the grave. Moliehi’s former in-laws demands a huge slice of her husband’s estate. Imani is in denial about her broken marriage.

Rhythm City

The investigating officer on Rene’s case has a lead. Rene sees the truth of what is happening to the imprisoned girls. Bongi is not sure if Bash suspects her.


Even though an innocent person clears his name, his accuser cannot let go of his hate.  A conflicted youth struggles with feelings he cannot voice.  A young couple hurt each other's feelings because they blame each other for a bad situation.

Skeem Saam

Rachel meets with an old forbidden acquaintance to ask for a bit of help. MaNtuli and Pretty make a startling discovery. Wallet finds out about something that could potentially change his life.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Shirley continues to press for Coco to steal designs from her new work place whereas Sally is hesitant to betray Thomas. Zende and Nicole return from their honeymoon and share stories and photos. As the discussion shifts to the next generation of interns, Rick is up in arms when he learns that the newest Forrester Creations intern is a Spectra. Coco is thrilled when Rick eventually wants to let bygones be bygones and allows her to begin with her internship. Over at Spectra Fashions, a visit from C.J. makes Sally realize that she is running out of time.

The Queen

Endless nightmares

Gift finds his mom and sister in a very compromising position. Things take a turn for the worse for Kea, much to everyone’s oblivion.


Patjutju has always been MaNgcobo’s number one fan but could the heist be too much excitement for her? MaNgcobo tries to come up with a plan to ensure that her millions and her friendship are safe but can she have both?