Soapie teasers: 7 September 2017

Skeem Saam. (Photo: Supplied)
Skeem Saam. (Photo: Supplied)

7de Laan

Matrone lends a helping hand to Esti. Alexa tells the Welman family about Willem’s new girlfriend.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Mortified that her heated conversation with Julius was overheard, Sasha thanks Thomas for coming to her defense with an affectionate gesture. Eric’s family voice their outrage concerning Quinn’s return to Forrester Creations, especially a furious Steffy. Liam uses the situation with Quinn and Eric to his advantage by taunting Wyatt about the future of his relationship with Steffy.

Days of Our Lives

Chaos erupts at Sami and EJ’s wedding!

Jordan goes to Rafe to tell him all about her past but he is pulled away by work. Meanwhile, Clyde contacts Kate again, and later makes plans to come to Salem to reunite with his runaways. Hope starts to ask Aiden about his wife but the lawyer deflects. Father Louis congratulates them on their preparations for the gala but drops the bomb that they still need an emcee. Marlena comes to their rescue. Later, Roman uses Giselle to make Marlena jealous.


Elsa tries to make peace with Lucy. Sphe rushes to help a friend but arrives there too late. Jack enjoys giving Namhla’s boyfriend a hard time.


Sunday has an alluring offer for Samson. Thandi decides to show Bhekumuzi her love, but in a traditional way. Meanwhile, Iris works on gaining Beauty’s trust.


Kgothalo is disappointed at Nikiwe who keeps pushing her away when she is only trying to help her.  Ofentse goes to confront Barker, he punches him causing Barker a cardiac arrest... will he save him or leave him there to die?


Azwindini is warned by his family against a potentially harmful proposal. James' loss is tearing him apart as the reality sinks in. Bongi is in deep trouble for a relationship she knows nothing about.

Rhythm City

Niki tries to persuade Bash to withdraw his confession, but Bash stands firm. Suffocate comes clean with Pearl. Mampho is concerned that Zolani is going to fire her after the airing of the radio segment.   


A robbery becomes the worrying focus of an investigation which could impact several people's lives. Layla is disappointed and very unhappy that she has to admit defeat. A young woman's feelings get in the way of her doing the right thing.

Skeem Saam

Lelo is on the cusp of being homeless. Kat comes face to face with his mother’s adultery. Meikie finds herself overwhelmed by the trauma of John’s affair.

The Queen

Love in the air

Could this be the end of the war between the Mabuzas and the Khozas? Harriet uses love to bring the families together. Meanwhile, Mjekejeke’s love life is making him unhappy at home and at work.


MaNgcobo demands to know what Innocentia is after. Pastor Mdletshe is not pleased when MaNzuza invites GC into their home. Mastermind is shocked to find Mumsy and a romantic dinner waiting for him in his home.