Soapie teasers: 8 May 2018

Rhythm City! (Facebook)
Rhythm City! (Facebook)

7de Laan

Alexa is sceptical about her new colleague. Xander puts Bonita in her place. Lesedi gets a new business opportunity.

Day of our Lives

Adrienne overhears Will and Paul talking about their affair and lets them have it. Adrienne admits to Justin that she kissed Lucas, but they stopped because it was wrong. Curious, she wonders if he can say the same thing about him and Elsa. John and Marlena go on a date at Edge of the Square and run into Paul, who’s there with his mother, Tori. However, before John can meet Tori, she manages to disappear. Preparing to leave town for a new job, Jordan says a touching good-bye to Rafe. Chad claims he wants to start fresh with Ben and Abigail but they don’t buy it. Later, Ben makes a special meal for Abigail and things heat up. At the same time, Chad returns home and Kate razzes him about losing another love. 


Lucy is choked up with emotion when she has to say goodbye to her ‘baby’. The big secret is finally revealed at S’khaftin Chicken. Zoe is furious when Jack blackmails her.


Mpiyakhe appeals to Mkabayi for help, reminding her they are stronger together. Judas gives Qaphela a chance at redemption and Qaphela is determined not to fail.


Sechaba tells Benjamin that double crossing Lincoln is the worst thing he could have done. Lerato is all prima donna at the restaurant. Hendrik puts the fear of God in Sibiya during his disciplinary hearing.


Hangwani is shocked to find Rendani lifeless on the floor. Gugu confronts Brother Max about his secrets and lies and she decides it’s enough. Meme invites Imani to speak at her women’s support group.

Rhythm City

Bongi wonders who leaked her memoir. Mzi, Suffo’s son, stands up to his father. Madikgetla is protecting the wrong girl. 


A man in hospital is desperate for answers, but will anyone come clean to him? A son reveals his truth to his parents, but one of them refuses to accept it. A teenager's complaints fall on deaf ears, so he takes matters into his own hands. 

Skeem Saam

MaNtuli receives a visit from the law for the supposed blood on her hands. Mr Kgomo takes a hard decision against one of the hospital’s long standing employees. Little does Wallet know but he’s a celebrity for some young people.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Katie has a field day exploiting her newfound power over Quinn. Eric's arrival increases the pressure on Quinn as Katie makes it clear that she does not feel obliged to follow suite with Brooke's decision to keep the affair with Ridge a secret. Quinn hopes to get Katie to back off on her threats by offering her a job at Forrester Creations. Brooke rejects Ridge's proposal and forces him to jointly reveal to R.J. that they were not married in Australia like they had planned. R.J. takes the news surprisingly well, but encourages his parents to work out their problems. Zende questions Coco about getting close to R.J., while Nicole thinks that her husband is overly protective of the family's best interests.

The Queen


Vuyiswa and the Maakes are in shock. Bhekumuzi has to make a drastic decision that hurts someone he cares about.