Soapie teasers: 9 February 2018

The female cast of Scandal! (Photo supplied)
The female cast of Scandal! (Photo supplied)

7de Laan

Rickus is not happy with the state of affairs. Mariaan is shocked to hear the tragic news Chris has to share.

Days of our Lives

Eric is surprised when he is reunited with his former girlfriend, Serena. They met while living in Africa. Serena informs Eric she’s here to write an article using research at University Hospital. However, the main reason she chose to come to Salem is Eric. While speaking with Abe, it’s clear Nicole still has remorse over everything that’s happened with Eric. Later, Brady supports Nicole when she mentions there might be something more than friendship between her and Daniel. Melanie assures Daniel, Maggie and Brady that she didn’t come home only because she was in trouble – she’s happy to be with her loved ones again. At the hospital, Melanie reunites with Maxine and then has another friendly encounter with Theresa. They consider going out for drinks – until each realizes who the other is. Marlena talks to Paul once more about therapy, and he strings her along before letting her know in no uncertain terms he’s not interested.


Mavis’s complaining gives Mrekza an idea. In desperation Sphe turns to her father for help. A phone call from a friend leaves Namhla reeling.


The Zungus’ caution pays off and infuriates the assassin. The Ngwenyas prepare themselves for the hard task of burying a loved one.


Nikiwe takes a life threatening decision with the aim of following the love of her life. Sechaba is miserable without his wife. Hendrik cannot bring himself to accept a well-meaning gift.    


Konanani has a very close shave. James gives Ranthomeng a talking to. Gugu gets an unpleasant surprise when she arrives home.

Rhythm City

The prison gang force Sabelo to prove his new loyalty to them with Suffo’s blood. Lerato’s mother arrives. Nomalanga hides her bad news..


Yvonne is careful not to allow intimacy to compromise her secrets, and Lerumo is confronted with a theory. Gontse believes she can only be saved by a possession. Lindiwe is brought down by the very same medium that raised her up.

Skeem Saam

Leshole’s dream of becoming a pilot hangs by a thread. Kat learns that Lehasa has bigger fish to fry. A thug on the loose is arrested.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bill and Katie play nice for the sake of Will as she prods him on the current status of life, and his relationship with Brooke. Ridge assures Brooke that when she returns from her trip, Quinn will be gone and they can finally be married. Before going on her trip, Brooke gets a visit from Bill who is willing to offer her something in the present moment that Ridge can’t. Wyatt attempts to get Steffy to realize how much he loves and supports her; much more than Liam.

The Queen

Hard Choices

While a worried Brutus is desperate to find out where Shaka is, Shaka gets the shock of his life at his romantic weekend getaway. Vuyiswa decides to come clean. Gracious gets ready to step out into the dating world!


Nkunzi’s brazen heist leads to casualties. Mondli risks his career. Pastor Mdletshe loses control of the conference.