Soapie teasers: 9 May 2018

The female cast of Scandal! (Photo supplied)
The female cast of Scandal! (Photo supplied)

7de Laan

Connie shares her concerns with Aggie. Esti tries to find the truth. Justin is cautious of the Welmans.

Day of our Lives

JJ confides to Jennifer he is definitely going to try reuniting with Paige. Jennifer, having second thoughts, warns her son a number of things could prevent this from working out. Earlier, Daniel bumps into Paige, who’s making plans for a date with Cole. Later, JJ interrupts Cole and Paige. JJ makes a heartfelt apology and declaration of love to Paige. Rafe and Maggie are concerned about Victor’s apparent depression. However, Rafe soon realizes Victor is playing a game to get Clyde to let down his guard. Stefano decides to seek help – from Victor! 


Smanga is determined to go it alone. The siblings form an alliance to take down the enemy. Mrekza realises his game is up.


Mpiyakhe honours Jabu in the biggest way possible. Sunday’s seduction of Ngwebedla intensifies. Qaphela and Jerry set out on their mission to restore the Ngwenya pride.


Benjamin tries to coerce Lincoln into securing him the position as CEO of SG. Sechaba tasks Lalage with finding out who at Bokamoso is abusing freebies when she stumbles onto Lerato’s unpaid bill. Anja and Wendy try to mediate peace between Hendrik and Lalage.


Foul play is suspected as Rendani fights for her life. Things take an unexpected turn when Gugu tells Brother Max to honor his promise. Imani’s meeting with the women’s support group has surprising consequences.

Rhythm City

Mzi tells Suffo his story. David realises Pearl has been abducted. David is told to silence Rene if he wants to see Pearl again. 


An attempt to cover up the truth leads to an intense confrontation. A family is divided over a young man's truth. An ex-husband gets the wrong end of the stick about his former wife. 

Skeem Saam

Kwaito makes a chilling discovery about his mother’s involvement in a heinous crime. Leeto and Mokgadi aren’t seeing eye to eye when it comes to parenting. Everyone seems to be divided with regards to a good friend’s innocence.

The Bold and the Beautiful

When Saul reveals the first two knock-offs for the new collection, Shirley pressures Sally to get real and end her pie-in-the-sky romance with Thomas Forrester as business must come first. Thomas defends his decision to bring Sally Spectra as his date. Zende tells Nicole that he is worried that both R.J. and Thomas are canoodling with the enemy just as they prepare for the big fashion show. The Spectra gang can hardly believe their luck to get such a first rate look and Shirley tells Saul to get to work and create the next knock-off.

The Queen


Vuyiswa and the Maakes are in shock. Bhekumuzi has to make a drastic decision that hurts someone he cares about.


Nkunzi has found an unlikely ally in MaMlambo but are they getting too close for comfort. MaNgcobo has made up her mind to bury Gxabhashe but has someone else beaten her to it? Can Thobile keep her man and her dignity intact?