Tidimalo Sehlako tells us about her new Generations: The Legacy role: “I’m so thankful”

Tidimalo Sehlako
Tidimalo Sehlako
Tidimalo Sehlako/supplied
  • Tidimalo was a Miss SA finalist in 2014 and made it to the top five.
  • Since 2014 she has auditioned for many gigs and landed jobs at Power FM and BET Africa.
  • She’s  also a fitness enthusiast and yoga instructor.

Tidimalo Sehlako is no stranger to the entertainment industry.

Since being a Miss SA finalist in 2014, she’s made her presence known in the industry by becoming a newsreader on power FM, a BET A-List presenter and appearing in Mzansi Magic’s Isithembiso.

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Now Tidimalo is set to join the cast of one of South Africa’s favourite soapies, Generations: The Legacy, in its 29th season. She’ll be playing Nthabiseng, the head of Jambo Baba.

Tidimalo speaks to Move! about her showbiz journey and finally tasting the fruits of her labour after years of hard work.

“I made my start in the entertainment industry when I entered Miss SA seven years ago. After that I did a series of modelling gigs trying to get myself into whatever space I could. I went for countless auditions – Generations came to me in such a pleasant way that I couldn’t believe it. I have struggled for so long and this came so easily, it was a shock,” Tidimalo says.

But breaking into the industry hasn’t been a smooth ride, and plenty of obstacles needed to be overcome. She had to deal with mental-health issues like anxiety and imposter syndrome, but she worked hard and persevered.

Tidimalo says she’s incredibly grateful for the opportunity to play this new role.   

“I am surrounded by so many great thespians, I just want to soak in as much as I can and strengthen my skillset. Generations is a launch platform – the show’s actors go on to craft their careers so they’re not limited by anything. The audience is so diverse and that’s what I’m very thankful for.”

Tidimalo is also a health enthusiast and encourages good mental health as a yoga instructor.

“I’ve had anxiety from my university days. I didn’t know what life was going to be like after graduating and didn’t know the way forward. My mom’s business went under and I needed to make ends meet, I was looking for something to ground me and take my mind off things. I took up meditation and discovered yoga, which I hated at first and later learnt to love. I decided to train as a yoga instructor and have been teaching it ever since.”

“Yoga helps people deal with their anxiety. It also helps you keep fit, tone up and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The more you declutter your mind, the calmer your spirit is.”

She tells us people have a misconception that she’s closed off and unwelcoming.

“Before meeting me, people think I’m closed off and very cold. But it’s just that I’m an anxious person. People see me trying to manage my anxiety and they misinterpret it as me being cold. I’m part introvert, part extrovert – I love being at home but when I’m out we need to have a good time,” she says.

Speaking of her journey to success, Tidimalo says she’s learnt to persevere and move forward no matter the obstacles in her way.

“Don’t stop chasing your dreams. It’s going to be hard, there are going to be moments where you sabotage yourself. You’ll need to pick yourself up and go forward. Don’t stop, keep on going.”