Zodwa Wabantu’s response to backlash over her ‘homophobic’ comments


Cape Town - Dancer and reality TV star, Zodwa Wabantu is known for speaking her mind and not being afraid to be controversial, but this time she might have gone a bit far.

In a recent episode of Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored on DStv’s Moja Love, Zodwa made some comments about gay people that completely angered the LGBTQIA+ community.

She said:"Gays are silly because they are fighting with women. Name one gay who has never fought with a woman in the industry. Their problem is that gays are convinced that they have vaginas, while they have penises. We accommodate you guys because you wear make-up and when we, as women, talk about men you’re always there contributing to the conversation."

A lot of people have called her comments homophobic, resulting in the trending hashtag #ZodwaCancelled, where social media users claimed that they have completely cancelled the Durban-based entertainer and have started a petition that calls for the cancellation of her show.

However, in an attempt to defend herself, Zodwa told the Sowetan:"How can I be homophobic when I have more than 20 gay friends. Even my designer is gay. I was talking about my friends. I am talking about something that I have observed about them since they are my friends. Anyway, that is a reality show, I am calling it as I see it."

But people aren’t convinced and insist that her show be cancelled because she is neglecting her social responsibility to educate the huge audience she has.

“The problem is she has no restrictions to what she can or cannot say and sadly we promote it with without realising that we having children been subjected to this...I wonder how long it's gonna take to realize that she is a rotten apple spoiling a whole lot of us #ZodwaCancelled”