Members of Dirisanang Stokvel on how they help one another with just R150 per month

Dirisanang Stokvel women happy together
Dirisanang Stokvel women happy together
Dirisanang Stokvel/ supplied

HOW IT ALL STARTED: The Dirisanang Ladies Club was started in 2009 at Schoonoord, Sekhukhune in Limpopo. It is all about working together, which is why they named their club Dirisanang. They wanted a safe club where they can bond and unite as neighbours.

The ladies also wanted to help each other in the event of a funeral, a wedding, a tombstone unveiling or a birthday party. Members are between the ages of 40 and 50. While they don’t have a specific uniform, they do wear navy and white when attending events as members.

When Dirisanang members have their monthly meetings, they decide on a theme and dress accordingly.

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LET’S TALK MONEY: Every month each member contributes R150 towards the burial fund. Each member can cover family members such as children and a spouse. Over and above that members may choose up to four additional members to cover.

When a member passes away the social club will pay out R5 000, the same will be applicable when a member loses an immediate family member. When other family members die who are covered, the stokvel pays out R3 000. To enforce discipline, the club has introduced fines for misconduct. Members who do not attend monthly meetings are fined R20 and R10 for late coming.

Non-attendance of stokvel events such as funerals, unveiling of tombstones and birthdays will cost a member R50.

 YEAR-END FUNCTIONS: Like every organisation, stokvels are known for their end of the year functions. Dirisanang members have a function annually to close the club for the year and take some time off. The club tries to keep to cheaper outings to ensure members can afford the costs and possibly have everyone join in on the trip.

The ladies have been to the beautiful Mpumalanga, Warmbaths in Bela-Bela and Sun City in the North West. They have strict rules about travel, mainly focusing on conduct. The rules emphasise that members must remember that they are not travelling on their own but as a group and therefore, members must participate in activities as a club.

THE CHALLENGES: The poor attendance at stokvel events is an issue for Dirisanang Club. Sometimes only a few show up at funerals when they are needed the most. The fewer the members, the more work there is to be done among those in attendance. Work commitments are cited as the reason why some don’t attend events.

NAME: Dirisanang Ladies Club LOCATION: Schoonoord, Sekhukhune MEMBERS: 12 FORMED: 2009 MEETINGS: Monthly CONTRIBUTIONS: R150.

Stokvel Corner: A good stokvel not only plans ahead but has goals. Dirisanang Ladies Club are women with a plan, and one of their plans include growing their membership.  One way they believe they can achieve the goal is by behaving in a respectable and honourable manner in public, which would make it easy for members to refer other people to join the club.

 Marketing expert Kabelo Ngobese says it is important to understand and note what growth means for your stokvel.  Does growth for your stokvel merely mean an increase in membership or growth in contributions and profits?  “A bit of research and financial consulting could take your stokvel from saving and earning minimal interests to earning more on your  money through investment,” he says.

 “What a joy it would be if stokvels  looked beyond growing as hubs  for socialising; helping in times of  need, saving for outings or holiday  travel, but actively seek and spread  financial education that views their  club as an investment engine.”