Members of Black Jeans stokvel explain how how their weekly contributions has helped them save

father teaching his sons how to save.
father teaching his sons how to save.
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Black Jeans Social Club was established in 2019 by a group of men from Mabopane Block B. The aim of the club is for members to save as much money as possible. They then get their share at the end of the year. Since most of the stokvel members do not have a regular income, the club set an amount they believe is affordable as a minimum weekly contribution.

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Interestingly, the club doesn’t have a sole chairperson who runs meetings and leads the club. Members take turns to lead weekly meetings to avoid one member carrying the burdens of the club. This also saves one member from having to attend the meeting as a chairperson when they don’t have the weekly contribution cash on hand, or if they have other pressing obligations.\


The minimum weekly contribution is R50 and the limit is entirely up to each member. At the end of the year, club members receive all the money they have contributed from January until December. The money gains interest during the 12-month duration, but not all members will benefit from the interest. Only members who contributed over R3 500 a year get a share of the interest. Members who fail to deposit the minimum amount of R50 get a R30 fine.

The same penalty applies when a member fails to show up on time or not at all for stokvel meetings without a reasonable excuse. The stokvel doesn’t tolerate misconduct such as disturbing another person while they are addressing the meeting and members are fined R50 for that kind of offence. A R100 fine is given to members who use foul language.

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Members of the Black Jeans Social Club meet every Sunday at a nearby pub, where they discuss the issues of the club and contribute their savings. The club had made an exception for members to drink during meetings as they are in a pub. But this has proven to be a big problem. Drunk members tend to be disruptive, which could lead to fights.


 The newly developed club learnt a lot in their first year, and plan to possibly make adjustments in the year to come. One of the elements they plan to rectify is the issue of members drinking during the meeting, which has only caused problems. The club is talking about possibly increasing the minimum amount, starting a burial club and getting branded T-shirts. This will be taken into consideration when they have a meeting at the end of the year.  

NAME: Black Jeans Social Club LOCATION: Mabopane, Gauteng MEMBERS: 30 FORMED: 2019 MEETING: Weekly CONTRIBUTION: Minimum R50.

Stokvel Corner: Without rules and regulations, clubs are set for a painful downfall. The issue of drinking in the club, especially during meetings, should have never been allowed by members of Black Jeans Social Club. Club meetings should be treated like important business meetings because essentially that is what they are. The meetings are concerning the financial development of members and should be respected.


Members of the club can consider staying behind after the meeting and only drink then. This way there are no interruptions in the club during meetings, and members can catch up on other personal matters thereafter.