The members of Great expectations stokvel save for burials and catering at occasions

Great expectations stokvel.
Great expectations stokvel.
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The Great Expectations Social Club   is made up of 13 women who got   together   to save for family burials. Once the club was up and running, they decided to buy equipment considered essential for catering for funerals and other big ceremonies held   by families. They bought gas stoves, chairs, tables and other items that would mean they would not have to hire goods for events. 


They meet on the first Sunday of every month, where they each contribute   R200 into the club’s bank account. Deposit slips are then shared with all members and filed for record purposes.   Members take turns hosting the monthly meeting.

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However, the ladies all agreed that no one is obliged to serve refreshments when they host. Some members really love spoiling the others when it’s their turns, though,   and everyone appreciates this and they enjoy themselves. The group open with a prayer each time they meet, check their records and discuss future plans.  


One of their members passed away a few years ago and that was very hard for the group. However, the late member’s husband is now part of the club. He doesn’t come to the monthly meeting, but he still contributes and is kept informed about all that is happening   in the group and gets all the   benefits of being a part of a stokvel. One of the major challenges is when  members move to a different province.   Attending all monthly meetings is   very important to the ladies, but since   one of their members recently moved, they’re trying to find a solution to keep the member as involved as possible.  

NAME: Great Expectations Social Club LOCATION: Rustenburg CONTRIBUTION: R200 MEETINGS: Monthly FORMED: 2009.

Stokvel Corner:

Expectations Social Club emphasises being understanding and tolerant of one another as well as the importance of recordkeeping. Everything that is done in the group must be documented and signed.Members are also required to understand the rules of the group and the consequences of not complying with the laws of the club. 

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