UKZN student who accidently received R9 000 from a stranger receives praise and e-wallets for sending it back

Wandile Ntuli
Wandile Ntuli
Supplied/Wandile Ntuli

Wandile Ntuli is a 23-year-old Bachelor of Arts student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and he recently shook the internet when he shared that a stranger accidently sent him R9 000 and he did not hesitate to send it back.

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It all started with a tweet which went viral, where Wandile shared that a stranger sent him money accidently and then kindly asked for It back as it was meant for the stranger’s daughter who is currently in hospital.

“I was very surprised when the incident happened, because I was just sitting on my bed studying for a test that I was going to write. When I saw that amount of money, I was shocked. I asked myself what was going on. I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out who sent me this money. I was confused and I got disturbed and I sent the money back as it was the right thing to do,” he says

“I did not speak to the person who sent me the money after sending the money back, but they sent me R100 airtime just to say thank you.”

“When I shared the tweet, I was tweeting like I usually do and I logged off to go back to my studies,  then I received a call from a friend of mine asking me if I have seen the reactions to my post. I was shocked by people’s reactions. I wasn’t expecting it.

“The people who offered me e-wallets did send them through and I highly appreciate them including the one I received from Boity Thulo.”.

Wandile shares that he is beyond grateful for the e-wallets he received and he wasn’t expecting to be blessed in the way that he was when he shared the tweet.

“If I could count the number of people that sent me e-wallets, I would get confused but the amount of money I received from people is over R4000 and some of the money was sent to my other account. I was amazed by thing whole thing due to the fact I go to church and out slogan is thembeka uze ufe, which means be trustworthy until you die. That was my motivation behind sending the money back.”

Wandile shares that the money has been of great to him as a student and it has helped him get himself a few essentials that he needed.

“I would like to thank everyone for their contribution, it’s amazing that there are still people who are generous, their contributions are highly appreciated they have helped me a lot. I managed to get myself a new laptop”.

See people’s reactions to Wandile’s honest gesture: