Lack of brain cancer awareness cost me (Astrocytoma)

The cost of poor information on brain cancer

This is a long article (I warn you), because it covers a long journey with a brain tumor that has seen me shunned as a social outcast, punished for doing irrational things in an unaware society, a life of years of constant war between myself and I, family and authority and a life where I only discovered my true identity at 28.

A lot of what I have been through and continue to go through has left me obligated to share my life with a remote hope of assisting anyone with any similar diseases, deficits and or disorders.

My journey includes years of: compulsive, impulsive and irrational thought processes that have left me without friends, education, a home and a life where I resorted to Kleptomania out of survival that became a disorder, a life where I once called the street home at 16, where I lived like a drifter for years, took drugs as my only joy, somehow found love, married and worked overly hard to succeed and then have it all ripped apart at age 28 when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and then as further insult to injury, migrated like a refugee for medical security .

Amongst this all I was born with a 20% chance of living a single day, God intervened and intervened 28 years later when I exceeded every doctors expectation after 2 brain surgeries in 2 days and a week-long coma from during which there was much negativity and during which I had no medical aid, but had God intervene again in the form of a foreign country pay my bills in value of my life over money And then move like  a medical refugee because of  unethical healthcare practices  in my “home” country.

My life is a testimony to not only Godly intervention, but a testimony to expose this mythical bubble that people feed their kids in that life lasts until you’re 70, success lies in education, patriotism and material possessions and not God. I

t’s the opportunist in me that hopes to lead some people off the beaten track (after reading this) and my aim is to make  you directly responsible through information (from experience) for your actions with regards to what you feed your kids and others  in the form of nutrition and education and my final aim tomake you equally responsible for your obligation to aid those who are ill in an ill society through no fault of their own.

If your attitude doesn’t change today (after reading  this through lack of action, I pity not only those who you know with cancer, but those who we demand to be imprisoned as dangers to society because they have lived in abusive environments and/or with mental disorders and live  under unwarranted guilt. Some of whom may be more willing to donate, organs, blood and marrow to those in need than yourself!

I am going to use cancer as a context, because it’s relevant to me and statistically relevant to you where it is said that 1 in 3 people will develop a form of cancer. Cancer also neutralizes gender, race and age. It is for this reason that I am obligated to provide you with information that was lacking for me (and others) and continues to be elusive.  I am also going to offer valuable insight behind how to assist those with cancer and aid them in being proactive, because from experience a disease like mine is  only made harder by a sheepish self-indulgent society.

I don’t fear you

Before I begin, at thirty I have nothing to fear anymore. I live in a socialist country that caters for my welfare, medicine and am well and truly separated from what most other thirty year-old peers are living in a capitalist South Africa (or wherever I guess) I live like a sponge  of social grants and feel no guilt as I can’t help it.

This is an absolute blessing to me where I never have to worry about a roof over my head, food to eat a job and where I have ample time to do whatever I please like watch documentaries and talk to God.

Writing an article like this is extremely easy under such liberating circumstances. I never have to worry again about the ramifications from what writing an article like this may have to me should my real identity be exposed  as my future is secured thanks to God alone in the form of stability.

This is a good opportunity to expose that bubble I mentioned earlier about life expectancy, education, and patriotism and material wealth that people tried to over emphasize  to me before I migrated  and for which I exerted myself to try obtain None of these concepts are relevant to me and I am abundantly blessed. I live here as an expat because God opened a door to me and I enjoy unparalleled security  despite being kicked out of school, once living on the street and having this uncertainty of this disease over me.

This is the ultimate blessing after constantly clawing my way through crack after crack  because of something caused by something so tiny  requiring a microscope to see (a single rouge brain cell) in conjunction with an uniformed society  that have dished out many injustices in my life.

Cancer (Your obligations):

It concerns someone you know. Statistics will back me up here. I am telling you and not asking you that someone you know has a form of cancer (it may not be visible and life threatening yet). So my question to you is “what do you think you know about this abused umbrella term?”

1: Loose the term ‘cancer’

Used as an umbrella term,this word is unacceptable to use as it  covers a plethora of hundreds of diseases.

A continuous use of this word in society continues to lead to inferior funding, awareness and support for those who live with a 1in 100 00 brain cancer versus those who live with a 1 in 10 breast cancer.  Breast and brain cancers are equally horrific, but the post-operative effects from 4 brain surgeries at the age of 30 cannot be compared to losing a breast. I can’t see with 50% loss of my left peripheral vision, I suffer memory loss, epilepsy and am fully aware that behind this all there are less people to test new treatments on  thanks to an occurrence rate as uncommon as (1 in 100 000) and that research toward my disease remains underfunded thanks to poor media and celebrity attention. It is therefore not an issue about a ‘mine vs. yours’, but an issue related to identifying each individual form of cancer for what they are as individual diseases.

 2: Stop feeding your kids GMO

Hate me all you want for telling you what to do, but prevention is better than cure for any disease. Russia and France recently banned all  imports from the world’s largest GMO company based on scientific studies that rats developed massive tumors after being fed trace elements of Monsanto products. You can look at either of the following links for more information : If you have limited band width and are unable to watch the YouTube video, what you need to know is that Monsanto are known for creating a variety of carcinogenic agents and are responsible for modifications to foods that have been proven to promote cell division. I blame society who lost faith in a God for allowing us to act like God and modify DNA structure of anything for this.

3: Donate

Not tomorrow, but today. There are curable cancers out there that are just waiting for you to go sign up as a potential match as a blood or marrow donor. It doesn’t cost you anything apart from minor discomfort which is nothing compared to pain that requires morphine to negate. It’s free.

The spin offs from  mass action (I am an optimist)  hopefully will cure more people quicker and thus take strain of oncology departments who in turn will enjoy larger resource piles to distribute to various needs. Donate to research if you can or volunteer at any organizations that you know of.

4: Being proactive

If you or anyone you know has a form of cancer, it is within their, your own and doctor’s interests that you take some responsibility for research. Unfortunately, a lack of transparency in medicine and a global dictatorship by the USA ‘FDA’ are responsible for numerous atrocities in health care on a global scale. It requires too much faith in a single country to decide what usually become the ‘WHO standard for treatments. Faith is further lost when people in the know link  that the same ‘FDA’ is responsible for approving patents for the same company I mentioned earlier (Monsanto). This isn’t some conspiracy ! I am not just rambling on about this  by the way, my professional doctors (the experts in their fields) agree with me and have told me about some shocking activities in the US where oncology firms receive incentives for pushing medications that cost more!

The point of this all is that due to lack of transparency, there is unavoidable distrust in medicine (not to be confused with doctors). Doctors are bound by laws and regulations and I can tell you after having three surgeons dig in my brain four times in two years with the most delicate tools that I trust doctors, but am a huge skeptic of medicine which has been fully exposed to me as being about money and not life. This became evident to me in my home country former home country where I  took the only choice I had to relocate to a socialist country that values my life over money.

In getting back to being proactive, these irregularities have undesirable consequences when it comes to being proactive. For every person that doesn’t trust medicine,there are 10 more online willing to make a quick dollar off this fear.  It is vital that you still partake in research though and you can use my methodology (below) to avoid most negativeness. In being proactive, I have remained ahead of my treatment options lived far more in relaxation and even stunned some doctors in informing them of medications that are irrelevant to me, but relevant to others.

The day before my recent surgery I found out that “Sativex” was accepted for MS in Norway. My neurosurgeon had not known, but appreciated it greatly. Last year I informed my oncologist of a device that was relevant for chemotherapy administration to other patients (not me). Doctors are stretched with regards to time and therefore I am obligated to assist if I can given that they’re not exactly online most  of the day .

5: Avoiding scams

Having established the importance of being proactive, it is equally important to avoid the multitude of trash and scams online for your own and your doctor’s time. I search no more than once a day using Google “News” only.  This Google feature avoids most scams automatically and results in a ton of news articles from global accredited news agencies.

Sometimes it pays to be overly careful so what I do is combine search words with keywords like “con”, “scam”, and  “quack” with whatever potential treatment I am investigating. Should I even remotely suspect a scam I ditch it and move on. There is a great site that is used by many like me to expose healthcare scams located at: that can aid in exposing some scams.

As a heads-up, “Burzynski”, “Ozone therapy”, and “Budwig diet” are scams that people have recommended to me.  I know people want to help, but if you want to assist someone make double sure you don’t link them to an even direr situation where they fork out life savings on a scam.

6: Take Action and lose the BS propaganda on cannabis

I am not an advocate for substance abuse, but there is growing evidence that cannabis contains a compound ‘CBD’ that turns of a key cancer gene (common to some cancers). I wrote an article here covering this already so to avoid repetition, you can locate it yourself or simply look at these  links:

Ironically(for me) the BBC radio cast was airing whilst I was in the operating theater for my fourth craniotomy! I am sure there are going to be many brainwashed idiots who object to this and wish to continue to see people die tomorrow asking about “What if?”, because cannabis research is decades behind in medicine thanks to draconian laws related to a plant. All this is again due to  some  global BS propaganda by the US. I already covered how it is unacceptable to have a single government decide on a global scale what is deemed legal or standard in medicine. If you want the debate to stagnate then I have no pity on your behalf for any family member you encounter in future with cancer.

You are a sadist should you read this and fail to demand that your government change laws that stifle developments in healthcare that could directly impact you or a family member in the very near future. There is validity in cannabis for me personally as I know about my own disease. Brain tumors are difficult to administer treatment to because of the blood-brain barrier that inhibits compounds from entering the brain for its own protection. THC contains compounds that are known to cross the blood brain-barrier   as further evidence I directly link you to one of the first pharmaceutical companies that are allowed to test cannabis derived medicine at this location:

I point out that most their products are for brain disorders ( Iand I mentioned the barrier betweeb blood and brain), just so that you realize I’m not just one of those advocates for legal drug abuse. It should also be noted that the ‘CBD’ compound I mentioned induces no psychoactive effects.

My walk against odds

Only God can apply any logic to why I am where I am today. At this point this article switches to me and my brain tumor and a constant battle against odds that have been stacked against me thanks to unavoidable circumstances and regrettably, avoidable circumstances. It is these avoidable circumstances that leave me obligated to share my journey with you.

Society has truly stacked many obstacles before me because of lack of understanding that lead to ignorance. Warning signs were visible long ago and ignored and my diseased brain burdened me with syndromes, disorders, flawed logic and perception that lead me down a very lonely path that some others have been less lucky to escape from. Out of pity for these true victims in society,  that I share my life and what went wrong in hope that mistakes are neverrepeated. Only by reading through my life will it become apparent that there is either a God or I have won too many lotteries and have my life hanging on winning a third in which case Houdini was nothing compared to me.

My birth

It seems that at my birth on 11 June 1982 I was either set up to fail or set up for undefinable success through mere godly intervention. Given that I am where I am today, I choose the latter. I was born as a second child after my parents lost their first due to a “cot death’ but was in terrible condition with a collapsed lung (Hyaline Membrane Disease) , but made a miraculous escape against the 20% chance I was given. My gran recalls hearing very clearly that the doctors thought they were going to lose me. God intervened.

Age 10 - An autistic brother, divorce, instability and undiagnosed ADD /ADHD and too many homes!

My parents’ divorce isn’t really relevant here as both have moved on and live happy lives. What is relevant though is that I was joined by their third child with severe autism who lives in a home to this day. It is also relevant that he joins me in the family with a brain disease/disorder in a family where there is also (make your own assessments on this If you want) Alzheimer’s and bipolar in very close proximity on the family tree, I am providing this information to aid others in better detection of brain tumors(possibly)  in combination with everything else I am dissecting in my life here.

So, by age 10 it is relevant to inform you that my environment was ripe to dismiss early warning signs of a brain tumor to other external factors. Given a multitude of brain diseases and disorders this is unacceptable should teachers and parents continue to be ignorant. It is at this point in my life that I began waging war with myself, family, peers and teachers. It is also at this point that I see the beginning of many injustices dished out to me due to a lack of information on brain tumors. My brain tumor will not be my scapegoat so if you’re looking for some context regarding my tumor I shall provide it as follows:

The context of my Astrocytoma  

When diagnosed in 2010 (age 28), my first biopsy on an orange-sized tumor revealed a grade II and III mix. Such tumors are believed to be present for up to more than 25 years! The tumor sits in the area of my brain that affects my left vision and motor skills, moods and perception.

I take from this what I can and share with  you hoping any of the warnings which were ignored in my youth are hopefully avoided in the rare case that anyone you know (regardless age) with  similar oddities aren’t just ignored due to what  (in my case)  was deemed normal behavior given my environment.

Ok, so by age 7 I am cutting up other kids jerseys, fighting with other kids and recommended by my first school to see a therapist who finds nothing wrong with me.

My behavior continues unabated for 10 years where I am the most misbehaved kid in over 3 schools is consistently on a yearly basis.

No one addresses or questions underlying causes (probably through lack of information).  To everyone I look regular on the outside, but for years I am deemed just a naughty kid with behavior problems that stem from coming from a divorced home and having an ill brother or whatever other reason.

Given my lapses in concentration, hyperactivity and from talking to other brain tumor fighters I would most certainly say my ADD/ADHD  behavior should have been investigated further.

1992 I have a brain tumor (age 10)

No doctor will give me a date no, but I have an excellent long term memory and recall what happened one evening when I had an impulsive thought about stabbing a relative with a knife. These impulsive thoughts have come across in many forms and only strengthened as my condition worsened.  It is also at this period in my life that flawed decision and logic start bringing consequences in my life. 

I start developing Kleptomania and a tendency to lie my way out of constant trouble This dishonesty only increases the more my condition is ignored and the more I am pushed aside by my peers, family, teachers and myself.

1993 – 1998 Boarding School (Union High)

I question any parent who sends their child to a school who ignores behavior problems for 5 years, dishes out illegal punishment and then expels a pupil for breaking a law despite setting a precedent.

I share my school years as they had disastrous consequences for me regardless of a brain tumor through ignorance from every direction.   The problems here are numerous. I was put in a school as a substitute for a safe home environment. Effectively my 5th ‘home’ in 11 years. Where I was subjected to years of different rules to those at home which lead to confusion with regards to punishment (especially blanket punishment). This lead me into a position where I developed the tendency to question authority which again seemed to develop into a compulsive disorder the more the injustices increased.

As per my previous schools, I was the regular naughty kid of this school. I didn’t mingle well with other kids and was subject to bullying in an environment that I had to sleep , eat and attend class at for 24 /7 for 5 years without change. 

Behind it all I was fighting my parents on a quarterly basis over a 5 year period to remove me from the school to no avail. School food was below par and skipping meals no likely had consequences to my health and grades.

Holidays were none existent as my clothes and stationary were regularly stolen or lost( most likely due to my ADD). I was put to work by my dad during holidays to earn back these items. Now before you judge my dad, I love and forgive him. He was as uniformed about brain tumors and received shockingly little information from my school regarding my behavior. If any blame must be given it is dished out to teachers who dish out detention on a daily basis (over 1000 days) and don’t question a thing. After all, these people were given full control with regards to every aspect of my environment for 5 years! This school also tried to force religion on me which I cannot fathom as a Christian to the extreme that should you not have had the correct school uniform, you were punished. Because of continuous theft of items I hated Sundays and church I look back with sadness being reborn.

By 1997 I had convinced myself that going to this school was abusive to me (and it was). For 5 years I had pleaded with teachers and my parents to leave. My regular year end “We’ll see” hopes never materialized with my dad. I lost all respect for him as my half siblings got to go home on a daily basis to a city school. At this point I lost all respect for any authority.

I made it my goal to remove myself from the school even if it took an expulsion.

1997 God helps me find my mom

You may have questioned the whereabouts of my mom at this point. Well I am proud to say that my mom moved in as a white woman into the township in Port Elizabeth in 1992 to take a stand against apartheid after seeing the atrocities there. Due to the volatile situation in South Africa we lost contact until I located an old bible that was tucked in storage. Within was a letter with enough details to trace my mom! Another miracle, but wait there’s many more(further down)…

1998 I run away once

I am caught by the headmaster on my way out of town.  Again nothing is said to my parents. It is disturbing to know that this headmaster is still in charge of some people’s kids given that he probably won’t tell them about something this important.  I am not going to name him here I do suggest though you investigate if he is in charge of your child in Mossel Bay. He proved he hadn’t changed years later when he told my brother “You have no chance to become a doctor”. My brother is almost third year medicine now with a goal to work for Doctors without Borders. It is clear we don’t need people like this in authority in society.

Sorry Twice

At this point I had even taken an overdose of prescription medication which was never reported to my parents.  I had also started doing everything I could to get expelled even informing  the same headmaster and started smoking and eventually ran away from this school making an impulsive decision  to live on the street if need be (again this is totally irrational thinking).

But Not before A Controversial Expulsion

One day I was called in by the same thug (headmaster) who I told I was going to be expelled) to the office to explain about some cannabis. To be honest I just took it as an opportunity and confessed to using it once off school grounds with others. The school had been dishing out corporal punishment for years (which was illegal) so I found it very humorous to tell me I was doing something wrong. Oddly my confession was deemed trustworthy to expel me without any proof yet untrustworthy because only 2 out of 4 of us were expelled. Again this headmaster could be responsible for your kid in Mossel Bay) as a friendly warning.

Of course at this point my future is doomed anyway because this was the last school I attended. I know many kids who were expelled under equally controversial circumstances with dire consequences. It is a cruel irony to sit here at thirty with the possibility that my life may be in the hands of this plant, one made only crueler by the fact that should I one day be cancer-free thanks to this plant, I still have little chance of finding work (should I be able) thanks to no university degree because of my expulsion.

I turn 15 with the police on my door

I didn’t do anything other than witness someone with cannabis possession. They rocked up and wanted a statement. My step mom wasn’t buying it though and I could tell things were going in a wrong direction. Following this incident I had to find a job at 15 and pay rent to live under my own roof!

Given this injustice I started stealing at my job. I had convinced myself it was righteous given that I cycled from home at 7AM to my FET college, to work and home at 11pm almost daily in the rain to get yelled at by my parents for being late who had a car. Throughout my work career I keep using my impaired judgment to justify my kleptomania. Oddly, each time it seems to consistently be an act of revenge or fear. For some reason I later worked for the same employer at a  gay bar and was fired for not wanting to go with him to his notorious farm that he tried to entice many young boys to go to. I guess what goes around comes around,  because for all the money I have taken in what was a compulsive disorder I endured several dismissals from employers who failed to pay me and endured abuse at many restaurants where owners underpay or even ask waiters to pay breakages despite breaking nothing. One restaurant at the V&A (Balducci’s ) had me work double shifts from 6AM to 12AM for nearly a year where I paid them 1% of my turnover! (They have  a sister restaurant that has a name to go with their practices called Balthazar’s). How such crooks get such awards for their establishments for dark practices underneath remain  an oddity to me. I have also been dismissed for theft when I wasn’t even at shift on several occasions so it eventually became a survival thing in combination with a disorder. Such dismissals on several occasions left me without a home or work.

I leave home at 16 with nothing but a bag of clothes

By December 1997 Constant arguments with my step mom and my dad kicking me have me leave home. I recall very clearly that if I left the door I would never be allowed back. I knew I couldn’t stay and didn’t feel like it was home anyway. I moved initially to some friends for a month and then to some other rebellious youths where the obvious happened. I started some minor drug usage and thankfully never become an addict. The people I stayed with are a little less fortunate some of whom are stuck on Mandrax. All come from similar backgrounds. Nothing to do with peer pressure (with hindsight) just pure volatile homes.

1999 No home

To make it clear that I was not going back home, we all get arrested one night at Walmer police station in PE for possession of cannabis. Unlike my friends I never provided the phone number to my dad as at this point I didn’t really regard him as my dad. My friend’s dad took responsibility and the next day it became very clear that I was no longer wanted when my dad told me to sleep on the street. I did this for several months and several people tried reason with my dad to no avail. Horrifically this year on the street is when I start my random vomiting episodes related to my tumor. these episodes up unto my diagnosis came with no nausea. At this period I also recall patches of blacking-out (especially with alcohol) or getting up too fast and feeling dizzy(no I don’t think blood pressure had anything to say).

16th birthday I am sleeping in an abandoned whorehouse with a drug addict

One night (I had a job) the drug addict I shared an abandoned whorehouse with came to my job and dumped off my belongings that he hadn’t sold A waitress knew who he was and notified my boss who tried to help. Further attempts are made to contact my father and  we made some breakthrough. I went back to college, but my dad failed to pay the agreed fees and am forced to leave. My employer expected  me to work 10 AM to 12 AM and attend class. I couldn’t cope and Iwas dismissed without pay for a full day’s work. Again I question authority.

I loose everything again end 1999

At this point I have a flat, but one night a lapse in concentration due to my ADD sees me lose all my takings for the day at  Walmer Park Spur( PE). I work a whole month just to pay it back and am short on my rent.   Unethical practices at this establishment also cost me numerous other times  where I was required to pay invoices directly from my turnover. I lost some of these (ADD again) at my own cost and was never reimbursed. Eventually  I felt life was truly against me and I became a drifter through Grahamstown , Umtata, Port St Johns, Durban and finally Ballito Bay over some months.

God intervenes

The first time I really prayed in my life was 17. I was so down and out I had nowhere to go. I analyzed my whole life.    God answered when I was sleeping under a bridge on the N2  outside Balito with R10 to my name. A small voice  told me to go to my gran.  I obeyed and had a home  for the next year.

I take my dad to court

Following an incident where my gran tried (but failed) to restore our relationship it became apparent that to get anywhere in life I would need to take my dad to court. I tried to no avail to get my dad to get me back to college. My relationship with my dad  stagnated for years after this until I  awoke from my coma. I married in court out of shame that I had no family to attend which  remains a tragedy to me.

Today we are reunited, but our relationship had degraded to the extent where my father  would not enter ICU whilst I was in a coma out of what must have been very heavy after being informed that things were not looking good. I write this with tears in my eyes hoping that if you have any broken bonds in your family. Fix them today, because Tomorrow may be too late.

How I met the world’s best wife   (Another Miracle)

At age 21 I was in total decay. I was on my way to becoming a cocaine addict. My Kleptomania was in full flow. I had zero self-worth and no contact with any family other than my mom and gran.

I charmed her on impulse (probably my brain acting in my favor this time)! The miracle here is that we hail from as far apart as you can get. She is from Norway, I am from South Africa. It is by chance that I took an extra shift that night (in fact I still had a visa to be in London) and by chance that she took up an experimental course at her university to partake in research abroad.

As far logic is concerned in our materialistic world, we had no business being together. I have a grade 9 education and she just finished her Ph. D!

I break down 2003

Drugs, a theft disorder and years of, losing everything because I kept losing my wallets with everything thanks to my ADD had me confess that I needed help to my girlfriend. She was the only ear I have had apart from m my gran in over 6 years.  I found the needed strength in her support to successfully overcome all my disorders. We dated for 6 fantastic months before she returned which broke our hearts, but continued a long distance relationship for 7 months during which I promised to quit smoking, stay clean, get my license, and go back to college.

Unfortunately (as a warning to others) Intec do not adhere to honoring their promises.  I worked from 5PM to 5 AM and caught a train to college at 6AM for months for a course I completed, but never received accreditation for. Again society burned me. I managed to  fulfill all the other promises.

2006 We Marry

Not the wedding we planned (church is still a possibility) Mostly because I believed that it was possible to restore ties with family and one day have my dad there.

2007 Intec burns me again

Obviously something is wrong with my brain for trying these fraudsters again. Programming interests me and I self-educated myself in Java, CSS,SQL, HTML and SEO. Because I love it so much (It’s something I dreamed of since 1998, I buy my own domain:

http:// the

with plans to distribute code and tutorials to other programmers. Intec fail to certify me, so I get vendor certifications as SCJP, SCJD,  SCBCD and SCWCD.  Sadly no one values these because I don’t have a university degree due to my unwarranted expulsion. My last effort is a single site I did here in Norway as a freelance developer before losing my left peripheral vision:

2009 I am too ill to work

I am educated but can’t concentrate at work what was my last opportunity to work. Everything is confusion.

2010 I collapse in ICU but God intervenes again

Doctor after doctor fails to diagnose me. I have had headaches for years that were put down to sinus problems. I land up in ICU with no vision on my left. My cranial pressure measures 50. Given that a normal pressure is around 16, I should probably be dead. Given that just prior to this we had kept having compassion on victims in Haiti and making a conscious effort to cloth and feed homeless  people on our doorstep, I take it that God showed me compassion. Prior to this I had neglected God, but had recently started thanking Him for my blessings.

God saves my life

So dire was my condition that I received an emergency operation on 6th August 2010. To debulk an orange -sized tumor in my head. My pressure was still dangerously high so another operation was performed on the 8th . I still needed to be put in a coma from which not one person thought I was going escape. I awoke with a contradiction to what my surgeon said. I am able to see with both eyes, use my left motor skill and  I manage o leave ICU after 3 weeks.

God provides medical aid

And let this be a valuable lesson to anyone who thinks private healthcare is ethical or any of those critics to me leaving my country. In 2010 We had a quarter of a million ZAR saved up (we were planning to buy a house within months). This money quickly disappeared whilst my life was fading away. My poor wife was stressing about money which was simply never going to be enough  no matter who we asked for a long. Public hospitals in SA were on strike during this period. My wife’s country (due to some legal framework) covered what amounted to well over a million ZAR including follow-up oncology. I am going to warn any parent now that you are probably best off testing your kid for every disease before sending them to university under such conditions if left unchanged. No 28 year old that is looking for work has a medical aid and or life insurance. Who is going to bail out your child  if they fall ill at such an age with an additional burden of a student loan? I also speak here as someone who can no longer work. Are you willing to sell this materialism to your kids where you over emphasize education that offers zero security in an unethical society? It is unlikely that you will have some foreign country come assist you like I had And don't think people don't fall ill at thirty with cancer, because they do. Public healthcare will not cover R30 000 pm chemotherapy.

The Medical Refugee

Having finally restored family ties with everyone, nothing hurts more than being left  no choice to move abroad as an only choice between life and death. I am not complaining, I am so grateful for my healthcare here. I wish every person in any country could be so blessed. I recently underwent another brain surgery during which I lost my left peripheral vision. That’s four surgeries in 2 countries in 2 years with three surgeons. I twas totally stress free and surpassed anything I know of in a private hospital in South Africa.

Within a week I had been to an EEG, 2 eye  exams,  my neurologist, ergo therapist and my craniotomy without the financial stress that we had last time. Unlike last time my wife was notsleeping on a hospital sofa, but a hotel on the same hospital premises. I mention this because private healthcare costs more in South Africa and yet is of inferior quality. Some of you feed this BS as righteous to your kids.

Why Did I write this?

To make you more accountable for those who are ill. To inform you. For those with diseases like mine that are ignored by the media and celebrities. To tell you that there is no value in materialism and education if especially if teachers set up pupils to fail anyway through ignorance.  

Further I  demand that Dewani’s killer (with a brain tumor) perhaps receive compassion for something he may have done through no fault of his own. The man needs help and not to be put in jail. There are many people like him in prison with several disorders who shouldn’t be there especially those who are there because of some propaganda drug laws.

Finally I going to say “Told you so”,  May you recall these words years down the line when someone you know gets ill and no donor is found or no treatment available for being selfish and failing in making an effort to donate blood or marrow today ( not tomorrow)or getting laws changed that prevent investigation into absolutely everything. Remember prevention is better than cure so look at what you are feeding your kids. (including child slavery tainted chocolate). We don’t need time travel because we can learn from other people’s lives. I hope you learn from mine that there is a God. Remember I was written off twice in hospital. I forgot to mention that I started coming round on my 4 year wedding anniversary in 2010. When I could speak (not knowing what had happened or where I even was I somehow correctly managed to tell my wife that "

We live in a world where facts and fiction get blurred
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