The wickedness of man

The veil is lifted and the full extent of the evil that now lurks around us has been exposed. It stands before us naked and unashamedly; and yet so many people are still totally blind to the reality of it a€ll.

What we are witnessing happening in the World today is in fact a Spiritual Warfare – a battle that is raging between Good and Evil. A batttle for the soul of man.

Sin has become the “New Trendy” of today and the simple Laws of God of which are are contained in “The Ten Commandments” have long time since been ignored and forgotten.

“The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God….” (Psalm 10:4, Bible Scriptures)

Anyone with “half a brain cell” can see that the world has undergone a series of drastic changes over recent years. There is hardly a country left that is not involved in a war or that is not besieged by civil unrest and violence. It is indeed a very dangerous World that we now live in; one in which the threat of violence and terrorism have become the “New Normal” of everyday life.

But many amongst us are still wrapped in their “own little falsehoods of self-importance” and continue to cling to the foolish belief that humans are invincible. They are all suffering from the modern disease also known as the “It’s-All-About-Me Syndrome”, and whereby they could not care less about the pain and the suffering of their fellow man. Everything is about their own wealth, pleasure and happiness: SELFISHNESS

So too is there no longer any point in looking towards our Global Politicians for leadership and guidance during these very troubling times in the World. They clearly don’t have a clue what to do about the numerous challenges and they are also far too busy looting the state coffers and enjoying the “high life” at the expense of the ordinary citizens.

Whatever has happened to the age-old-principle of:

“Being from amongst the people and elected by the people in order to represent and work for all of the people.”

Politicians are supposed to be none other than “Public Servants” in the employee of the ordinary citizens of a particular country; but whereas and instead of governing with integrity, they have in recent years elevated themselves to some kind of “ruler-status” and whereby they are now regarded as being part of the “Global-Elitist-Club”.

Those politicians will lie about anything and everything – and arrogantly look down upon those very people who had elected them in the first place. Hence this well-known quote:

“Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”.

More and more secrecy laws are implemented everyday just so to hide their self-serving actions from public scrutiny; and billion dollar “Spy-Programs” are now used almost exclusively to spy on the ordinary citizens. Nobody is spared and the “harvested information” covering every aspect of one’s life is now stored in some “giant computer system” somewhere – ready to be used against you if you ever dare speak out against or challenge the will of the Establishment.

Many experts therefore believe that the World is now nothing other than a “Totalitarian State” – something which George Oswell described as follows:

“A society by and for continues warfare in which the ruling cast have ceased to have any real function, but to succeed by clinging to power through force and fraud.”

And just when exactly did our Political Leadership become so utterly stupid? In their case it seems as if they have all been infected by the global pandemic, called “Political Correctness”, of which it is clouding their judgment and hampering their ability to respond in a pragmatic and logical manner to important global issues.

These days it therefore seems that almost everything that a person thinks, says or does are somehow “offensive” to someone, somewhere; and that it may even lead to public condemnation and outrage. Everybody is therefore scared to speak up, say or do anything that is not in line with the popular opinion.

The most recent example of this was when the US Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, had made reference to “grabbing p##sy” during a private conversation with another celebrity almost twelve years ago. The conversation had unfortunately been caught on tape and when seized upon by the Main Stream Media, it unleashed a string of emotions ranging from “shock”, “disbelief”, “disgust” and “deeply offended” amongst the media commentators. Some, apparently being so “traumatized” that they even wanted to “cry” or “vomit”, and whereas others required urgent “Psychiatric Counseling”.

Really? That bad, huh?? Did the Main Stream Media just conveniently forget about the cocaine sniffing and whoring around that goes on almost every day in the US amongst the upper echelons, the celebrities and politicians alike? And how does the word “p##sy” compare to the very blasphemous manner in which the names of “God” and that of “Jesus Christ” are being abused everyday by celebrities and in  particular the Hollywood movies?

And how is talking about “p##sy” any worse than the millions of Americans (according to official statistics) that are addicted to cussing, sex, adultery and pornography?

Maybe it is time for those Media Commentators to get REAL or alternatively to change their careers to that of Stand-Up-Comedians.

And while the earth is literally “cooking” due to the consequences of Global Warming; and furthermore, teetering on the verge of a Thermal Nuclear World War 3 which could see the extinction of the entire human race – many people still find it more important to obsess about things like “sexual identity” and providing “gender neutral clothes” to babies. Is it not obvious which ones are the more critical issues for the survival of the World and therefore deserving of our immediate attention?

We have surely all “lost our marbles" and have gone "barking mad”.

However, the moment someone dares to speak out about this insanity that has engulfed the World, or tries to voice an alternative opinion that does not agree with the official narrative, then of course out comes the labels: Whereby they suddenly find themselves being branded as “Racists”, “Bigots”, “Sexists”,“Xenophobes”, “Homophobes”, “Conspiracy Theorist” and “Delusional”  – a very deliberate tactic that causes even the richest and most influential to cringe and hideaway in some corner in order to escape the ridicule.

This method of unfair labeling is very counter-productive, as it only serves to stifle healthy thinking, intelligent debate and open conversation – and whereby stupidity now reigns supreme.

It is of course mostly “smoke and mirrors” and serves as a convenient “distraction” to draw people’s attention away from the absolute disaster that is busy unfolding around us in the World.

Instead and if but only people knew how close we really came to a “Thermal Nuclear World War 3” in recent weeks. The USA, China and Russia had all been readying their troops, moving the nukes and quietly preparing for it; but that particular crisis went almost completely unnoticed as the Main Stream Media never bothered to really report on it.

It therefore comes as no surprise that so very few people today trust or believe in the Main Stream Media. In fact, many people now openly criticize the Main Stream Media for not being fair, objective, factual and accurate in their reporting, but rather that they have become “tools of propaganda” for governments and act as “covert agents” to push false, official narratives.

We, in relation to Armageddon, may well have “dodged the bullet” and for the moment anyway; but we are nowhere close to being “out of the woods” just yet.

We are of course all “hopeful” now that the USA and Russia are talking about repairing relations and about taking on the terrorist group, ISIS, together. But one cannot help but feel that we have now entered into a false period of relative calm – only because “the eye of the storm” is now passing over us, and whereas the worst is yet to come and not long from now.

In this regard, many experts believe that the recent Brexit (the UK leaving the EU) and Amexit (Trump winning the US Presidential Elections) flies directly against the plans which the Establishment had put in motion for their Globalist Agenda and a One-World-Government. If that is all true, then it would be reasonable to assume that the Establishment / Global Elite are not going to simply accept defeat and that they will therefore soon come up with some “dirty tricks” in an effort to regain control of their very contentious initiative for globalism.

We are therefore and in all probability still in for a very rough ride, and all of the chaos that has erupted in the World today are but merely the beginning of sorrows. Things may soon turn ugly and the prospect of a World War 3 is also not completely “off the table”.

There are a myriad of reasons for that what is about to happen, but the most obvious one is that the planet is now significantly over populated. In this regard, more people means:

  • A world that is over-crowded;

  • More consumption and more pollution;

  • Scarcity – less food, less water and less resources;

  • Less land for agriculture and more land to be used for housing and infrastructure;

  • More forests cut down and less oxygen available for life;

  • Increase in Greenhouse gases and therefore increased Global Warming and other respiratory disease;

  • Less jobs, less opportunities and no real future for our youth and children;

  • More poverty, more crime and less safe spaces;

  • Greater need for energy and faster depletion of resources such as oil, coal and uranium;

  • Further poisoning of our ground water, rivers and oceans;

  • En mass destruction of fish, bird and other wild-life;

  • More confrontation, conflicts and wars.

To summarize the above and in a “nutshell”: The sheer volume of people on the planet is now causing for the absolute and total destruction of the planet; and as the number of people ever increases, likewise so will the related problems continue to become more and so much worse.

The Global Elite are only too well aware of all these things and how it will soon evolve into a full-scale-crisis that will have a dramatic impact on life as we know it.

The increasing number of people on the planet is, next to a major natural disaster such as an asteroid strike, in fact the biggest singular threat to the future existence of mankind. According to some, there can therefore be but only one solution to avert this crisis: The implementation of a “De-Population Agenda” that will see the numbers of the people in this World significantly reduced from 7 billion to about 1 billion.

It is further rumored that the “method of choice” in which to achieve that goal quickly would be to instigate a “Great War of Nuclear Destruction” and of which will see many millions of people die instantly. And although we cannot be sure, it is alleged that a carefully crafted plan to ignite such a War has already been put into action; of which will then coincide with a global outbreak of significant pestilence and strange deadly diseases that will add significantly to the death toll.

The rationale behind the thinking of those “conspirators” is quite simply this: “In accordance with the laws of nature where only the strongest can survive, many millions of lives need to be sacrificed in order to secure the future existence of the Human Race.”

What we also know is that IF and WHEN these things are about to occur, then the Global Elite will merely retreat to the numerous “secret & lavish” underground bunkers that had been set up for their survival at a number of locations. Those underground bunkers had already been stockpiled with enough food and water that can sustain those inside the bunkers for years – without any of them having to surface nor having to deal with the nuclear aftermath.

The rest of us that have not received an R.S.V.P. to those underground bunkers will unfortunately be left to fend for ourselves in a World that will look like some apocalyptic scene straight from the “Mad Max movies”; and we will in all likelihood all die.

But is this the RIGHT and ONLY solution that can save mankind? The answer is absolutely NOT!

Although we can all appreciate the extent of the problem, there is definitely no necessity for a “great war” nor for the “mass murder of humans”. The reduction in the number of people on this planet can be achieved in a natural, organic manner – but for which purposes an intelligent, honest and open discussion is necessary and whereby some tough decisions and adjustments will have to be made. As an example:

  1. It can no longer be an Absolute Right for everyone to bear children when they want to, where they want to and however many they want to. The World is grossly over-populated and the human race must adjust accordingly. We do not have any other option.

  2. We must stop with our obsession to hook people up to machines and pipes just so they could live to 150 – let them die naturally and in dignity.

  3. The fair re-distribution of some of the world’s wealth to the poor has to happen and quickly. There is a moral duty on those who are rich to help those who are poor, but there is also a duty on those who are poor to co-operate with and assist the rich so that the World could become a better place for all. The “raping” of poorer countries by big, powerful corporations must no longer be allowed.

  4. The need for a new sustainable global economic system which is based on fairness and honesty, as opposed to Greed. The criminal enterprise that is manipulating currencies and stock markets needs to be dismantled. Never again must the currency of just one particular country be used as the World’s Reserve Currency, as it causes for dominance, arrogance and unfair advantage.

  5. The re-direction of all industry towards the preservation of our planet as opposed to the destruction thereof. Start respecting NATURE. Creating plantations, growing organic crops and planting trees are far more valuable than using the same piece of land on which to dig massive big holes in pursuit of one carat of diamond or a gram of gold. It makes no sense. We also have the technology, know-how and processes by which to achieve “Carbon Sequestration” (removing harmful CO2 from the atmosphere). The urgent implementation thereof is non-negotiable and hundreds of millions of new jobs can be created this way.

  6. The phasing out of all fossil fuels, poisons and pollutants. Alternative “Green Sources” of energy and fuels are already available and just needs to be implemented – however tough and time consuming that may be. Why is everyone flying all over the place? Imagine the carbon footprint of a flight between London and South Africa – which burns more fuel during just one such flight than what 100 000 cars can use in a year? Why is it so difficult in accepting a small, humble “Green Car” that can drive at 50 mph on battery power? Who are those foolish people who insist on driving big, fancy SUV’s and burning gallons of fossil fuels just so they can go at 200 mph?

  7. Stop FRACKING our planet to pieces. Enough with the lies already. Fracking is very bad and in fact even more harmful to the planet than coal energy. You are, during the process, destroying entire ground-water-systems and millions of tons of methane gas are being released into the atmosphere – a gas that is in fact 23 times more harmful to the Ozone layer as opposed to CO2.

  8. Give us more peace and less war. There should be an immediate cessation of all wars and hostilities between nations. Where a country or group of people step out of line and threatens the peace, the World as a unified Collective should deal with that threat immediately and decisively. No more lip service, negotiations and ineffective Sanctions. Wipe the entire threat off the planet if necessary.

  9. Remove and arrest ALL those corrupt Dictators of the World whom are clinging to power and who are waging wars against their own citizens.

  10. All countries with nuclear arsenals and other weapons of mass destruction should willingly surrender such to the United Nations for purposes of dismantlement and destruction. The threat of Armageddon and the possible thermal nuclear annihilation of our planet should never again be an option.

  11. Transform the United Nations to something that is more modern and relevant – and wherein all countries are regarded as equally important and with an equal say. The current system, however noble the intentions were after the Second World War, is pass its “Sell-By” date and no longer makes any sense. The United Nations, in its current format, is definitely NOT united, and it is utter non-sense that only certain countries are permanent members of the Security Council with a Right to Veto. This is not how a Democracy works and we are either ONE UNITED WORLD or we are not.

  12. Stop spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the futile exercise of exploring space – where in fact we only need a small fraction of that money to be able to FIX THE ENTIRE PLANET!

The above seems simple enough and shows that we are indeed in desperate need of some kind of “New World Order” – but just not the one that is currently proposed by our Global Leadership.

But there is one other “magic ingredient” that is lacking and of which can make all of the above work out just fine for mankind. That ingredient is called “GOD”. If we continue to turn our back on Him and embrace sin, we can be assured that things are surely not going to work out well for us.

“Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.” (Luke 21:36, Bible Scriptures)

Martin Hall, Foundation President

We live in a world where facts and fiction get blurred
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