AS IT HAPPENED: Election 2014 - Gauteng

A GIS image of Gauteng showing ANC-governed districts in green. (News24 maps)
A GIS image of Gauteng showing ANC-governed districts in green. (News24 maps)
Gauteng might be a relatively small province in terms of land mass but it will be a huge boost to whichever party wins it in the 2014 election.

The bulk of the DA's campaign has been in the province where Mmusi Maimane will govern should the blue party win.

21:06 - Despite 21:00 being the cut-off time, some voting stations will stay open to accommodate the last few voters in the queue. 

News24 reporter Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath describes what will happen at the National Results Operations Centre when vote tallies start coming in. Watch.

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20:50 - Rival groups of ANC and EFF supporters were singing and dancing close to each other outside a voting station in Pretoria this evening.

The word "voetsak" was prominent in both groups' songs, with only about a metre separating the competing groups.

The groups had congregated near the voting station at the City Hall, along Paul Kruger Street in central Pretoria.

Ivan Madlanga, a supporter of Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters, said he had had a tiring day but "would not leave it for the African National Congress to win".

"We are proving to the ANC people that we sing better than them. I am excited," said Madlanga, who was drenched in sweat.

Earlier, Tshwane metro police dispersed EFF supporters who blocked Paul Kruger Street.

20:29 - There was little activity at the Johannesburg City Hall about an hour before polls were due to close at 21:00.

People walked into the hall to vote in South Africa's fifth general elections without having to wait in line.

Independent Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) presiding officer Refiloe Tsoke said it had been a good day with no glitches.

She said the morning rush was the biggest problem as almost 300 people had already queued to vote before the voting station opened at 07:00.

20:16 - Tshwane metro police dispersed Economic Freedom Fighters supporters who blocked Paul Kruger Street in central Pretoria this evening.

The EFF supporters left many cars, some attended, parked adjacent to the voting station at the City Hall.

Frustrated motorists hooted and some shouted at the EFF supporters to remove their vehicles.

As several police cars arrived, the EFF swiftly removed their cars and sped off.

Four metro police cars were parked in the busy Paul Kruger Street.

Before 20:00, people were still streaming into the City Hall to cast their votes.

20:04 - James Styan tweeted "First partyleader I've spotted at IEC results centre is leader of @AgangSA Mamphela Ramphele".

19:42 - At least one resident of the Evergreen informal settlement outside Springs was in fear of her life after voting today.

"I'm scared for my life," said Nokuthula Dlamini, who had already voted.

"I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight because they threatened to attack us at night."

A group of about 50 people at the informal settlement, who had earlier threatened a night attack on voters, were burning tyres on Wednesday evening. None of them seemed to be carrying weapons.

Police stood about 500m away. No arrests were made, and no one had been attacked.

Earlier a youngster, who gave his name only as Sipho, said: "We are not voting. Those who vote, we are going to find them at night."

Protesters had called on residents not to vote, citing their living conditions and demanding the release of people arrested in protests in the area earlier this week - Sapa

19:33 - Gauteng voters: A big thank you to you, as you're the first to upload 1 000 photos! And they're all here: 

Yeoville Votes - WATCH:

19:04 - 

18:45 - Sapa reports: Scores of people were arriving at the polling station in Protea Glen, Soweto, opposite the mall late this afternoon to cast their votes.

A tent had been erected in a dusty open space near the busy street and voters were still walking in after 17:00. Some of the younger people arrived in cars blaring loud music. One of the them was Ntombi Solo, aged 26, who arrived at the station with two of her friends.

She confessed to being confused and not knowing who to vote for.

"Life experience and where our country is now helped me to decide to do the right thing and vote for the ruling party."

She said she was expecting change, opportunities for the youth, and education from government.

18:22 - About 2.5hrs left to cast your vote. Have you voted? Share your election selfies with us.

18:15 - 

17:45 - A few voters visited stations around the controversial Afrikaners-only community of Kleinfontein, east of Pretoria.

The scarce voters were blacks, who do not reside in the gated settlement.

A Sapa reporter was denied entrance at the settlement's entrance by a security guard in camouflage uniform.

"I do not know where a voting station is around here. We don't vote. We chose not to," he said.

He said an application would have to be made and processes followed for the reporter to be allowed access.

From the entrance, some residents of the enclave could be seen patrolling on horseback.

After 17:00, electoral officials at a voting station near Kleinfontein were idle, waiting for voters - Sapa

17:22 - "Voting station in Alex was closed because conflict between parties that IEC can't resolve. Province intervened and voting on," tweets City Press reporter Carien du Plessis.

17:18 - 

16:45 - A group of five children sang struggle songs outside a temporary voting station in Tembisa on the East Rand this afternoon.

Some of the lyrics translated to "Mandela gave us freedom".

People waiting in line to cast their votes laughed and smiled at the children.

Two marquees were erected as a temporary voting station.

Precious Ndlovu lost her right leg in a car accident and walks with the help of crutches.

Despite her disability, she would wait however long it took for the opportunity to cast her vote, she said.

"I get a grant to help me look after my family and so I want to vote for the party that provides for my children and I."

Have you voted? Share your experience with us!

16:44 - 

16:14 - Sapa reports: Voters at a Diepsloot voting station have become agitated after they learnt that application forms for voters registered elsewhere ran out.

The presiding officer at the Diepsloot Combined School, north of Johannesburg, kept saying "I have a crisis here", and told staffers to direct people to voting stations where they had registered.

The application forms are for people not registered to vote at the station. The presiding officer, who refused to give his name, would not speak to journalists and instructed police officers to escort them out.

"Please leave, you are not even allowed to work within these premises," he said.

Thousands of voters waited in the scorching sun, and complained that the queue was moving too slowly. Linah Mabuza, aged 30, arrived after 09:00 and voted after 15:00.

"This was a long day... I registered in Soweto but now I live here and did not change the voting station. I know we are allowed to vote anywhere as long as one is registered," she said.

16:10 - Kevin King tweeted "No queue at Rademeyers in Moreleta Park. You can literally vote in under 60 seconds!"

16:07 - 

16:04 - "Apparently they've run out of ballot papers at the Swiss Club, Midrand," tweets Wayne Kitching.

15:51 - Budding entrepreneur Lebo Koena has seized the opportunity to make some extra money by selling boerewors rolls and cold drinks to voters in Johannesburg North.

Koena, aged 24, placed a braai across the road from a voting station at Cooper College and cooked meat, enticing people standing in the queue only metres away.

"I'm just selling boerewors rolls and refreshments for the masses out here waiting in line to vote," said Koena, who studied sports management at Tshwane University.

"It's been going okay, a bit slow. It's not as miraculous as I thought it would be, but it's better than sitting at home doing nothing."

Koena, a Joburg North resident, started setting up at 06:00 - an hour before voting opened - in the hopes of a busy day.

"We've probably sold around 70 rolls, and I'm not sure how many cold drinks we've sold, but it's been okay."

"I haven't voted yet but I'm going to vote later when I'm done selling."

15:39 - Go to Boksburg to see a happy South African society, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe has said after voting at his polling station in the East Rand city.

"If you go to that ward you will see the real South African society, non-racial, where people mix and mingle with ease and they vote together and they joke together," he told Sapa at the Electoral Commission of SA's result centre in Pretoria.

"We hope that we can extend that to every part of the country."

Mantashe said African National Congress deployees on the ground indicated that voter turnout in provinces such as the Eastern Cape, Limpopo and North West were low.

"That's why we think we should encourage all the other provinces where the turnout is not going at a pace that is satisfactory... if they step up the turnout we're going to have quite good elections."

15:21 - 

15:10 - ANC stalwart Winnie Madikizela-Mandela has caused a stir after she visited a polling station in Bekkersdal, west of Johannesburg.

People of all ages surrounded her as she walked the streets. Women ululated and chanted her name.

She waved and shook hands of some in the crowd before leaving. She did not speak to the media as she was still in mourning after he former husband Nelson Mandela died in December.

Democratic Alliance Gauteng premier candidate Mmusi Maimane, who also visited the township on Wednesday, urged voters not to stay away.

"We need more people to come out and vote," he told reporters.

"We have to vote for change. We have one opportunity to bring change and we must use it."
Maimane, dressed in a blue DA shirt and jeans, also spoke to children as he greeted party agents - Sapa

14:56 -  The Star newspaper reporter Louise Flanagan has tweeted "SAPS says so far 97 people arrested for election-related offences & 131 cases".

14:24 - 

14:15 - 

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14:05 - 

13:49 - The DA's Gauteng candidate, Mmusi Maimane, has tweeted that he is on his way to Bekkersdal to do oversight work.

13:41 - East Rand policeman warns journalists...

A police officer has told a group of journalists covering an election day protest at the Evergreen informal settlement in Springs that they were having an illegal gathering and could be arrested.

The uniformed officer, who did not have a name badge, said they were too close to the voting station and were in violation of the Electoral Act.

The group, which included journalists from The Citizen, Beeld, YFM, and a photographer from The Star, was at least 100m from a church tent being used as a polling station when they were warned.

The journalists had been interviewing people protesting over their living conditions, and for the release of people arrested during previous protests - Sapa

12:48 - 

12:44 - Winne Madikizela-Mandela has just cast her vote in Soweto, tweets ANN7.

12:38 - 

12:35 - Queues at the Quellerina NG Kerk voting station on the West Rand has extended out the gate and into the road.

Barely two kilometres away, at the Zoe Ministries polling station, voters were able to stroll in and vote without having to wait in queues at around 11:00.

The presiding officer at the Zoe Ministries polling station, who asked not to be named, said voting got off to a smooth start and that around 300 people had already cast their votes there by 11:15 - Sapa.

How long were you in the queue? Report the time here.

12:28 - 

11:58 - 

11:23 - Sapa reports: Food vendors are competing with political parties for space outside polling stations in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg.

The congested township, which dates back to 1912, saw voters queuing at various stations to cast their votes.

Food vendors set up outside the stations and sold meals of rice, mealie meal and meat, fatcakes, soft drinks, coffee, sandwiches, sweets and fruits, and cigarettes.

At a community hall in 15th Avenue, the food vendors and political parties jostled for limited space along the pavement to get the attention of voters.

Some voters complained about the presence of political parties at the venue.
"I don't want to see any of them today... their job to campaign is done," said voter Solomon Michaels.

Parties, including the Economic Freedom Fighters, the African National Congress, and the Democratic Alliance, set up tables opposite the polling station.

Have you voted? Share your experience with us!

11:22 - 

11:05 - Voting is proceeding smoothly in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The queue is moving at a steady pace in Linden Street at the Sandton Fire Station.

Grace Teffo, aged 25, originally from Polokwane but who recently moved to Johannesburg, says she is not sure who she was voting for.

"Honestly, I feel like the so-called ruling party has political power but no economic power," she said while standing in the queue.

"If you don't have economic power, voting for the ANC, there is no point. There's no party worth voting for... voting with other minority parties, there is no point. It's like America. It's either A or B."

She said the African National Congress, though likely to win the elections, needed a scare at the polls - Sapa

10:55 - 

(File, AFP)

10:48 - Sapa reports: The Hammanskraal Mandela hall voting station, north of Pretoria, was quiet on Wednesday with no reported queues.

Voter Caroline Ngoepe said she had cast her vote without any problems at the hall.

"I have already voted. There was no queues," she said.

"I was there at 09:45 and it took me about five to 10 minutes."

Ngoepe said voting was a pleasure for her, and the voting station was a short walk away from her home.

Have you voted? How long were you in the queue? Tell us!

10:43 - A News24 user says voters are experiencing long queues at Weltevreden Park Primary School [Roodepoort] voting station - only one hand-held bar-code scanner.

10:35 - Ramaphosa votes in Chiawelo...

ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa voted at Hitekani Primary School in Chiawelo, Soweto, on Wednesday morning.

"I am feeling very happy that I have voted in the neighbourhood where I grew up," he told reporters afterwards.

He was confident he voted for a party that would take South Africa forward.

Ramaphosa was accompanied by City of Johannesburg mayor Parks Tau, both wearing African National Congress branded golf shirts.

He said he was confident that millions of other voters would vote for the party he voted for.
Ramaphosa voted in the full view of the cameras.

He greeted all waiting voters, shaking their hands before asking them to allow him to vote first because he had somewhere to go - Sapa

10:15 - 

(File, AFP)

10:02 - State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele arrived at Evergreen Informal Settlement in Springs on the East Rand on Wednesday where voting had not started by 09:30.

He arrived as Word of God church Pastor Mandla Mdluli was seeking assurance from an Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) official that the church would be reimbursed if their tent, which the IEC wanted to use, was burnt down or damaged.

Mdluli and Cweli held a private meeting over Mdluli's concerns.

The church's tent was pitched among the shacks that make up the settlement east of Johannesburg.

It was not immediately clear why the IEC could not erect its own tent or why these concerns had not been addressed sooner.

Mdluli wanted an undertaking from the IEC that it would cover costs if the church's tent was torched.

On Monday, a Transnet building in the neighbouring Gugulethu settlement was torched by protesters and 46 people later arrested for public violence.

Meanwhile, people waited in a queue, ready to vote.

Mdluli said people should be able to vote freely and without fear of intimidation.

A stone's throw from the voting station a group of about 50 young people earlier stood on the corner shouting at people going to the voting stations to not vote.

One of the youngsters on the corner, giving only his first name Sipho said: "We are not voting. Those who vote, we are going to find them at night."

There was a strong police presence with Nyala police vehicles driving around and a police helicopter circling overhead.

Cwele had come from visiting Bekkersdal earlier in the day, after it was identified by police as a potential hotspot - Sapa

9:33 - 

9:30 - Sapa reports: The 2014 elections are the best so far, residents in Horizon View, Roodepoort said on Wednesday.

"This is the best so far because there are more stations, so it goes much quicker," 63-year-old Linette van der Lingen said.

She and her husband Peter arrived at the South West Gauteng College at 8am and were done voting by 08:20.

Twenty-five-year-old Elmarie Roos was one of very few young South Africans who had braced the morning chill to vote. She said although the queue was long, it flowed quickly.

"If young people don't vote, then they don't have a say."

She said she would spend the rest of her day doing her nails and sleeping.

Electoral Commission of SA presiding officer Khumo Moanakoena said by 08:30 just over 200 people had voted at the college in the West Rand of Johannesburg.

"Everything went off without a glitch except that the voters' roll was a few minutes late."

At Roodepoort City hall, residents voted with no difficulty.

Yacoob Dukander, 73, said he arrived at the station at 18:45 and felt good about voting.

"We need a change in this country. The [current] government has been in power for 20 years."

Neighbours Martha Meyer, 38 and Martha Blignaut, 91, said the voting process was well-organised, which made everything "smooth and quick".

Meyer has lived in Roodepoort her whole life. She said the area had remained the same since before 1994.

Around 08:00 the station had just over 100 voters.

9:18 - Priscilla tells us: "If you are voting at the Sunward Park recreational centre, at the squash court your surname has to start from A-M and at the tennis court it's N-Z, there are no signs to indicate this to you .. cue time is +_ 2:30 (hours)..."

Have you voted already? How long were you in the queue? Tell us!

Have you voted? Share your election selfies with us (just not in the booth or of your ballot paper please! It's a tad illegal).

8:57 - 

8:33 - Charl Barnard in Lyttleton, Centurion says: "Only one scanner working at Lyttleton voting station in Centurion. Chaos and delays due to people jumping queues."

Things appear to be going a little better at Rietondale Primary in Pretoria luckily:

8:15 - 

7:59 - Voting got off to a slow start in the Pretoria east suburb of Meyers Park on Wednesday.
Issues with scanners to verify voters delayed voting for five minutes, but voting got under way nonetheless.
First-time voter Jerry Dotse was among the people who queued before 7am to make his mark.
"I am excited to vote for the first time as I want to have a say in how our country is being run," said the 35-year-old Dotse. - Sapa

7:52 - Sapa reports: Voting kicked off without problems at Chiawelo polling booth in Soweto on Wednesday.

First in the queue was 60-year-old Mampe Maloleka, who said she was proud to be the first one to cast her vote in her area.

"I feel delighted that I made it and I am the first in the line."
Maloleka, who lives a few streets from the voting station, said she arrived at the booth just before 05:00.

"I am voting because I want a better life for me, my children and grandchildren. I also want an RDP house because it has been skipping me."

She wore warm clothes and a scarf with the South African flag wrapped around her neck.
Maloleka was among about 20 voters who arrived at the voting station before 07:00, all of them the elderly people.

7:33 - Thembisa Munyai tells News24: "Am at Moses Kotane primary in Bram Fischerville. Have not started, nothing is being communicated to voters. There are no Marshals, people are getting impatient. Very disorganised, everyone should stay clear of this voting station."

Meanwhile, Scott, who is at a voting station in Belvedere School in Gauteng says that one isn't open yet, more than half an hour after it was supposed to.

7:31 - Pierre van Ryneveld in Centurion

7:15 - "Panorama, Honeydew very unorganized nothing has started, the IEC are confused and changed queues after people have been waiting for 2 hours and are now at the back of the queue," says News24 user Hendrik.

7:04 - 


6:59 - 

6:57 - The queue at Panarama Primary school in Weltevreden Park is already about 600m long. 5 minutes to go, says News24 user Glenn Norton.

6:48 -  HAVE SOMETHING TO REPORT? Share reports of elections incidents or smooth queues here.

6:46 - 

6:35 - Voting in Gauteng? Upload your photos.

6:35 - 

6:14 - 

6:11 - The IEC says it will erect three new voting stations in Bekkersdal, tweets Leanne Manas, after another station there was torched overnight.

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