Election results, part 2 - As it happened

Get the latest updates as results from Election Day 2014 continue to come in.

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5:02 Sapa report - Voter turnout across South Africa's nine provinces in Wednesday's election varied depending on the province, according to results from Electoral Commission of SA's national results operations centre in Pretoria on Friday morning.
While the overall voter turnout average for the country was 70.89% by 04:39, the lowest was in Limpopo, with 60.56%.
The province with the best voter turnout was KwaZulu-Natal, with 75.73%. It was followed by Gauteng (73.35%), Mpumalanga (72.85%), Western Cape (72.65%), Northern Cape (71.29%), Free State (70.67%), Eastern Cape (68.30%), and North West (66.30%).
A total of 25 383 361 people were registered to vote countrywide prior to election day.

4:45 The ANC is leading in Gauteng with 53,59% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 31,4% of the vote.

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1:58 EFF claims foul play in Gauteng results

The Economic Freedom Fighters called on Thursday night for an audit of the elections and votes in Gauteng.

"There are many incidents of lost ballots and ballots found in bins across Gauteng, and it appears that the IEC is colluding with the ANC to prevent the reality that the ANC might go below 50% in Gauteng," EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said.
He said that during the counting of the voting results, the numbers for the ANC in Gauteng were dwindling.
"At exactly 17:59 the ANC was at 50.21% of the Gauteng vote and immediately after that, the Gauteng results started to slow down and almost came to an absolute halt because the ANC was heading towards below 50% of the Gauteng vote," Ndlozi said.
He said the party suspected foul play.
The EFF was demanding the immediate release of the Gauteng results by the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC). - Sapa

1:42 The IEC has counted 15 000 000 votes in the Provincial vote.

1:23 The IFP has just passed the 400 000 vote mark in the national results count - 2,54% of the vote

1:09 The EFF has just passed the 900 000 vote mark in the national results count - 5,75% of the vote


0:34 Pretoria - Vote counting in Gauteng has been held up in favour of the ANC, the Economic Freedom Fighters said on Thursday night.

"Gauteng ballots have already been counted 100 percent but this does not reflect on the main board," said EFF commissar Floyd Shivambu.

"We are concerned that results in Gauteng started slowing down when the ANC was at 50% at around 18:00.
"We want to know the reasons behind this." - Sapa


0:21 The ANC is leading in Limpopo with 79,56% of the vote. The EFF is in second place with 10,21% of the vote.


23:46 The ANC is leading nationally with 62,77% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 21,94% of the vote.


23:17 90% of the national votes have been counted thus far.


23:15 ANC secures majority vote in eThekwini

23:14 The EFF could secure 23 seats in Parliament in its debut election, according to the latest SABC predictions.



22:53 Dumped ballots which were reportedly discovered in Pretoria had already been counted, but the DA says the incident does not inspire confidence in a free and fair election.

22:48 The ANC is leading nationally with 62,75% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 22,02% of the vote.






22:16 -  The ANC is leading in Limpopo with 79,69% of the vote. The EFF is in second place with 10,1% of the vote.

22:12 - 

22:09 - Sapa reports - The ANC, after conceding an early lead in the Tshwane metro in Gauteng, was in a commanding position by Thursday evening as vote counting continued.

At 21:46, the ANC led with 166 000 votes (57%), followed by the DA with 75 389 votes (26%), and the EFF with 33 107 votes (11%).

A total of 300 949 votes had been counted on the national ballot in the metro, while a total 289 732 ballots had been counted on the provincial ballot.

22:07 - 

21:58 - The DA and new boys on the block EFF were contesting the post of official opposition to the ANC in the North West on Thursday night.

At 21:38, results from the IEC national results centre showed the DA and EFF were separated by 192 votes. Ninety-seven percent of votes in the province had been counted.

The DA had 134 837 votes (12.88%) against the EFF's 134 645 votes (12.87%).

The ANC, set to win the province, had 706 033 votes (67.47%). - Sapa

21:54 - 

21:48 -  The ANC is leading in Free State with 71,87% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 14,58% of the vote.

21:38 - 

The EFF has just passed the 800 000 vote mark in the national results count - 5,52% of the vote

21:37- “DA party agents at the count in the affected voting districts confirm that the ballots were counted. I accept their word for it. Audited.” – Helen Zille

21:32 - The ANC is leading in Limpopo with 79,74% of the vote. The EFF is in second place with 10% of the vote.

21:30 -  

21:27 - 

21:23 - The ANC is leading in North West with 67,39% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 12,97% of the vote.

21:22 - The DA held the lead within the City of Johannesburg by 20:34 on Thursday evening, as the counting of votes continued in the metro.

On the national ballot in Johannesburg, out of 606 240 votes counted thus far, the DA had 288 014 (47%), followed by the ANC with 233 174 votes (38%). The EFF was third with 46 442 votes (7%).

On the provincial ballot, out of a total of 309 057 counted votes, the DA had 140 064 (45%), the ANC 129 730 (41%) and EFF 23 092 (7%).

The City of Johannesburg had 2 184 484 registered voters.

In Johannesburg in 2009, the ANC won 63% and 62% of the vote on the national and provincial ballots respectively, followed by the DA with 20% and 21%, and the Congress of the People with 9% for both. - Sapa

21:16 - DA leads in City of Johannesburg.

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21:03 - President Jacob Zuma arrived at the IEC election results centre in Pretoria on Thursday evening.

He was flanked by ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, deputy secretary Jessie Duarte, Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane and his bodyguards while journalists scrambled around him.

ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe explained to Zuma how the ruling party was performing in terms of votes received across the provinces.

"I can only report about the ANC, not about anything else," Mantashe said, resulting in Zuma laughing.

Zuma, wearing a yellow jacket, joked, laughed and shook hands with leaders of political parties.

Journalists waited for him to reach the Economic Freedom Fighters' desk, but he went the other way and proceeded to greet IEC chairperson Pansy Tlakula.

EFF commissar Floyd Shivambu laughed and asked journalists why they thought Zuma would pass by and greet EFF members. The party was formed by former ANC Youth League members. - Sapa

20:30 - 

20:29 - 

20:27 – Sapa reports - South Africa's fifth all-race election has seen the highest number of votes cast in the country's democratic history, the IEC said on Thursday.

"We remain on track to complete the count, capture and audit results for these elections in good time," chief electoral officer Mosotho Moepya told reporters at the IEC's results centre in Pretoria.

"We [also] remain on track to record the highest total number of votes cast for an election in SA's 20-year history of democracy."

He said 12.62 million votes had been captured on the result system by 18:00.

Over 18 million votes were expected to have been cast in this national election.

"This will exceed the 17.9 million votes cast in 2009 and the 15.5 million in 2004."

He said counting had been completed in the Northern Cape.

In the Western Cape 94% of votes had been counted, 83% in North West, 99% in Mpumalanga, 79% in KwaZulu-Natal, 43% in Gauteng, 79% in Limpopo, 64 % in the Free State, and 87 % in the Eastern Cape.

20:26 - Western Cape politicians waited for results from the final few voting stations in the province on Thursday night.

The DA was set to retain the province with a majority after more than 90% of the votes were captured by the IEC at the provincial results centre in Bellville-South.

DA deputy provincial leader Theuns Botha said the growth in DA votes was not unexpected.

"I think that if we end up eventually with a 10% growth it will be excellent," Botha said.

In 2009, the DA became the first party to win an outright majority in the province by garnering 51% of the vote.

By 20:00 the party had around 59% of the vote. - Sapa

20:19 -

“Seriously do hope the disaster that's COPE & AGANG put aside their leaders egos and form an alliance with a larger party.” – Marlin Sylvester 

20:18 - Provincial results: Western Cape

DA 51.46%

ANC 31.55%

Cope 7.74%

ID 4.68%

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20:16 - International ballot papers not in South Africa before 21:00 on Friday will not be counted, the IEC said.

"The commission made a decision to allow the counting of ballots received by 9pm tomorrow from international voting stations," chief electoral officer Mosotho Moepya told reporters at the IEC's results centre in Pretoria on Thursday. - Sapa

20:14 - 

20:08 - 

Mpumalanga was the second province where preliminary results were concluded on Thursday evening.

The African National Congress achieved a landslide victory in the province, as it did in the Northern Cape.

The traditional stronghold of the ruling party gave the ANC a commanding 78.33% victory with 1 045 409 out of the 1 336 259 total valid votes.

The Democratic Alliance came in a distant second with a 10.40% of the provincial vote, from 138 990 votes. The Economic Freedom Fighters got 83 589 votes, or 6.26%. - Sapa

19:36 - Provincial results: Mpumalanga

ANC 78.22%

DA 10.40%

EFF 6.25%

BRA 1.15%

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19:28 - 

“Of the votes captured and audited so far in Elections 2014, 1.37% have been recorded as spoilt.” _ IEC SA

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19:16 - Provincial results: Free State

ANC 72.12%

DA 14.31%

EFF 8.03%

FF Plus 1.91%

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19:13 - The ANC was heading for its fifth landslide election victory, but with a loss of about 3% of its majority and a handful of seats in Parliament, according to results released late on Thursday.

With reporting from districts more than three-quarters complete, the ruling party was standing at 62.8%, with the DA second with 22.2%, and Julius Malema's EFF third with 5.4%.

The figures confirmed pre-poll forecasts that voters would inflict relatively limited punishment on the ANC for the Nkandla scandal, sluggish service delivery and enduring economic hardship for most South Africans.

"I think the ANC will get above 60% and... I think they will also get above 50% in Gauteng," DA leader Helen Zille conceded in a television interview at the national results centre in Pretoria. - Sapa

18:59 - IEC: If overseas votes don't make it back in time, will be sealed and not considered. IEC extended period to ensure ballots are included.

18:57 - 

18:53 - IEC: We are on track. 80% of voting districts have declared results. Confident objections dealt with & results in by Saturday.

18:52- Provincial results: Northern Cape

ANC 64.40%

DA 23.89%

EFF 4.96%

Cope 3.60%

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18:48 - The ruling party's detractors will eat humble pie when the general election results are announced, the ANC Youth League said on Thursday.

"We continue to await an apology from the habitual pathological liars in the DA, who have been ordered by the court to retract some of their lies," spokesperson Bandile Masuku said in a statement.

The Electoral Court on Tuesday ordered the DA to retract and apologise for an SMS it sent to over 1.5 million voters in Gauteng, claiming President Jacob Zuma stole taxpayers' money for the R246m security upgrades to his Nkandla home. - Sapa

18:46 - Seems to be confusion at IEC over the dumped ballots found in Pretoria - CEO indicated he's unaware of it, but reports say IEC is.

18:45 - IEC says it’s unaware of dumped ballots in Pretoria, but will deal with it.

18:44 - 

18:43 - IEC: Overseas votes will only be complete tomorrow, still waiting for some votes to arrive and be counted.

18:38 - 

18:30 - 

18:27 - Provincial results: KwaZulu-Natal

ANC 65%

IFP 11.77%

DA 10.76%

NFP 7.96%

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18:20 - 

18:17 - 

18:10 - 

Provincial results: Limpopo

ANC 79.65%

EFF 9.84%

DA 6.37%

Cope 0.79%

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18:07 - The Eastern Cape provincial elections were credible, provincial electoral officer Thami Mraji said on Thursday. "In my opinion, the national and provincial elections of 2014 have been credible, free, and fair in spite of the many challenges that were encountered," he said in a statement.

Problems reported on Wednesday had been resolved. These included national ballot papers that could not be scanned as they did not have barcodes. - Sapa

18:06 - Sapa reports: The ANC had a healthy lead in Gauteng with 53.89% of votes counted so far by Thursday afternoon.

The party had 727 241 votes in the province compared to the DA's 435 926, which gave the opposition 32.30% of the ballot in Gauteng.

By 17:30 the EFF had 8.36% or 112 801 votes.

There were six million registered voters in Gauteng.

17:54 - 

17:51 - The DA appeared set to retain the Western Cape after 90% of votes cast were captured on Thursday.

Early indications were that the party was set to increase its support.

The DA had taken just over a million of the votes captured so far - an almost 60% share of the ballots, compared to 51% in 2009.

The ANC attracted just under 33% of voters in the province.

It was unclear whether the numbers would change much, with the results from only 119 voting districts still outstanding.

New kids on the block, the Economic Freedom Fighters, caused an upset for other smaller parties, garnering two percent of the Western Cape vote so far. –Sapa

17:45 - Provincial results: Gauteng

ANC 53.64%

DA 32.48%

EFF 8.48%

FF Plus 1.46%

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17:42 - 

“It’s been an intense two days covering the elections, but very fun and interesting. Proud of SA for getting inked!” – Mara Ispas

17:36 - National results: The ANC is leading nationally with 62,47% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 22,5% of the vote.


“Zuma will be visiting the IEC ROC at 8pm tonight. Expect a media crush.” - Verashni

17:25 - Provincial results: Eastern Cape

ANC 72.35%

DA 14.58%

UDM 5.87%

EFF 3.24%

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17:22 - ANC wins Northern Cape with 64% of the votes.

17:19 - 

17:17 - The IFP was happy with the preliminary results on Thursday that put the party in fourth place.

"We are quite excited about the results. We have gotten a sizeable number nationally," general secretary Sibongile Nkomo said at the IEC's results centre in Pretoria.

"I hope the number will have risen as the votes continue to come in."

The IFP was holding on to second place in KwaZulu-Natal, where the African National Congress was comfortably in the lead with well over a million votes. - Sapa

17:15 - Provincial results: Western Cape

DA 59.52%

ANC 32.72%

EFF 2.02%

ACDP 1.03%

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17:08 - 

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17:04 - The ANC's resounding lead in the elections firmed to 62.7% as vote counting neared the two-thirds mark by late afternoon on Thursday, with the DA at 22.4%.

Julius Malema's militant EFF was third with 4.9% of the vote - predictably proving itself the upstart success of the elections.

In 2009 that role had belonged to the Congress of the People, but on Thursday Cope's support base was in tatters at less than one percent, and just behind that of the Freedom Front Plus. - Sapa

17:02 - Provincial results: Mpumalanga

ANC 78.75%

DA 10.07%

EFF 6.61%

BRA 0.88%

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17:01 - 

“Seems the DA has won Jozi and Midvaal, but not Gauteng as a whole, however there's still a lot of counting to do.” – Kurt Mitchell

16:47 - Provincial results: Free State

ANC 71.64%

DA 14.12%

EFF 7.91%

Cope 1.86%

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16:44 - 

16:40 - ANC deputy secretary general Jessie Duarte told News24 at the IEC national results operations centre in Pretoria that the ANC was very happy about the results so far. Watch.

16:39 - Provincial results: Northern Cape

ANC 63.88%

DA 23.36%

EFF 6.06%

Cope 3.31%

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16:32 - Former intelligence minister Ronnie Kasrils did not spoil his vote in SA's fifth general elections, City Press reported on Thursday.

"I voted for two parties, nationally and provincially, but not the ANC or the DA," he was quoted as saying.

Kasrils told the paper he supported two smaller parties that he felt could provide the change he wanted to see in the country.

- Sapa

16:30 - Provincial results: KwaZulu-Natal

ANC 64.93%

IFP 13.20%

DA 9.18%

NFP 8.57%

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16:26 - National Freedom Party leaders expressed satisfaction on Thursday with the preliminary national and provincial election results.

"We are generally happy. The numbers show we are represented in all nine provinces," Gauteng provincial executive council member Nontuthuzelo Mniki said.

She said the party was not too concerned by the numbers on the board as they were contesting the election for the first time. - Sapa

16:24 - Pretoria - Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa has expressed his satisfaction with the safety of the 2014 elections.

Hotspot areas were identified and targeted ahead of time, and “our work paid off”, he told News24 at the IEC’s national results operations centre in Pretoria on Thursday.

Police officials launched operations aimed at preventing violence and intimidation in these areas.

“All hotspot areas went very well and turnout was good,” he said.

This came as IEC chairperson Pansy Tlakula confirmed on Thursday that there were two shooting incidents reported in the vicinity of voting stations in KwaZulu-Natal on Wednesday. Two people were also arrested for attacking a voting station in Tzaneen.

However, Mthethwa said it later emerged that one death in KwaZulu-Natal was related to a taxi feud and was not related to the elections.

- Roy McKenzie, News24

16:21 - The DA is leading in the City of Johannesburg with 48.45% of the provincial vote. The ANC is in second place with 39.83% of the vote.

16:18 - The number of votes the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) has secured in the latest national election is an embarrassment, the party said on Thursday.

"We were not expecting this, this was not the plan. It is an embarrassment to us," general secretary Narius Moloto said.

He said the party had a membership of 65 000.

"If things stay this way, we are posed to retain one seat in Parliament."

The PAC had collected 20 400 of the counted ballots by 15:30 on Thursday.

He said the PAC was self-funded and contested the election with well-funded parties like the ANC and the DA.

"They spend billions on billboards and can reach every corner of the country."

He said the PAC was transforming itself and needed to take stock of the election in a positive way to plan its strategies. - Sapa

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16:16 - Sapa reports: The Patriotic Alliance has urged voters to stop electing leaders based on personalities and rather focus on policies.

"We must shy away from politics of personalities, insults, and concentrate on politics of policies," party secretary Kenny Kunene told Sapa at the IEC national results centre in Pretoria on Thursday.

"Some people base their votes on anger."

Kunene said it was vital for young people to get involved in politics and contribute to shaping the country.

He was happy with his party's progress in the election as the plan was never to actively contest, but rather to test the water.

16:12 - Provincial results: Limpopo

ANC 79.28%

EFF 9.75%

DA 6.73%

FF Plus.81%

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16:03 - 

“Of all the tables on the results floor, EFF is having the most fun. Talking about wearing red overalls for parly inauguration.” – Carien du Plessis

15:58 - ANC is currently leading Gauteng with 56.67% of the votes. Follow Election Results LIVE.

15:48 - 

15:46 - The DA surpassed the total number of votes it garnered in the Western Cape in 2009, with a little over a million ballots still to be captured on Thursday.

By 15:20 the ruling party in the province had won 1 050 459 of a possible 2.9 million registered voters for 57.28% of the ballot compared to the 989 132 (48.78%) at the end of the count in 2009.

The ANC had 33.97% of the vote so far with 627 526 votes, followed by the EFF with 40 869, which is 2.21%.

The African Christian Democratic Party and Freedom Front Plus stood at just over one percent each, earning each party just over 20 000 votes.

The Congress of the People dropped to under one percent, with 12 217 votes.

Provincially the DA is just short of 60%, which is almost 10% up from the amount of votes they garnered in 2009.

The ANC is in a similar position as five years ago with 32.84% of the vote so far. The ANC had a total of 31.55% at the previous elections. - Sapa

15:42 - IEC Gauteng results operations centre says City of Joburg results still coming in, taking long time due to very large voting districts.
- Roy McKenzie, News24

15:41 - Sapa reports: There was a gap of a little more than 3.8 million votes between the ANC and the DA in the national election results just before 15:00 on Thursday.

The ANC was leading nationally with 5 913 568 votes, which was 63.56% of the counted vote.

The ruling party has said it is aiming for a two thirds majority at this year's poll. In 2009 the ANC won the national election with 65.50% of the vote.

The DA had so far captured 2 031 745 of the national vote. The party was set to secure its position as the official opposition.

Newcomers, the EFF, were holding third spot with 458 238 votes, which were 4.93% of the counted vote.

The total votes counted at the time was 9 303 929.

15:39 - 

15:33  - The IEC have reported that by 11:30 half of the country’s 22 263 voting districts' votes have been counted and captured.

“While a picture of trends is beginning to emerge, it is still far too early to make any meaningful predictions of the final outcome,” they said in a statement.

By 11:30 just over 7.55 million votes had been counted – out of 25.39 million registered voters. This is less than 30% of the total possible votes.

“In those voting districts which have been counted, captured and audited, we have recorded an average voter turnout of just over 72.61%. We are hoping this will grow further as the voting districts from large urban, metro areas are captured.”

In terms of the provincial election count, the following were the percentages of voting districts captured and audited by 11:30:

Eastern Cape: 63%

Free State: 41%

Gauteng: 18%

KwaZulu-Natal: 44%

Limpopo: 38%

Mpumalanga: 72%

North West: 46%

Northern Cape: 89%

Western Cape: 79%

15:21 - 

15:16 - The DA was looking strong in Tshwane but the ANC are currently leading there now:

15:07 - The ANC is leading in the North West with 70.61%; in Mpumalanga with 78.12%; Limpopo with 79.04%; Northern Cape with 64.18%; 71.25% in the Free State; 73 in the Eastern Cape; 64.56% in KZN. The DA leads the Western Cape with 59.32%. 

15:05 - Sapa reports: The ANC says it has not yet considered entering into coalition talks in the Western Cape, as initial results show it is lagging significantly behind the DA in the province.

Currently, the DA has over 960 000 votes in the province, while the ANC has just over 520 000.

ANC deputy secretary general Jessie Duarte told News24 at the IEC national results operations centre in Pretoria that the possibility of entering into a coalition “has not been discussed”.

ANC national spokesperson Jackson Mthembu reiterated what Duarte said, saying “there are no coalition talks yet”.

However, he added that the ANC’s strongholds are mostly in rural areas in the Western Cape, and many of those results are not yet in.

“We are keeping our options open,” he said.

15:02 - IEC Chairperson Pansy Tlakula discussed recent electoral protests, violence and ballot theft during South Africa's May 7 2014 national election:

15:01 - Sapa reports: Preliminary election results show the DA maintaining its Western Cape stronghold, while racing neck and neck with the ANC for the city of Tshwane.

By midday on Thursday, the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) in the Western Cape had captured over half of the votes cast.

"We have already counted 1.6 million people and that is a count out of 2.94 million [registered] people..." provincial electoral officer Courtney Sampson said.

By noon the Democratic Alliance had obtained just under 60 percent of the vote in the Western Cape. This compared to just over 50% in 2009.

The African National Congress had around 33% of the vote in the Western Cape, followed by the Economic Freedom Fighters with more than 2%.

The African Christian Democratic Party and Freedom Front Plus stood at a little over 1% each in the province.

The Congress of the People dropped to under 1% in the Western Cape.

DA parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko said the party was growing and making inroads in the Western Cape.

Mazibuko was excited about the lead the party had in the province, the only province not governed by the ANC.

The DA had surpassed its 2009 numbers with only half of this year's votes counted so far.

"We are very upbeat and we are growing significantly in this election," Mazibuko said.

She predicted the DA would do well in Gauteng once all the stations had submitted their results.

"We will do very well once the results for Tshwane and Johannesburg are received. We had a very good premier candidate in Mmusi Maimane," she said.

Gauteng numbers for the ANC and the DA were fairly even in the City of Tshwane.

Out of the 35 719 votes counted, the ANC secured 15,765 with 14 659 votes for the DA.

The FF Plus was a distant third in Tshwane with 6.29% of the vote (2 248), while the EFF garnered 1 881.

By midday on Thursday, the ANC was leading nationally in the election race with over four million votes. This was over 62% of the counted votes.

The DA secured 1.7m votes (23.01%).

Julius Malema's EFF was in third position with 362 063 votes (4.73%).

Meanwhile, the IEC said results from the eThekwini metro municipality were likely to be the last to be finalised in KwaZulu-Natal.

In Durban, the province's chief electoral officer Mosery Mawethu said counting of votes was continuing at three Durban polling stations by mid-morning.

All counting at the rest of the province's 4746 polling stations and capturing of the results was under way.

The final capturing of results in the province was expected to be completed by midnight on Thursday.

14:55 - News24's Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath is at the IEC's headquarters in Pretoria: 

14:50 - As far as votes captured is concerned, here's where we are: Limpopo 38%. Free State 41%. North West 46%. Eastern Cape 63%. Mpumalanga 72%. Western Cape 79%.

14:45 - The ANC is currently sitting on 63.70% of the national vote while the DA has 21.63% and the EFF has 4.94%.

14:44 - 

14:37 - The ANC, DA and the EFF are currently dominating the top three spots in most provinces in the fifth democratic elections. Read more here

14:36 - We stopped doing updates this morning because of traffic volumes to the site. Find those updates here.

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