DEVELOPING | Ramaphosa says there was pushback within the ANC over the state capture report

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06 January 12:54

ANC 'did not care or they slept on the job or they had no clue what to do' - Zondo Commission report

- The State Capture Inquiry report noted that the ANC and its government did nothing to stop the decline of state institutions. 

- The ANC's deployment committee came under scrutiny for endorsing individuals who presided over the capture of the state and its entities. 

- The commission also found that the ANC benefitted from the proceeds of corruption. 


06 January 11:41

Allies in KZN ask Zuma to ignore findings in Zondo’s damning report

Former president Jacob Zuma’s supporters in KwaZulu-Natal have urged him not to appeal the state capture commission’s damning findings against him.

In its first report published by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Tuesday, the commission found that Zuma had collaborated with the private sector to capture the SA Revenue Services (SARS) and render it ineffective.


06 January 07:02

'We are not under siege': Ramaphosa insists things are under control in SA

President Cyril Ramaphosa has cautioned ANC members who are tempted to challenge the State Capture Inquiry report, saying the report should serve as a lesson for the governing party. This as the Zondo Commission found in the first part of its report the ANC benefitted from proceeds of crime.


06 January 06:56

Zondo report directs police to probe kickback claims against former Transport Minister Dipuo Peters

The State Capture Inquiry report has directed police in the North West to urgently conclude an investigation into corruption involving regional airline SA Express, including claims that former Transport Minister Dipuo Peters and others received kickbacks from a corrupt ground handling contract. 


06 January 06:55

ANALYSIS | Vote of no confidence? Zondo slams NPA’s failures, pushes for anti-corruption agency

- Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo's first State Capture report has recommended that a number of implicated former officials, including Brian Molefe, Tom Moyane and Dudu Myeni all face prosecution for a range of allege offences.

- But the report also highlights the State's almost complete failure to prosecute corruption cases or ones involving alleged violations of the Public Finance Management Act - and suggests a new agency be established to police potential corruption in public procurement processes.

- While the NPA has yet to respond to Zondo's recommendation for this new agency, experts contend it can be construed as a vote of no confidence in the state's ability to ensure accountability for corruption.


06 January 06:54

State capture report recommends rewarding whistleblowers - but will this work? Activists have their say

- The Zondo commission has recommended that a "fixed percentage of monies recovered should be awarded to the whistleblower".

- This can only be done if the whistleblower's information has been material in the obtaining of the award. 

- Active Citizen Movement, which is a group of whistleblowers, has welcomed the recommendation.  


06 January 06:53

SARS intentionally captured and SSA involvement: 7 things to know from Zondo's report

- The first part of the three-part State Capture Inquiry's report was released by the Presidency on Tuesday.  

- The 874-page report made several findings, including that a number of former officials at Transnet, Eskom and SAA should be prosecuted.  

- News24 looked at seven things you need to know from the first part of the inquiry's report.  


06 January 06:52

Qaanitah Hunter | Zondo report: When it comes to corruption, we should prepare for the worst

We must plan for the worst, writes Qaanitah Hunter. "What happens if we get a government worse than the Zuma regime?"  


05 January 16:42

JUST IN | Ramaphosa says there was push back within the ANC to the Zondo report

Ramaphosa Addressing an ANC cadres assembly in Limpopo on Wednesday afternoon, President Cyril Ramaphosa told party members to read the State Capture report.

"The State Capture Report is out and you should all familiarise yourself with its contents. Read it, and make sure that we never ever find ourselves as a country subjected to state capture.

"Those among our ranks were tempted to push back and challenge the report in our ranks, I urge them not to and to be part of those that safeguard this country and return the ANC to again being an entity that is trusted by the masses."

- Juniour Khumalo

05 January 14:57

Two former ministers relied on non-existent legislation to allow illegal vetting of SAA staff

Former state security minister David Mahlobo used non-existent legislation to allow the illegal vetting of staff at the SAA. Nhlanhla Nene, then finance minister, also relied on the same ghost legislation to endorse the vetting, which led to seven SAA executives quitting.

This finding is contained in the first part of the state capture report released by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo on Tuesday. The report details how state security resources were used to aide the state capture project at state-owned enterprises such as SAA.
Read the full story

05 January 13:11

ANC says it will deal with findings against members, EFF wants prosecutions

- The ANC says it will implement mechanisms to deal with the State Capture Inquiry's report pertaining to its members.

- The party welcomed the release of the first part of the report.

- Meanwhile, the EFF attacked Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan and Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.


05 January 13:00

Statement by DA leader John Steenhuisen:

As the first of three reports from the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture was handed to President Cyril Ramaphosa yesterday, our nation must now embark on the arduous journey of ridding our country of impunity and political unaccountability by charging the accused, placing them behind bars, and eradicating the scourge of ANC corruption once and for all.

I call on President Ramaphosa to urgently table the first Zondo Report in Parliament so that the legislative wing of our constitutional democracy can get to work studying its findings and taking the necessary remedial action.

The devastating fire at the National Assembly over the past 48 hours may have damaged the brick and mortar of the building, but Parliament and its duty to the people of South Africa must remain strong and effective as we enter a crucial period in post-democratic history, both for political accountability and constitutional democracy.

For far too long the ANC’s pervasive and insidious style of corruption and tender manipulation, aided and justified by the party’s cadre deployment policy, has hollowed out our public service, awarded tenders to friends and family, and robbed taxpayers of the services for which they continue to pay.

But, more importantly, the ANC’s culture of political unaccountability and impunity must fall if we are to set a precedent to deter the wholesale capture of the state by politicians ever again.

Together with the DA’s Shadow Cabinet, I have begun studying the reports extensively to determine what action needs to be taken in this regard. Ministry by ministry, department by department, and individual by individual, we will ensure that a culture of accountability is restored in South Africa.

05 January 11:05

OPINION | Zondo report: The year of accountability in SA - what are the risks and rewards?

Will a courageous President Cyril Ramaphosa risk his own leadership position in the pursuit of ethics, Daniel Silke asks.


05 January 10:35

Zondo: Guptas used pawns to milk SOEs

Former President Jacob Zuma’s benefactors, the Gupta family, appeared to have had a calculated strategy to appropriate public funds from state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

According to the first report of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, the Guptas needed facilitators within the SOEs and government departments who would ensure that the entities committed millions of rands to their publication, The New Age (TNA).


05 January 08:07

State Capture: The companies Zondo names in the first chapter of his report

The first chapter of Volume 1 of the State Capture Report runs to more than 400 pages – just to deal with SAA and assorted other aviation matters. Justice Raymond Zondo has a few choice things to say about companies such as Nedbank, PWC, and others. Other companies appear to have been victims, rather than perpetrators or facilitators of state capture.

Read on Business Insider

05 January 07:36

FIRST TAKE | Zondo shows how vulgar, calculating Zuma betrayed his people and his country for the Guptas

The vulgar manner in which Jacob Zuma pandered to the Guptas – at the expense of all South Africans – was calculating and deliberate, volume one of the Zondo Commission’s report into state capture shows, writes Pieter du Toit.

Read more

05 January 06:39

Cops must probe 'corrupt, incompetent' Dudu Myeni, State Capture Inquiry finds

- The long-awaited first part of the State Capture Inquiry's report has found that former SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni and her acolytes caused "sustained damage to our national airline".

- The report recommended that police and the NPA investigate Myeni for, among other things, receiving money from a Free State housing project and "knowingly" misrepresenting decisions taken by SAA's board to at least two finance ministers. 

- The report found that Myeni ruled the airline via a pervasive culture of fear, forcing out upstanding officials and replacing them with "pliant" underlings. 


05 January 06:17

'Zuma dishonest, fled from accountability': Zondo slams ex-president, says he helped Guptas capture state

- The first of three volumes making findings and recommendations about state capture was officially handed over to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

- The first volume covers SAA, SARS, government communications and public procurement in general.

- Former president Jacob Zuma is slammed by the commission, which says he advanced the interests of the Guptas at the expense of the South African people.


05 January 06:16

Zondo Commission says 'cash-in-transit' firm and financial regulators were lax on money laundering

- The Zondo Commission says financial regulators should be held responsible for allowing the flow of huge amounts of literal cash, which allowed money laundering.

- The owner of a cash-in-transit company explained how it moved cash from banks to businesses.

- She did not know that suspicious cash transactions had to be reported.


05 January 06:15

Zondo report guns for SARS under Moyane as 'a clear example of state capture'

- The State Capture Inquiry report recommended that former South African Revenue Service commissioner Tom Moyane be charged for perjury.

- The report also confirmed the US consultancy Bain & Co's "unlawful" action at SARS.

- The ANC "either did not care or slept on the job or had no clue what to do", the report found.


04 January 21:47

WRAP | State Capture report fingers several bigwigs in wrongdoing

After four years, 400 days of hearings and, over 300 witnesses, the State Capture Inquiry has found that there was in fact state capture. 

The Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, headed by Deputy Chief justice Raymond Zondo, handed over the first of three parts of its report on Tuesday. 

“A fundamental question that this Commission is required to answer is whether the evidence led before the Commission has established state capture,” the report noted. 

The full reasons why the Commission made this conclusion will come in part three of the report, it said. 

“The evidence led before the Commission covered, amongst others, allegations of state capture, corruption, fraud, irregularities relating to tenders in, among others: South African Airports Company, South African Airways Technical and South African Express; Bosasa; Denel; Eskom; Estina; Prasa; SABC; SARS; State Security Agency; and Transnet.

In the first part released on Tuesday, the commission makes wide-ranging findings in relation to SAA, The New Age and SARS. 

The commission has made recommendations that criminal charges be instituted among a number of key role players in state capture including, former SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni, former Transnet CEO Brian Molefe, former Eskom CEO Collin Matjila and the Guptas- among others. The report recommends actions against former SARS commissioner Tom Moyane.

President Cyril Ramaphosa said he will only take action once he received all three reports and will table a plan of action to parliament by 30 July 2020. So far, former president Jacob Zuma has not been spared the wrath of the commission for his role in facilitating state capture.

- Qaanitah Hunter

04 January 21:18

More findings at SAA

The State Capture Inquiry report made several findings against former SAA Treasurer Phetolo Ramosebudi, and specifically his ties to the Gupta-linked Regiments Capital, and its executives Eric Wood and Niven Pillay.

The first dealt with Regiments pocketing millions in providing transaction advisory services for Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), which came with kickbacks to the Ramosebudi.

“The ACSA interest swap contracts with Nedbank and Standard Bank were procured through the corrupt involvement of Regiments Capital, Mr Ramosebudi, Mr Wood and Mr Niven Pillay,” the commission found.

It recommended that Regiments, Ramosebudi, Wood and Pillay be charged for corruption, and the the Asset Forfeiture Unit recover the amount paid to Ramosebudi by Regiments, and paid to Regiments by Standard Bank and Nedbank.

It also recommended that Nedbank possibly be prosecuted if “the investigation reveals that such prosecution is warranted”, and that the Asset Forfeiture Unit recover Nedbank’s profits under the interest swap contracts.

The other findings dealt with the SAA Working Capital tender awarded to the McKinsey and Regiments, which the commission says “was procured through the corrupt involvement of Regiments Capital, Mr Ramosebudi, Mr Wood” and others.

“There is no evidence that McKinsey was aware of any of the corrupt conduct linked to the award of [the contract]… and McKinsey has already repaid in full, the amount that it received from SAA in connection with its appointment under this tender,” the commission found.

It recommended corruption prosecution against all involved, as well as the recovery of monies by the Asset Forfeiture Unit.

- Ahmed Areff

04 January 21:16

Malusi Gigaba ‘was prepared to do wrong for the Guptas and Zuma’, State Capture Inquiry says

Evidence by the former minister of public enterprises Malusi Gigaba has come up short at the State Capture Commission. The report finds that he interfered in operational matters at both SAA and Eskom.

“So, Mr Gigaba’s evidence that he would not have been involved in operational matters must be rejected.

"Mr Gigaba was prepared to do wrong for the Guptas or Mr Zuma. A number of incidents can be pointed out in support of this.

"His role in the process that led to the indefensible reinstatement of Mr Siyabonga Gama as CEO of TFR at Transnet, his role in the appointment of Mr Brian Molefe as Group CEO of Transnet in circumstances where, by his own admission, he was a friend of the Guptas and, by Mr Brian Molefe’s own admission, too, he (ie Mr Brian Molefe) was a friend of the Guptas and he (that is Mr Gigaba) overlooked a better candidate, Dr Mandla Gantsho, who had scored higher points in the interview than Mr Molefe and decided to appoint another friend of the Guptas.

“Mr Pretorius testified that this response from Mr Gigaba was false. He explained that Mr Gigaba had interfered in Eskom’s operations on many occasions. He stated that there would be no reason why Mr Dames or Mr Choeu would instruct him to enter into these contracts without an instruction from “somebody higher up”. 

– Pieter du Toit

04 January 21:14

More allegations against Dudu Myeni - this time with SSA

There is “overwhelming and corroborated” evidence that former SAA board chairperson Dudu Myeni was unlawfully benefitting from State Security Agency (SSA) resources and enjoyed the protection of undercover operatives, trained overseas in counterintelligence strategies and intelligence gathering.

The report noted that Myeni’s links to top SSA officials revealed “how powerful Ms Myeni was and how close she was to President Zuma”.

“The extent of Ms Myeni’s proximity to former President Zuma is also reflected in her dealings with Bosasa and in relation to Eskom,” the report noted. 

The report details the links between Myeni and the controversial former head of the dodgy Special Operations Unit Thulani Dlomo. 

The report further noted that Myeni benefited from a scheme where 200 SSA agents and members were allocated to specific people who were supporters of President Zuma and who “may have been facing certain difficulties” – and who would not be eligible for protection from SAPS.

- Qaanitah Hunter

04 January 21:08

More findings on Dudu Myeni

The State Capture Commission has recommended that there be corruption charges laid against Dudu Myeni, her son, Thalente, and others who were involved in the scheme to secure millions of rands for the personal benefit Myeni and the Jacob Zuma Foundation.

The Commission said evidence before it indicates that the “dealings between VNA Consulting, Premier Attraction (Thalente Myeni’s business), Mr X’s (a witness who could not be named) business, Ms Duduzile Myeni, and the Jacob Zuma Foundation were not arms-length business dealings.

“The flow of funds from the Free State to these various individuals and entities need to be investigated further in order to establish whether there was a corrupt relationship between any of these parties in terms of which state funds were redirected to benefit private parties, including the Jacob Zuma Foundation,” the report noted.

It further noted: “So, the money appears to have originated from the Free State government’s coffers, been paid to VNA Consulting, then to Mr Myeni’s business “Premier Attraction”, then to Mr X’s company’s bank account, and then, on instruction by Ms Myeni, into the bank account for the Jacob Zuma Foundation.”

- Qaanitah Hunter

04 January 20:52

ANC mayor Geoff Makhubo asked for donations for ANC before contract was awarded

Deceased ANC mayor of Johannesburg Geoff Makhubo twice asked for – and received – donations from a private company before a contract was awarded to it, according to the State Capture Inquiry.

Makhubo died in July last year.“Mr Powell told the Commission that a small group of people at EOH would get an inside track on tenders with the City of Johannesburg before they were even advertised.

They would get advance notice and more information than their competitors, or they would get sensitive information on tenders before their competitors did.

There were some instances where confidential information relating to the tenders was leaked to EOH, and in other situations the EOH employers actually wrote the content of the tender themselves.

This was to exclude other bidders or to make them more likely to win the tender. “Not only was there communication with bidders, the evidence of money flows related to the City of Johannesburg shows that millions of rands worth of donations which were made, before and after certain contracts were awarded.

"Emails show that a month before a certain contract was awarded, Mr Makhubo (then Mayor of Johannesburg) asked EOH for a donation to the ANC. A week after the contract was awarded, Mr Makhubo asked for another donation. Of particular note was R50m donated to the ANC for the 2016 local government elections.” 

– Karyn Maughan

04 January 20:27

The commission's report deals with Zuma's refusal to appear

The report says: "Mr Zuma fled the Commission completely without any valid reason. He did so in order to avoid having to answer questions in the Commission... He did not want to account to the nation. He knew he was not going to have answers to many of the questions that were bound to be put to him."

This was in relation to Zuma's refusal to appear before the commission, for which he was sentenced to jail.

- Ahmed Areff

04 January 20:20

More coming in on Dudu Myeni's reign at SAA

The commission said that, according to former ministers Pravin Gordhan and Nhlanhla Nene, Dudu Myeni’s retention as SAA chair despite the numerous concerns being raised about her, and uncertainty about the limits on her terms in charge, was “due to the personal preference of former President Zuma.”

“This preference appears to have been more important to the former President than the proper governance or management of SAA," the commission found.

- Ahmed Areff

04 January 20:15

State Capture Inquiry blasts Bain & Co, says govt should 're-examine' all contracts with US consultancy

In its newly released report, the inquiry wants law enforcement agencies to investigate the US management consultancy group Bain & Co's, “with a view to enabling the National Prosecuting Authority to decide whether or not to initiate prosecutions” related to the award of the group.

Given Bain’s “unlawful” role in SARS, the report also recommends that all Bain’s contracts with state departments and organs of state be re-examined for compliance with the regulations and constitutional provisions. 

"Bain met President Zuma and (former SARS commissioner) Tom Moyane before they had even been appointed as third-party consultants to SARS, and from an early stage it was obvious that they would be given the position, even though no tender process had even begun," the report found.

In addition, the report wants the SARS Act of 1997 to be amended to provide for an open, transparent and competitive process for the appointment of Commissioner of SARS.

- Helena Wasserman

04 January 20:10

NPA, Hawks will have a million gigabytes of data, evidence to work with as it investigates and prosecutes state capture

The NPA and the Hawks will have unprecedented amounts of data and pieces of evidence to work with as it investigates and prepares to prosecute state capture crimes. According to the Commission’s report it will leave behind a petabyte of data, which amounts to 1 million gigabytes (GB).

“The Commission will, among others, leave two major distinctive outputs during its lifespan. Firstly, the Report and secondly a legacy of data and evidence amounting to approximately a petabyte of information data on corruption, fraud and capture.

“The archive of investigative material comprises statements, affidavits, investigative reports and other evidential material (real evidence, such as but not limited to telephone records, banking records and vehicle tracking records that were not all led in evidence).

“Data is gold and the legacy of data accumulated by the Commission will support future research and policy development.

This archive will also be a valuable resource that might in the future be made available to Law Enforcement Agencies and for further research and investigation, as directed by the President after receipt of this Report.” 

– Pieter du Toit

04 January 19:55

More damning findings on SAA

The commission found that former SAA chair Dudu Myeni operated  the airline “under a cloud of fear, intimidation, secrecy and paranoia”.

It found that there is “overwhelming and corroborated evidence that Ms Myeni was unlawfully benefitting from SSA resources and enjoyed the protection of undercover operatives, trained overseas in counterintelligence strategies and intelligence gathering.

“This reveals how powerful Ms Myeni was and how close she was to President Zuma. The extent of Ms Myeni’s proximity to former President Zuma is also reflected in her dealings with Bosasa and in relation to Eskom.”

The commission found that  Myeni’s refusal to be accountable for her actions is “regrettable.”

“She clearly received favours from the SSA to which she was not lawfully entitled. She employed those resources during her time as a chairperson of the board of SAA for ulterior purposes.”

- Ahmed Areff

04 January 19:52

Former president Jacob Zuma's role in capturing of SARS is front and centre in the inquiry's report.

The Commission says the capture of SARS "is a clear example of how the private sector colluded with the Executive, including [former president] Zuma, to capture an institution that was highly regarded internationally and render it ineffective." Zuma promised the job of SARS commissioner to Tom Moyane well ahead of the appointment being made, and they promised consultancy Bain the job of overhauling SARS, even though it was unnecessary.

"The only feasible conclusion is that the organization was deliberately captured and President Zuma and Mr Moyane played critical roles in the capture of SARS and dismantling it in the way it was done during Mr Moyane’s term as Commissioner." 

- Pieter du Toit

04 January 19:49

More on SAA

In addition to recommending that the NPA probe SAA's former Chairperson Dudu Myeni for fraud and corruption, the first part of the State Capture Inquiry report made findings against a host of other senior officials, including former SAA Technical procurement head Nontsasa Memela, former Airports Company South Africa group treasurer Phetolo Ramosebudi, and ex SAA board member Yakhe Kwinana.

The report recommended that the NPA and police probe Memela for forging documents. It suggested that be Ramosebudi investigated for helping clinch an interest swap contract with Gupta-linked Regiments Capital that cost ACSA millions of rands.

The report found that the South African Institute of Charted Accountants should probe Kwinana's suitability to act as a chartered accountant.

"The Commission believes that the answers [Kwinana] gave to certain questions during her evidence revealed either that she has no clue about some of the basic obligations that she should know as a Charted Accountant or she knew those obligations but dishonestly pretended that she did not know them because it was convenient for her to do so."

- Jan Cronje

04 January 19:44

State Capture Inquiry recommends that Molefe, Matjila and Tony Gupta be prosecuted for deals with The New Age

Former Transnet CEO Brian Molefe should be prosecuted by the NPA for fraud and contravening the PFMA for his role in facilitating irregular contracts between Gupta-owned The New Age and the parastatal, the State Capture Commission has recommended. 

In the first part of its report, the commission recommended similar action be taken against former Eskom CEO Colin Matjila.

The Commission noted that Molefe’s efforts to justify millions of rands of state funds being irregularly spent on advertisements in The New Age did not hold water. 

“From the above evidence, it is apparent that Mr Molefe and Mr Sigonyela were directly facilitating the use of public funds for TNA spending,” the report noted. 

On Eskom’s conrtacts with TNA, the report said: “As with Eskom, more junior personnel were asked to justify decisions already taken by their superiors by preparing recommendations that made it look as though proper processes were being followed and that the superiors were merely approving a proposal by their subordinates, rather than driving the process themselves. These memoranda again served to give the impression that the expenditure was legitimate.

”The report recommended that the law enforcement agencies should investigate a possible crime of corruption against Mr Tony Gupta on the basis of (former SAA chief executive) Mr (Vuyisile) Kona’s evidence that he offered him initially R100 000 and later R500 000 in their meeting at Saxonwold on or about 29 October 2012. 

“These matters should therefore be handed over to law enforcement agencies for further investigation and, where warranted, prosecution.”

On The New Age (TNA), the investigation conducted by the Commission has shown that contracts concluded between TNA and Transnet, Eskom and SAA were not only irregular but wasteful, too.

The Commission noted: "The TNA investigation shows that state capture thrived at our country’s SOEs despite the fact that the necessary laws to prevent it were in place. The PFMA clearly and definitively made every one of the TNA contracts unlawful. State capture thrived because the people given power and authority in the SOEs simply flouted its terms.

"One way to prevent this in the future is to ensure that those who ignored their legal obligations are held to account for their conduct."

- Qaanitah Hunter

04 January 19:28

More from the report

Fin24's Jan Cronje reports on SAA: Report recommends that ex-chair Dudu Myeni be investigated

The State Capture Inquiry report has recommended that numerous former senior SAA officials, including its ex-chairperson Dudu Myeni, be investigated by law enforcement agencies and the National Prosecuting Authority for corruption and fraud.

The report found the airline was "racked by corruption and fraud" during the tenure of Myeni, who is close to former president Jacob Zuma.

04 January 19:27

JUST IN | Former SARS head Tom Moyane must be charged with perjury in relation to his false evidence to Parliament, the State Capture Inquiry has recommended.

The inquiry also wants law enforcement agencies to investigate the US management consulting company Bain’s “unlawful” role at SARS.

In addition, all Bain’s contracts with state departments and other state bodies must be re-examined for compliance with the relevant statutory and constitutional provisions, the report recommended. It also wants legislation to be amended to provide for an “open, transparent and competitive process” for the appointment of Commissioner of SARS.

- Helena Wasserman

04 January 19:26

ROLLING COVERAGE | Our reporters are going over part 1 of the report on state capture

The Judicial Commission of Inquiry has established that state capture existed, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo says in the first volume of his report into capture.

"A fundamental question that this Commission is required to answer is whether the evidence led before the Commission has established state capture. A reading of part 1 of the report will show the reader that this Commission has concluded that state capture has been established."

- Pieter du Toit

04 January 19:16

Congress of the People (COPE) welcomes President Ramaphosa's announcement that the Zondo Commission will be made public immediately.

We have said that President Ramaphosa must be absolutely transparent with this report and open it to the public because we believe that this report belongs to the people of the country, and President Ramaphosa agreed with us.

State Capture and Corruption have directly affected the people of our country, especially the poor.

As COPE  we express our appreciation to the Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, who was the chairperson of the Commission, and the entire Commission's team. We are aware that it was not any easy road for the Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

He endured a lot of insults and even threats against his life.

Now that the first volume of report is out in the public, all that is left is to see our law enforcement agencies acting against all the criminals who have destroyed our country. They must be prosecuted and all their assets must be confiscated.

04 January 18:44

The African National Congress welcomes the handover today, Tuesday 4 January 2022, of the first part of the report of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture.

The ANC has consistently expressed its support for the objectives and the work of the Commission, including at its 54th National Conference in December 2017, where delegates resolved to support the expeditious establishment of a judicial commission of inquiry.

As ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa said during his appearance at the Commission, the ANC called for the establishment of the Commission knowing that the organisation would itself be placed under great scrutiny.

The ANC maintains that the Commission is a necessary part of the broader social effort to end all forms of state capture and corruption.

The ANC is hopeful that the Commission’s report will detail the nature and extent of state capture and corruption, and will present recommendations that assist in taking the country forward.

As an organisation, the ANC will engage with the findings and recommendations of the Commission as the parts of the report become available, and consider how these can help to enhance the process of fundamental renewal and rebuilding within our movement.

The ANC National Executive Committee will put in place mechanisms to process any parts of the Commission report that pertain to the organisation, its deployees or members.

The ANC will support government as it considers the report’s findings and recommendations and undertakes the work necessary to restore good governance and decisively tackle all forms of corruption within the state and across society.

The ANC expresses its appreciation to the Chairperson, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, and the staff of the Commission.

The ANC further calls on all South Africans to engage with the Commission’s report and to be part of the national effort to put state capture behind us and build an ethical, capable developmental state and a society governed by the values of our democratic Constitution and the rule of law.

04 January 17:30

Gungubele closes the briefing. 

04 January 17:28

Ramaphosa is asked about the stance that government would wait for all the reports to be handed over, given that so much evidence of wrongdoing has already been uncovered.

Ramaphosa says that areas that can be acted on, will be addressed. But he says government needs the full report so that it can systematically respond to the commission's findings and recommendations. 

04 January 17:24

Zondo declines to answer any questions about the contents of his first State Capture report, particularly whether any prima facie findings of wrongdoing have been made.

04 January 17:20

Ramaphosa: "Whoever is affected, we will be able to ensure that there is implementation".

He assures once again that the government takes the work of the commission seriously, and will act on its recommendations.

04 January 17:19

Ramaphosa reiterates that he and government will not comment on the State Capture reports until they have all been submitted and studied.

04 January 17:18

Ramaphosa is asked about how he feels about Democracy in Action's argument that he was not the right person to receive the State Capture reports because he was implicated in them. DIA tried and failed to interdict Zondo from handing the report to Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa says he does not know what the report will say about him - but says he will set back if he is found to be conflicted.

04 January 17:16

The floor is opened for questioning

A member of the media asks Ramaphosa about his name being drawn into allegations made before the commission, which was the basis for an urgent application for him not to be handed the report.

He is also asked about the state's capacity in dealing with the allegations.

04 January 17:14

Ramaphosa assures SA that the government will uphold the rule of law. "We will walk this path together and we will prevail. This report allows us to up our tempo in dealing with state capture. If we work together we will rid the country of corruption."

Ramaphosa has wrapped up his opening remarks.
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