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13 June 10:54

11 June 13:53

Join News24 editor-in-chief Adriaan Basson on Tuesday to unpack the steps needed to ensure the Gupta brothers have their day of reckoning.

Basson will be joined by News24's assistant editor for in-depth news, Pieter du Toit, top political analyst Mpumelelo Mkhabela and legal journalist Karyn Maughan, who will be joining us fresh from her trip to Dubai.

Join us on Tuesday, 14 June, at 12:00 to participate in this event, which is exclusively for News24 subscribers.

<p><br /></p><p>Join News24 editor-in-chief Adriaan Basson on Tuesday to unpack the steps needed to ensure the Gupta brothers have their day of reckoning.</p><p>Basson will be joined by News24's assistant editor for in-depth news, Pieter du Toit, top political analyst Mpumelelo Mkhabela&nbsp;and legal journalist Karyn Maughan, who will be joining us fresh from her trip to Dubai.</p><p>Join us on Tuesday, 14 June, at 12:00 to participate in this event, which is exclusively for <strong>News24 subscribers.</strong></p>
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10 June 05:25

News24 in Dubai: Gupta brothers arrested at their home, remain behind bars in UAE

Rajesh and Atul Gupta, who were arrested at their luxurious home in the upmarket Emirates Hill area in Dubai a week ago, remain behind bars in an undisclosed police station - as their lawyers prepare to fight their pending extradition.


09 June 11:14

'No guarantee' Guptas will be extradited to SA - Mondli Gungubele

The government says there is no guarantee that the Guptas will be extradited to South Africa following their arrest in Dubai on Monday.


08 June 09:24

EXPLAINER | Interpol red notice: What it means and why SA requested it for Gupta brothers

The brothers Atul and Rajesh Gupta have been arrested in the United Arab Emirates. They are accused in South Africa of profiting from their close links with former president Jacob Zuma and exerting unfair influence.

Their arrests follow the issuing of a red notice by the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) at the beginning of March 2022. This paved the way for their arrest to face fraud and money laundering charges in South Africa. 


08 June 09:22

EXPLAINER | Who are the Guptas? The family at the heart of Zondo's report into state capture

Two Indian-born businessmen brothers have been arrested in Dubai and face extradition to South Africa where they allegedly plundered state resources with the aid of ex-president Jacob Zuma.


08 June 07:53

Gupta extradition request set for swift start as NPA gears up for battle

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is expected to request the extradition of Rajesh and Atul Gupta on fraud and money laundering charges as early as Wednesday - kicking off a process it hopes will result in them standing trial in South Africa.


08 June 07:21

07 June 17:55

07 June 17:42

Gupta arrests just one step in legal process to ensure justice, says Corruption Watch

News of yesterday’s arrest of Atul and Rajesh Gupta in Dubai, the latest extradition arrest by authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is clearly a positive step forward in that country’s fight against corruption, and in the search for accountability for state capture in South Africa, says Corruption Watch.

The central role played by the Gupta family in contravening processes and laws around procurement and governance was made clear in evidence that emerged from the recently concluded Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, known as the Zondo Commission.

Atul and Rajesh are fugitives of the law and have been indicted in South Africa.

Their brother Ajay has not been indicted and as such, has not been taken into custody.

These arrests for money laundering and criminal charges are the result of South Africa’s appeal for mutual legal assistance from the UAE and the issuing of red notices through Interpol.

It is perhaps no coincidence that the UAE is currently heading the international policing body, and has faced increasing pressure over its lax approach to money laundering and reluctance to extradite suspects.

“The arrests did not come out of the blue, but are the result of persistent efforts to institute a legal process against the brothers. While it is a significant development, it is just one step closer to ensuring that justice is done, and that the Guptas are made to face the full might of the law in this country,” said Karam Singh, executive director of Corruption Watch.

It is hoped that more arrests of senior officials and Gupta associates will follow, along with a slew of successful prosecutions.

Asset recovery remains a major challenge for law enforcement seeking to reclaim the vast amounts of money laundered out of South Africa, and this will continue as an important part of the legal process in undoing the damage of state capture in the country.

“The impact of the Guptas’ illegal transactions that saw millions if not billions of rands looted from the central fiscus has been a blight on the country’s ability to overcome persistent challenges of inequality, poverty and unemployment, and has severely impeded progress in transformation and development,” concluded Singh.

07 June 16:20

'Great news' that Rajesh and Atul Gupta arrested - SACP

The South African Communist Party (SACP) welcomed the arrest of "fugitives" Rajesh and Atul Gupta in a statement on Tuesday.

It said: "It was great news to the SACP to learn from the Department of Justice and Correctional Services, confirming that it has received information from law enforcement authorities in the UAE that the fugitives from justice have indeed been arrested."

The pair was arrested in Dubai, UAE, after a red notice was issued for them by Interpol for money laundering and charges of fraud.

In the statement, the SACP said it is looking forward to more arrests of those involved in "state capture corruption".

"While the arrest of those who were complicit in the state capture corruption and the fugitives from justice is hopefully taking the Orange Overall Campaign in South Africa forward, as the SACP we want all the stolen funds, public resources and national wealth recovered, together with the damages incurred, through asset forfeiture." 

The SACP called for the Gupta pair to be extradited to South Africa "as soon as yesterday," to account for their alleged role in state capture.

"South African state must also seize all the unjustified ill-gotten wealth or the assets acquired or accumulated from corrupt activities, irregular or illicit conduct," and must be intensified, it said.

07 June 14:41


The African National Congress notes and welcomes the arrests of Messrs Rajesh and Atul Gupta by law enforcement authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

We call on law enforcement authorities in South Africa and the UAE to expedite the extradition of Messrs Gupta to South Africa so that the charges against them can be adjudicated by a court of law to determine their guilt or innocence.

The ANC reiterates its support for the work of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, headed by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

We further reiterate our call to government and all other relevant institutions in society to act on the Commission’s findings and recommendations.

The latest developments underscore the commitment of the ANC-led government to rigorously root out all forms of corruption including, tender rigging, fraud, bribery and nepotism in all state institutions and the private sector. 

07 June 13:12

07 June 13:10

Atul Gupta attends the 53rd national conference of the African National Congress in Bloemfontein, on 16 December 2012.


<p>Atul Gupta attends the 53rd national conference of the African National Congress in Bloemfontein, on 16 December 2012. </p><p><em>(AFP)</em></p>

07 June 13:03

07 June 11:13

NPA engaging relevant authorities on Gupta arrest

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said it is engaging with the relevant authorities regarding the arrest of the two Gupta brothers in the UAE.

"Extradition is a complex process involving many role players, including the executive. It would therefore not be appropriate for the NPA to discuss the details of that process in the media but can confirm that we are engaging with relevant authorities in SA and UAE," it said in a statement on Tuesday.

"The NPA has an experienced team of internal and external experts who are working closely with law enforcement and our partners in the criminal justice system on the matter," the statement added. 

07 June 09:30

07 June 08:55


Interpol asked to assist with execution of arrest warrants for Guptas; Four others appear in court over R24million fraud  

Former Transnet Board member and business partner to Gupta associate Salim Essa, Iqbal Sharma, and three former senior Free State government officials appeared in the Bloemfontein Magistrate Court today on charges of procurement fraud involving R24 million, paid by the Free State Department of Agriculture (FSDoA) to Nulane Investment 204 (PTY) LTD, a company owned and controlled by Sharma.

From there the funds were diverted to Islandsite Investments 180 (Pty) Ltd (Islandsite), a company owned and controlled by the Gupta family.

In the charge sheet handed in at court today, the State alleges that Iqbal Sharma and former Free State head of Department for Rural Development (FSDoRD), Peter Thabethe; former head of FSDoA, Limakatso Moorosi; and former FSDoA Chief Financial Officer, Seipati Dhlamini; colluded to divert funds earmarked for rural development in the Free State. These funds were then placed at the disposal of the Gupta family.

The R24 million was purportedly paid to Nulane to conduct a feasibility study for the Free State Province's flagship  Mohoma Mobung project, on the basis that Nulane had unique skills to perform the work.

Nulane Investments however had no employees on its books and in fact subcontracted Deloitte Ltd to produce the report, for which Deloitte was paid R1.5 million.

The only change made to the Deloitte report was to identify Paras diary as a suitable implementing partner for the development of a milk processing plant in Vrede. The accused face charges of fraud and money laundering.

The former government officials are also charged with contravention of the Public Finance Management Act.

The NPA's Investigating Directorate is opposing bail. The bail application for two of the Accused will take place today and the bail application for two more will take place on Monday, 7 June 2021.

The fifth suspect in the matter, Iqbal Sharma's brother-in-law and a representative of Nulane Investments, Dinesh Patel, will formally appear on 15 June 2021 for health reasons.

They are charged together with three companies, Nulane Investment 204 (Pty) Ltd (owned and controlled by Sharma), Wone Management (PTY) LTD, Pragat Investment (Pty) LTD, Islandsite Investments Pty Ltd.

The balance of Accused listed in the charge sheet are not currently in South Africa. Investigating Directorate head, Advocate Hermione Cronje, said the NPA is applying to Interpol to assist with the execution of arrest warrants in respect of Atul Gupta and his wife, Chetali; Rajesh Gupta and his wife, Arti; Ankit Jain, former Nulane Investment Bank of Baroda account signatory; Ravindra Nath, director of Wone Management (Pty) Ltd; Ramesh Bhat and Jagdish Parekh, the directors of Pragat Investments (Pty) Ltd.

"The modus operandi used in this case appears to have been replicated in other government departments and projects. It is therefore critical that the evidence gathered in this matter is presented to court and a verdict obtained expeditiously.

"It is for this reason that prosecutors have decided to proceed separately against the accused currently in the country and those abroad, as the process of arrest and extradition may unduly delay the trial."

To facilitate a speedy trial in this matter, the accused will be handed a final indictment together with the contents of the case docket on 15 June 2021, when the matter will be postponed to the High Court for the accused to plead to the charges.

07 June 08:29

Atul Gupta and Rajesh Gupta are seen at the ANC's elective conference on 17 December 2012 in Mangaung.

(Photo by Simphiwe Nkwali, Gallo Images, Sunday Times)

<p>Atul Gupta and Rajesh Gupta are seen at the ANC's elective conference on 17 December 2012 in Mangaung.</p><p><em>(Photo by Simphiwe Nkwali, Gallo Images, Sunday Times)</em></p>

07 June 08:11

07 June 06:58

FIRST TAKE | Gupta arrests a big moment - but the NPA, justice dept must now seal the deal

The arrest of two Gupta brothers is the most significant state capture development in recent times. The NPA must stop at nothing to ensure they are put on a cargo plane to Johannesburg to stand trial in the High Court, writes Pieter du Toit.


07 June 06:57

Justice dept confirms arrests of 'fugitives' Rajesh and Atul Gupta - but no word on extradition yet

Alleged state capture fugitives Rajesh and Atul Gupta are behind bars in Dubai, but the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) will need to make a compelling case for their extradition to ensure they finally face trial in South Africa.


06 June 21:36

When contacted for comment on the arrest of the Gupta brothers, the spokesperson of the JG Zuma Foundation, Mzwanele Manyi, didn't have anything to say.

His response was a terse, “I have no reaction”. 

- Jeanette Chabalala

06 June 20:21

Corruption Watch's Karam Singh says: "If the arrest can then be followed through with extradition then I think that's a huge breakthrough in terms of the push for accountability for State Capture".

Singh says the Gupta brothers "were the architects of these schemes, you know, along with former president [Jacob] Zuma".

He says he didn't think an arrest "was ever going to happen".

"It seems they were able to effectively evade the long arm of the law but we know that the extradition treaty was finalised and negotiated and the red notices issued so [It is] a very, very positive development and encouraging and hopefully it can be followed through with the extradition that can lead them back to the country," said Singh.

- Jeanette Chabalala

06 June 20:09

JUST IN | The Ministry of Justice and Correctional Services confirms that it has received information from law enforcement authorities in the United Arab Emirates that fugitives of justice, namely, Rajesh and Atul Gupta have been arrested. 

Discussions between various law enforcement agencies in the UAE and South Africa on the way forward are ongoing. The South African government will continue to co-operate with the UAE.

06 June 20:07

Last year, the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) ambassador to South Africa said an agreement between South Africa and that country on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters and extradition was signed in 2018.

The statement was issued just days after the National Prosecuting Authority's Investigating Directorate said it asked Interpol to circulate an international arrest warrant to have the Guptas deported to South Africa to stand trial for fraud and money laundering.

The ID issued arrest warrants for Gupta brothers, Atul and Rajesh, and their wives, Chetali and Arti, as well as a number of business associates.
The full report

06 June 19:57

06 June 19:49

COMMENT | The arrest of the Gupta brothers Atul and Rajesh in Dubai is the most significant state capture development yet.

The Gupta family, now based in Dubai after fleeing South Africa following Jacob Zuma’s loss of power over the ANC, is at the heart of the theft of an estimated R250 billion from SA’s coffers, primarily from state-owned companies like Eskom, Transnet and SAA. 

The extent of their looting was laid bare in a series of explosive articles published by News24, Daily Maverick and amaBhungane five years ago after a data leak titled “Gupta Leaks”. 

Their arrests is a result of the recovery of the NPA under President Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership. The Guptas captured former president Zuma and his family by paying millions to the family through Zuma’s heir, Duduzane. 

An extended extradition process is now about to get underway, which will involve many legal maneuvers, but the fact of their arrest in a foreign country will restore some respect and trust of the NPA and SA’s law enforcement agencies. This is also a moment to celebrate the tireless work of South Africa’s independent, investigative media houses. 

- Adriaan Basson

06 June 19:37

Have the walls been closing in around the family?

News24's Pieter Du Toit argued that last month's arrests of Transnet bigwigs was "a significant leap forward in the NPA’s quest for efficiency and accountability. They have a case they can win, with enough evidence to present to the court in order to secure a conviction – and punish those who sought to steal from the public purse and – like Zondo found of Zuma – chose the interests of the Guptas over that of the country," he wrote.
Read his editorial

06 June 19:34

The Free State High Court in Bloemfontein had refused to postpone proceedings for the confirmation of an interim restraint order that was granted against a Gupta-owned company in business rescue.

Last month, the interim restraint order was granted against Islandsite Investments - which is owned by the Gupta family - in the same court in June 2021 in favour of the National Prosecuting Authority and Investigating Directorate. It allowed them to restrain assets belonging to alleged Gupta associate Iqbal Sharma, his company Nulane Investments 204 (Pty) Ltd, and Islandsite Investments 180 (Pty) Ltd.

According to the directorate, Islandsite belongs to Atul and Rajesh Gupta and their wives, Chetali and Arti Gupta.
Read the report

06 June 19:29

The National Prosecuting Authority and the Hawks arrested 15 people in a single week last month, as it cranked up the pressure on some of those accused of wrongdoing.

The blitz of arrests started on a Tuesday. By the Friday, it culminated in the biggest state capture arrests so far: former Transnet CEO Siyabonga Gama and former Trillian Capital Partners CEO Eric Wood.

Gama and Wood were arrested alongside former Transnet chief financial officer Garry Pita, former Transnet treasurer Phetolo Ramosebudi, and Trillian Asset Management director Daniel Roy.

They are accused of fraud valued at R93 million in a case relating to the procurement of 1 064 locomotives by Transnet.
Read the full report

06 June 19:27

Last month, the NPA promised more to come as Gupta allies were arrested

As Gupta associates and a government official were cuffed and taken to court on Wednesday, the National Prosecuting Authority has promised there will be more to come as it works to bring perpetrators of state capture to book.

Gupta stalwart Ronica Ragavan and two other associates of the controversial family were arrested on Wednesday and appeared in front of the Randburg magistrate's court on charges including fraud and money laundering in relation to the rehabilitation funds of the Optimum and Koornfontein coal mines. 
Read the story here

06 June 19:24

The notorious Gupta family has been at the heart of allegations into state capture in South Africa. 

In 2017, a tranche of emails were released that provided an insight into the extent of their web.

The GuptaLeaks became international news, and exposed the incredible reach of the family.
See our full coverage

06 June 19:23

BACKGROUND | In February, Interpol issued red notices for Atul and Rajesh Gupta

Interpol issued red notices for Atul and Rajesh Gupta – despite the brothers at the centre of the alleged state capture project claiming that the National Prosecuting Authority’s efforts to secure their arrests were politically motivated.

Interpol, however, refused to grant red notices against the pair’s wives, Arthi and Chetali.

Authorities announced in July last year that it had obtained red notices against the brothers and their wives in connection with fraud and money-laundering charges, but later clarified that these notices were still "under consideration" by the Commission for the Control of Interpol's Files.
Read the story

06 June 19:22

State capture kingpins Atul and Rajesh Gupta arrested in Dubai

Rajesh and Atul Gupta have been arrested in Dubai, over four months after Interpol issued a red notice for them in connection with fraud and money-laundering charges.

The brothers are wanted in connection with the R24.9 million Nulane Investment fraud and money laundering case, which will proceed in the Free State High Court in Bloemfontein in September.

Two independent sources with direct knowledge of events confirmed the arrests to News24.Chrispin Phiri, spokesperson for the department of justice, told News24’s Jeff Wicks: “There is no confirmation.” It is understood that a high-level meeting of law enforcement agencies is currently taking place in Pretoria.

According to News24’s information the arrests were executed by the Dubai Police’s Criminal Investigation Department of the Dubai police on Friday. The National Prosecuting Authority have yet to verify them.

This is a developing story.

- Karyn Maughan

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