WRAP | Zondo points the finger at Zuma in Guptas capture ploy

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29 April 19:43

Zuma’s critical role in Gupta’s plans to capture Eskom revealed

Former president Jacob Zuma’s direct involvement in Eskom’s affairs has laid bare a well-orchestrated plan to capture the state-owned power utility.

The latest Zondo Commission of Inquiry into, which was handed over to the Presidency and released to the public on Friday, indicates that Zuma, the Guptas and their associates were behind the suspension of many Eskom executives holding strategic positions to make way for those who would comply with their demands.

Zuma and the Gupta’s plans were made easier by the loyalty of Lynne Brown, the former minister of public enterprises.


29 April 19:01

ICYMI | Zondo report finds Zuma was 'critical player' in Gupta plot to capture Eskom

The State Capture Inquiry has ruled that former President Jacob Zuma aided the Gupta family in capturing power utility Eskom. 

The fourth part of the inquiry's report, which deals with Eskom, National Treasury, EOH Holdings and a Free State asbestos project, was handed over to President Cyril Ramaphosa by the inquiry's secretary, Professor Itumeleng Mosala, on Friday morning.  

It found that the Gupta family orchestrated the sudden suspensions of Eskom's top leadership in 2015, so that their "associates" Brian Molefe and Anoj Singh could be parachuted in to strategic positions at the utility. 

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29 April 18:15

Zizi Kodwa: I am not beholden to Jehan Mackay

Deputy Minister of State Security Zizi Kodwa has rejected the State Capture Inquiry's finding that he is "beholden" to former EOH executive Jehan Mackay, who loaned him over R1 million back in 2015.

In response to the findings of the report by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, released on Friday, Kodwa said he had reached a repayment settlement with Mackay, who is said to have extended up to R1.6 million to Kodwa between February 2014 and April 2015.


29 April 16:21

'A dismal failure!' - Zondo Commission slams Ace, Zwane's R1bn Free State housing debacle

"Dismal failure - a debacle!"

This is how the State Capture Commission characterised a scheme worth R1 billion that should have delivered houses to the poor in the Free State during the reign of Ace Magashule as premier and Mosebenzi Zwane as housing MEC.

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29 April 15:34

Eskom project team to tackle 'immense harm' caused by state capture

Eskom has set up a project team to tackle recommendations by the Zondo Commission, it said on Friday.

The project team, which Eskom says is "supported by its internal and external lawyers", will review the report and take "appropriate" action.

This includes studying the contents to identify whether anyone implicated is still working at the state-owned power company.

The debt-laden utility – which featured heavily in testimony delivered during the commission of inquiry – has been trying to recover funds it lost during the state capture era. This includes some R3.8 billion in damages it suffered due to the unlawful actions of those implicated in state capture, it said.


29 April 15:25

Zondo wants Alexkor directors, diamond dealers to be probed for fraud

- An Alexkor joint venture appointed a company linked to Gupta associate Kuben Moodley to sell its diamonds.

- The company eventually sold R2 billion in diamonds - without a licence. 

- The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture has issued a long list of recommendations to pursue wrongdoers at the state diamond firm. 

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29 April 14:53

Zondo recommends that former Minister Nomvula Mokonyane face investigation over her "possible involvement and the benefit she received from the asbestos contract, if any". He says that she "might have questions to answer".

- Karyn Maughan 

29 April 14:43

Mkhize has stated that the nearly R7million he received from Sodi was a donation to the ANC - with the ruling party also receiving a further R3,5million donation. As was the case with Bosasa, the ANC appears to have directly benefitted from irregular or corrupt payments. In this case, that money was intended to be spent protecting the poor and vulnerable from asbestos poisoning. Instead, Sodi claims, it was used to assist 'struggling' government officials like Zizi Kodwa - and to pay for ANC T-shirts.

- Karyn Maughan 

29 April 14:27

Among the alleged beneficiaries of the unlawful asbestos project payouts were Anoj Singh (R10 000), Paul Mashatile (R317 553,87), Thulas Nxesi (R45 000), Zweli Mkhize (R6 497 000) and Zizi Kodwa (R174 760).

Zondo notes that the Commission was not able to seek explanations from all the "politically exposed individuals" and government officials alleged to have received these payouts, or to verify whether these payments had been disclosed to the SA Revenue Service. Many chose "not to furnish the Commission with their side of the story" after being served with notices that they had been implicated in the asbestos scam evidence, Zondo says.

- Karyn Maughan 

29 April 14:10

Also listed on the "Cost of doing business" schedule (detailed in the asbestos scam investigation) are the initials "AM" - to whom R10million is recorded as having been paid.

Former Free State MEC Mxolisi Dukoana testified at the commission that the late asbestos scam beneficiary Igo Mpambani had been "in constant communication" with people in then Free State Premier Ace Magashule's office. He said that each time asbestos project payments were advanced to Sodi and Mpambani's joint venture, requests were forwarded to Mpambani "resulting in the latter making payments as requested or instructed by Mr Magashule".

Sodi said he was unable to confirm who the "AM" payments were being made to. Magashule is facing charges that he received corrupt benefits from the asbestos scam in the form of educational funding for alleged Gupta ally Refiloe Mokoena, travel expenses for students and tablets. He hasn’t been charged in relation to the alleged R10million payment. Zondo doesn't make a concrete finding as to whether "AM" is Magashule.

- Karyn Maughan 

29 April 13:43

Zondo addresses the so-called “cost of business” schedule, where beneficiaries of the Free State asbestos “scam” money are listed - often with only their initials. These payments total over R82 million of the R255 million allocated by the Free State government to the project, which actually ended up costing R21 million.

Sodi claimed to not pay attention to where this money was going and sought to place all responsibility for them on his murdered business partner Igo Mpambani. He conceded that “It was reasonable to conclude that Mr Mpambani contemplated illegitimate payments to at least some of the people.”

Zondo rejects claims by former human settlements Thabane Zulu - who would later become a driving force for the Russia-SA nuclear deal in the energy department and is now facing corruption charges linked to the asbestos project - that a R600k car payment he received from Sodi was to repay a liquor debt.

This explanation was “pure fabrication”, Zondo says.

- Karyn Maughan

29 April 13:41

Zondo: Zizi Kodwa 'beholden' to former EOH exec, Ramaphosa must review his position

The State Capture Inquiry has recommended that President Cyril Ramaphosa consider the position of Zizi Kodwa as Deputy Minister of State Security following his implication in questionable transactions between himself and Jehan Mackay, a former director at technology group EOH.

The report points to a beneficial relationship involving personal loans made to him by Mackay and an apparent attempt to buy his influence in the awarding of tenders.


29 April 13:40

DA Chief Whip Natasha Mazzone has lamented how the latest instalment of the Zondo Commission report “lays out in clear details how criminal collusion within the ANC, Cabinet, ANC deployees and the Guptas conspired to capture Eskom and reduce it to a shell.”

She said the consequences of such capture are being felt to this day through unrelenting waves of load shedding.

“Evidence from the report exposed how the Guptas, working in cahoots with former president Jacob Zuma, the then minister of Public Enterprises, Lynn Brown, and ANC deployees at SOEs worked together to remove Eskom executives and '…install persons as members of the Eskom board of directors who would facilitate or at least not oppose the Guptas' state capture scheme and appointed Eskom executives who would co-operate with the Guptas’,” said the DA Chief Whip.

She concluded that the Zondo Commission has confirmed that the ANC is not fit to govern as it has essentially degenerated into a criminal enterprise.

- Juniour Khumalo

29 April 13:23

Zondo finds that businessman Edwin Sodi - who is currently on trial with Ace Magashule and others for his alleged part in the "asbestos scam" - was "unconvincing" in his efforts to claim ignorance or pass blame onto his murdered business partner Igo Mpambani.

Zondo: "His explanations are unconvincing and his excuses do not ring true. Mr Sodi lacked credibility and was dishonest in his evidence in a number of respects."

- Karyn Maughan

29 April 13:11

“On a full conspectus of all the evidence -the documentation and the testimony at the hearings of the commission - there can be no doubt that this contract was not entered into in a regular or lawful manner.… Furthermore, it can only but be concluded that the breaches and omissions of lawful procedure were deliberate and intentional.” - Zondo on the Free State asbestos project.

- Karyn Maughan

29 April 13:08

Zondo completely rejects Edwin Sodi and former Free State housing official Tim Mokhesi's efforts to legitimise the completely unlawful "asbestos scam" payments by the Free State government to Sodi's consortium. He finds that these attempts were defined by manifest "deceit". "The process was a sham", he says.

- Karyn Maughan

29 April 13:04

Zondo: Lynne Brown lied about calls with Salim Essa to hide her role in Gupta capture of Eskom, Denel

Zondo has rejected the evidence of former public enterprises minister Lynne Brown that she could not remember the content of several phone calls she had with Gupta lieutenant, Salim Essa.

"I find that she has told a deliberate untruth in this regard. Why would she lie about her cellphone conversations with Mr Essa? The only possible explanation is that Ms Brown was a witting participant in the Guptas' schemes to capture Denel and Eskom and she sought to conceal this by pretending that she did not know Mr Essa and had not spoken to him when she had spoken to him several times during a period that was of strategic importance to the Guptas' scheme to capture Eskom," the report reads.

"The fact of the matter is that Ms Brown has been found out. She was working with the Guptas and their associates to facilitate the capture Denel and Eskom."

- Kyle Cowan

29 April 12:55

COMMENT |  This fourth part of the State Capture report is taking state capture directly to the ANC’s door. The party, Chief Justice Raymond Zondo said, should be “ashamed” of how they handed over power over Eskom to the Guptas. He also put the blame on the R1 billion Free State housing debacle at the door of the ANC who ought to have intervened.

“The ANC and the ANC government should be ashamed that this happened under their watch."

It is an important reminder that state capture happened under the ANC’s watch and with their complicity. Who was to stop state capture if it were not the ANC and its government?

Zondo makes a very pertinent point that the ANC had relinquished the control to the Guptas and those people the Guptas wanted.

“The question that the people of South Africa are entitled to ask is: where was the ANC as the Guptas took control of important SOEs such as Transnet, Eskom and Denel? Where were they? What were they doing?"

The ANC, which promised to implement the recommendations of the Zondo report, have to reflect on that. It is not a case of simply dropping the ball as President Cyril Ramaphosa wants us to believe. Take the case of the R1 billion housing project, it was the ANC that gave the people of the Free State Ace Magashule as premier and Mosebenzi Zwane as MEC.

"The only organisation that would have been able to remove Mr Magashule as premier on the grounds that he have failed to show leadership as premier and to monitor and supervise effectively the performance of Mr Zwane, would have been that of the African National Congress which was responsible for his election by the majority of members of the Legislature as Premier.”

In other words, the ANC did nothing about state capture.

- Qaanitah Hunter

29 April 12:52

WATCH | Inside Eskom's worst performing power station in Mpumalanga

29 April 12:51

WATCH | Everything you need to know about Ace Magashule's warrant of arrest

29 April 12:50

WATCH | News24 presents: Dubai - the Guptas' City of shells

29 April 12:49

WATCH | 'I've been vilified, alleged to be the king of corruption' - Zuma at state capture inquiry

29 April 12:44

The Presidency received the fourth part of the state capture inquiry's report. (GCIS)
<em>The Presidency received the fourth part of the state capture inquiry's report. (GCIS)</em>

29 April 12:43

The Presidency received the fourth part of the state capture inquiry's report. (GCIS)
<em>The Presidency received the fourth part of the state capture inquiry's report. (GCIS)</em>

29 April 12:43

The Presidency received the fourth part of the state capture inquiry's report. (GCIS)
<em>The Presidency received the fourth part of the state capture inquiry's report. (GCIS)</em>

29 April 12:37

Rajesh Gupta must be charged for offering bribe that Mcebisi Jonas refused - state capture report

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) must consider instituting criminal charges against Rajesh Gupta for offering a bribe to former deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas, the state capture report recommends. Part four of the report, released on Friday, deals with the attempted capture of National Treasury.


29 April 12:17

Chief justice Raymond Zondo said he believed it is "almost a miracle" that the National Treasury was saved from the tentacles of the Guptas.

"I shudder to think what would have happened to this country if president Zuma was not forced to move Mr Des Van Rooyen and his advisors out of the National Treasury and if Mr Van Rooyen and his advisors had been allowed to continue in the National Treasury," Zondo wrote in the fourth part of his report.

The report notes that the Gupta and Zuma’s failure to fully capture treasury was due to the resistance by former finance ministers Nhlanhla Nene and Pravin Gordhan as well as the officials at the Treasury.

“The country should be grateful to all of them,” Zondo said.

- Qaanitah Hunter

29 April 12:15

COMMENT | If ever there was an indictment on Jacob Zuma and his role in state capture, it must surely be this. From paragraph 2493: "Central to the Guptas’ scheme of state capture was President Zuma who the Guptas must have identified at a very early stage as somebody whose character was such that they could use him against the people of South Africa, his own country and his own government to advance their own business interests and President Zuma readily opened the doors for the Guptas to go into the SOEs and help themselves to the money and assets of the people of South Africa.'

- Pieter du Toit

29 April 12:15

The Zondo Commission found it "is effectively the ANC that has given the people of the Free State Mr Zwane and it is the ANC which gave them the Premier [Ace Magashule] who failed to intervene when Mr Zwane and his Department wasted more than R500 m of taxpayers' money which was meant to be used to build low-cost houses for poor people in the Free State".

– Jan Gerber

29 April 12:06

Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has said the ANC should be "ashamed" of the way they relinquished power over one of the most important parts of South Africa's economy to a private family. By mid-2015, Eskom was under the control of the Gupta family, said Zondo.

"South Africans thought that the ANC government was in control of Eskom but it was not. It had relinquished the control to the Guptas and those people the Guptas wanted. The ANC and the ANC government should be ashamed that this happened under their watch. The question that the people of South Africa are entitled to ask is: where was the ANC as the Guptas took control of important SOEs such as Transnet, Eskom and Denel? Where were they? What were they doing?"

29 April 12:02

Zuma replaced Ramatlhodi with inexperienced 'Gupta minister' Zwane to do their bidding: Zondo

It was clear that former president Jacob Zuma replaced Ngoako Ramatlhodi as mineral resources minister because he refused to cooperate with the Gupta family’s wishes, the State Capture Inquiry has found.

"... Ramatlhodi had consistently refused to have anything to do with the Guptas and was not prepared to do any favours for the Guptas," commission chairperson Chief Justice Raymond Zondo found in the fourth instalment of the inquiry's report. 


29 April 11:45

The report has found that former president Jacob Zuma "interfered in the running of the affairs of the Board of Eskom" when he ordered that a crucial Eskom board meeting in 2015 be postponed. According to the report, the postponement aided the Gupta family in carrying out their plan to capture the power utility by getting rid of its top leadership and replacing them with "associates" Brian Molefe and Anoj Singh.

Justice Zondo found that Zuma acted unlawfully by pressuring government officials to postpone the meeting."[It] was unlawful because he [Zuma] had no power to decide when the board could hold its meetings nor had he any power to dictate what matters the board could discuss or not discuss in any of its meetings."

"President Zuma’s interference in the affairs of the board marked the beginning of the implementation of the Guptas' plan to capture Eskom and president Zuma was a critical player in that plan."

- Jan Cronje

29 April 11:42

After finding Mosebenzi Zwane's reign as MEC for housing in the Free State a "dismal failure" and finding that then-premier Ace Magashule should have been held to account for his failure to ensure that Zwane did his job, the commission turned to the political party to which they both belong to – the ANC.

"The only organisation that would have been able to remove Mr Magashule as premier on the grounds that he had failed to show leadership as premier and to monitor and supervise effectively the performance of Mr Zwane, would have been that of the African National Congress which was responsible for his election by the majority of members of the Legislature as Premier," reads the report.

– Jan Gerber

29 April 11:41

Zondo report finds Zuma was 'crucial player' in Gupta plot to capture Eskom

The State Capture Inquiry has ruled that former President Jacob Zuma aided the Gupta family in capturing power utility Eskom. The fourth part of the inquiry's report, which deals with Eskom, National Treasury and EOH Holdings, was handed over to President Cyril Ramaphosa by the inquiry's secretary, Professor Itumeleng Mosala, on Friday morning.  


29 April 11:39

Zondo on the Free State asbestos project, for which Magashule, Sodi and former human settlements officials are currently standing trial: “The conceptualisation and implementation of this project as such to suggest that this project was a considerable scam from its inception. There is every indication that from the very beginning this Asbestos Audit Project was always intended to unlawfully benefit a certain business consortium and that those financial benefits were extended to at least the head of the department of human settlements, Free State, and the Director-General of the Department of Human Settlements.”

- Karyn Maughan

29 April 11:36

Zondo report: Koko’s denials that no state capture took place at Eskom ‘devoid of any truth’

Matshela Koko’s denials that state capture involving the Guptas took place at Eskom falls to be rejected as “devoid of any truth”, Zondo has found.“His [Koko’s] denial that he was not a facilitator for Mr Salim Essa, the Guptas and their associates falls to be rejected as there is ample evidence to the contrary before the commission.”

– Kyle Cowan

29 April 11:34

Zondo: "This was not a Free State Asbestos Project. It was a Free State Asbestos Project Debacle."

- Karyn Maughan

29 April 11:34

Zondo 4 unpacks the so-called asbestos scam, which saw R255 million, earmarked for the eradication of harmful asbestos from the homes of some of the Free State's most disadvantaged residents, allegedly being siphoned off by politically connected businessman Edwin Sodi to a number of ANC heavyweights - including Zizi Kodwa and Zweli Magashule. Sodi is standing trial for the alleged scam, alongside suspended ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule, who insists there is no case against him.

- Karyn Maughan

29 April 11:33

STATEMENT | Eskom notes the state capture report, sets up a project team to deal with recommendations Friday, 29 April 2022:

Eskom welcomes the report issued by the Judicial commission of inquiry into Allegations of state capture, Fraud and Corruption (the Commission). Eskom has proactively set up a project team, supported by its internal and external lawyers, to ensure that the report is reviewed, understood and appropriate actions are taken to address recommendations made therein and to protect Eskom’s interests. Further, and as previously communicated, Eskom has already taken steps to recover funds irregularly paid out by Eskom to various suppliers.

In this regard, Eskom, working closely with the Special Investigating Unit, has been successful in recovering R1.1 billion from McKinsey, R1.577 billion from ABB, as well as several other significant cases. Eskom has furthermore initiated civil actions to recover some of the monies lost to state capture, including R3.8 billion in damages suffered by Eskom due to unlawful actions by those implicated in state capture.

Eskom is studying the report to identify whether there are implicated individuals still in its employ and will take appropriate action as required in line with its policies. This is in addition to the numerous criminal cases registered with the South African Police Service over the years and disciplinary action taken against its employees implicated in the irregularities.

Chairperson of the Eskom Board, Professor Malegapuru Makgoba said: “state capture and its agents caused immense harm to Eskom over many years. We view the release of the Commission’s report as an important step to ensure that more of those who undermined Eskom are brought to book, and we look forward to working with the National Prosecuting Authority to ensure that the miscreants speedily face criminal charges.”

29 April 11:29

The report took Magashule to task for not holding the Zwane to account.

"Mr Mosebenzi Zwane failed dismally to provide leadership in the Provincial Department of Human Settlement in 2010 with regard to the R1 billion Housing Project and the premier should have made sure that there were consequences for Mr Zwane," reads the report.

"However, the premier simply shifted him to another portfolio where he continued to occupy the position of MEC. After such a dismal failure, Mr Mosebenzi Zwane should not have simply been shifted to another Department as a MEC. The premier should not have allowed him to continue as MEC."

Zwane was shifted to the department of agriculture, where under his watch the Estina/Vrede dairy farm scheme took place, with which the commission will deal in a later report. The commission finds that Magashule must have been aware of what was happening in the housing department under Zwane's watch.

"It is totally unacceptable that the Premier made no effective intervention."

The commission finds that Magashule should have been held accountable for his failure to ensure that Zwane and his department did their jobs.

– Jan Gerber

29 April 11:25

Zondo: "It is recommended that the law enforcement agencies should conduct such further investigations as may be necessary to enable the National Prosecuting Authority to determine whether it should not charge Mr Moses Mpho “Gift” Mokoena, former head of the Free State Department of Human Settlements, Mr Mosebenzi Zwane and other officials in the Free State department of human settlements with fraud arising out of the misrepresentation on which the advance payment scheme was based with regard to the number of houses that the department said it could build between November/December 2010 and the end of March 2011 which was known to the department not to be true and not to be achievable but which was done in order to prevent the National Department of Human Settlements from taking part of their allocated funds and giving them to better performing provinces.”

- Karyn Maughan

29 April 11:23

Zondo Report recommends that law enforcement investigate former minister Mosebenzi Zwane for fraud - related to evidence that, during his time as Free State housing MEC, he had authorised the prepayment of R1 billion for the Free State housing project, which resulted in millions of rand being wasted in illegal pre-payments to contractors and suppliers for work that was not delivered. Despite witness testimony from  Free State housing officials placing him at the centre of orchestrating the prepayments scheme to suppliers and contractors allegedly specifically handpicked by him, Zwane denied any wrongdoing. Zondo has not accepted those denials.

- Karyn Maughan

29 April 11:16

The report states that there were a number of interactions between Jehan Mackay and Zizi Kodwa, which included personal benefits and loans. Some of the benefits involved “substantial donations” to the ANC by the EOH group.

Zondo says is clear that Mackay was attempting to buy influence by making the loans that he made to Kodwa and by providing him with luxury accommodation.

He says he repeatedly attempted to engage Kodwa in relation to pending EOH Group tenders.

If the recommendations of this Commission are implemented, Jehan Mackay "will be subject to multiple criminal investigations."

“It is untenable for the deputy minister of State Security to find himself in a position where he is beholden to a suspect in multiple criminal investigations”.

- Sibongile Khumalo

29 April 11:12

Zondo has further recommended that Koko and Singh be investigated and possibly prosecuted for their role in Eskom’s deal with McKinsey and Gupta-linked Trillian. The report finds that “rampant corruption” is evident in the awarding of contracts and the approval of payments to McKinsey and its BBBEE partner, Trillian. But Zondo takes it a step further – he recommends that a criminal investigation be undertaken with possible prosecution of the entire Eskom board of 2014.

– Kyle Cowan

29 April 11:12

The state capture commission delved into Edwin Sodi's claims that he made donations to the ANC while he was receiving lucrative government tenders as he was loyal to the party.

“There are many difficulties in comprehending the nature of the assistance given by Mr Sodi to the ANC. For example, he does not identify the funds as going to the political party but to individuals who are members or office bearers thereof or who occupy government positions,” the report notes.

Sodi ‘donated’ R370 000 to Paul Mashatile, R45 000 to minister Thulas Nxesi and R6.5 million to Zweli Mkhize. “Alternatively, Mr Sodi’s method of record-keeping exposes Mr Mashatile, Mr Nxesi and Dr Mkhize to the suspicion that they may have received the funds in their personal capacity and that could lead to the question of what each may have offered Mr Sodi in return,” the report reads.

The report also raised concern about Sodi’s generosity to his ‘friends’ as problematic. He had made donations to politicians including deputy minister Pinky Kekana (R170 000) and Zizi Kodwa (R174 000) from his business accounts.

- Qaanitah Hunter

29 April 11:10

The unlawful coal deal for Majuba Power Station awarded to the Guptas through Brakfontein mine came about as a result of Koko and other Eskom officials abusing their power, Zondo found. He recommends that the NPA consider prosecuting Koko, Dr Ayanda Nteta as well as Vusi Mboweni and Jacques Roux of Gupta-owned Tegeta for the deal, for violations of the PFMA. They exercised undue influence on their subordinates to unduly benefit the Gupta family.

– Kyle Cowan

29 April 11:09

It was “plain and clear” that former president Jacob Zuma replaced Ngoako Ramatlhodi as mineral resources minister because he refused to co-operate with the Gupta family’s wishes.

“Minister Ramatlhodi had consistently refused to have anything to do with the Guptas and was not prepared to do any favours for the Guptas,” commission chair Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has  found.

“On all the evidence, that is probably why president Zuma removed him as minister of mineral resources and deceptively said to him he was promoting him to the position of minister of public service and administration.”

Zondo said that Zuma and the Guptas wanted someone who would advance the Guptas’ business interests, especially since their families were “inextricably intertwined” through the former president’s son Duduzane.

Zondo said it could be safely concluded that Mosebenzi Zwane was a “Gupta Minister”.

“It is quite clear on the evidence that Mosebenzi Zwane was appointed minister of mineral resources because the Guptas wanted him to be appointed to that position or because of his connection with the Guptas,” Zondo found.

“Mr Zwane had no previous experience of being a Member of Parliament, he had no prior exposure or experience in mining or mineral resources and had never been a minister before.

“His record as a MEC in the Free State Provincial government was dismal and there is no way that president Zuma would have chosen him because he thought he would do a better job as minister of mineral resources.”

- Ahmed Areff

29 April 11:06

"Dismal failure – a debacle!" – This is how Part 4, Volume 2 of the state capture commission's report describes the Free State's R1 billion housing project. It found that by the end of the 2010-'11 financial year, the Free State government, then under the leadership of former premier Ace Magashule, spent R500 million, but "there were either no houses that had been built for the poor people for whom the Provincial government was required to build low-cost houses or there were so few houses built compared to those that were supposed to have been built that they are not worth mentioning," reads the report. Mosebenzi Zwane was the MEC for housing at the time. 

– Jan Gerber

29 April 11:01

On Eskom: Zondo says the Eskom executives, including Molefe, Singh and Koko "used their positions of authority and power within Eskom to benefit Trillian; a corrupt activity under Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act No. 12 of 2004 (PRECCA)". They all benefitted from the Guptas, Zondo says, and/or Salim Essa in various forms. "The conduct of Eskom officials, therefore, implicates several provisions of the Commission’s terms of references".

On this Zondo recommends action from the NPA. "In the result, it is recommended that the law enforcement agencies should conduct such further investigation as may be necessary with a view to the possible criminal prosecution of the implicated parties by the National Prosecuting Authority for their part in facilitating the fraud, corruption and financial misconduct against Eskom and the State."

- Azarrah Karrim

29 April 10:58

Zondo has recommended that Koko and Singh should be criminally prosecuted for their role in the sale of Optimum Coal Mine to the Gupta family.

"All those Eskom officials who were party to or facilitated the acquisition by bringing pressure to bear on Glencore to dispose of its coal interests to the Guptas and were partly to or facilitated the payment of this very large sum of R659 million and the R1.68 billion guarantee are prima facie guilty of theft and ought to face criminal charges for such corruption-related conduct," he found.

“The recommendation for criminal charges is particularly applicable to Mr Anoj Singh and Mr Koko, who by false pretences led Eskom, through the officials who processed the R659 million payment, to believe that the R659 million payment was in the nature of pre-payment for coal, as was the R1.68 billion pre-payment, later converted into a guarantee, when in truth and fact they knew that the prepayment and the guarantee were needed to enable the Guptas to complete and save the sale of share transaction."

– Kyle Cowan

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