"Teething? I'm a pro!"

I can't believe that it has been one year and one week since I wrote this post about the appearance of my first tooth. That means that my CV now boasts 376 days as a teething expert.

It has been a challenging time with lots of snot en trane, grumpiness, pain and sleepless nights. (Some of it from me, but mostly from mom and dad.) I can't even say that it has been worth it. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate that teeth come in handy as eating utensils and I would be the first to admit that I would look a little gormless without them, but surely these benefits are far outweighed by the cons?

Teeth aren't that great...

On the face of it, you would suspect that "teeth" are essential in the activity of food consumption. But you would be wrong, because all my favourite foods like Flings, ice-cream, yoghurt, cucumber and spaghetti could be eaten successfully without teeth. In fact, slurping spaghetti is actually enhanced by not having teeth.

Teeth apparently play a major part in development of speech and enhancing pronunciation. But if none of us had teeth, then talking "funny" would be the norm. And because it is the norm, then it wouldn't be classed as "funny" anymore, so teeth would also be redundant here.

Teeth? Who needs them!

So teeth are on shaky ground, even before we look at the cons. And con's there are a plenty. 

The gestation of each tooth entails a month of increasing discomfort characterised by bulging, inflamed, red gums sensitive to even the gentlest of touches.  My gums are more sensitive than a barometer with even the slightest change in atmospheric pressure leading to an increase in my grumpiness levels.

Then there’s the drooling, runny nose, dodgy belly and occasional fever that seem to run riot whenever I am teething.  Oh and not to mention the loss of appetite. And I can hardly afford to lose weight as I am well below the 50 percentile on the weight charts, meaning I am already destined to be picked last when it comes to the school sport’s day tug-o-war team.

Actually the only benefit I can see to teething is the funny numb feeling I get in my mouth whenever mommy rubs teething power on my inflamed gums. Granted, this probably doesn’t help the drooling and I am a little concerned that even at my age I might be on the slippery slope to pain killer addiction!

After one year of fluctuating agony, it is almost over as there are only a couple more bashful teeth buried below the surface.

Or so I thought. You can imagine my horror when I saw that my cousin’s teeth are falling out and heard they will be replaced by big teeth. BIG TEETH!? Now that doesn’t sound good at all...

The Poppet is part of the Parent24 blogging community and this "toddler" always has something funny to share. There have been rumours that it is in fact The Poppet's dad that blogs for him. We choose not to believe as much. If you want to read more about The Poppet's adventures, take a look at his blog: The Poppet Chronicles.

Was teething a nightmare for your toddler too? Share with us below!
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