All about spots, bites, rashes and fevers

It’s easy to panic if your child breaks out in a rash or spots, or his temperature shoots up. You may not know how to distinguish between a pimple and a bite, so we’ve put together some descriptions and a gallery for a few of the most common ones. You can familiarise yourself with these and minimise that panic.

Once bitten...

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Wondering how to tell different rashes apart?

What’s that rash

Spots! Read here for information on all of these kinds of spots in: 

Spot on!

You can also view a gallery of these here:

These are merely an introduction to these ailments, so remember:

You do need to see a doctor if...

  • Your baby is younger than three months and has a temperature of more than 38°C.
  • Your child is older than three months and has a temperature of more than 40 °C.
  • Your child is older than three months and has a temperature of between 38 °C and 40 °C but doesn’t want to eat or drink, has constant diarrhoea or nausea, shows signs of dehydration or has short spells of fever a few nights in a row, or if the fever doesn’t drop within 72 hours after sponging your child down and administering children’s paracetamol or ibuprofen.
  • Your child is younger than two years and the fever doesn’t drop within 24 hours of doing the above.

911 - Rush to your doctor if your child has a fever and...

  • Cries inconsolably for hours and is extremely irritable.
  • Is very listless and struggles to wake up.
  • Has a rash that looks like bruising.
  • Struggles to breathe.
  • Leans forward and drools.
  • Has what appears to be an epileptic attack or fit.
  • The lips, tongue and nails are blue.
  • His neck is stiff and he has a bad headache.
  • His body is limp and he struggles to move.
  • The fontanel on his head bulges.

Facebook or Google is not your doctor! Do consult a medical professional should you have concerns for your child's health.

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