Maternal Mental Health: A Parent24/7 podcast series

PODCAST | PARENT24/7: Maternal Mental Health
PODCAST | PARENT24/7: Maternal Mental Health

Parent24 has produced a podcast series on the important topic of Maternal Mental Health. 

Join me, Elizabeth Mamacos, as I chat to various special guests and we get personal on this sometimes scary but very important theme. 

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PODCAST | PARENT24/7: What is post-partum depression?

In this episode I chat to psychologist Gerda Kriel about pre and post-partum mental health, and why it's important for parents to be aware that this could be an issue for them. 

PODCAST | PARENT24/7: Risk factors - Can you predict PPD?

In this episode I talk to psychologist Gerda Kriel about whether it's possible to predict and prevent a post-partum mental illness, and we unpack some of the risk factors expecting parents can look out for. 

PODCAST | PARENT24/7: Fathers can get post-partum depression too

In this episode we listen in as psychologist Gerda Kriel and psychiatrist Anusha Lachman reveal that fathers can also suffer from post-partum depression, why, how to help and more.

PODCAST | PARENT24/7: Can post-partum depression affect adoptive parents?

In this episode we listen in as adoptive mom of two, Charlotte Bieldt, shares her journey through post-partum depression with psychologist Gerda Kriel. 

PODCAST | PARENT24/7: Why is infant mental health important?

In this episode we listen in to child psychiatrist Dr Anusha Lachman and psychologist Gerda Kriel as they discuss the importance of infant mental health, reveal why a baby might need a psychiatrist, and bust some myths about the expectations placed on new moms.

PODCAST | PARENT24/7: How to treat post-partum depression

In this episode I chat to psychologist Gerda Kriel about a variety of treatments for post-partum depression: from medication to taking a holiday, find out how new moms can get help here. 

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