WATCH: Just because they're born everyday doesn't make them any less extraordinary: 20 things you didn't know about babies


They're tiny, they cry a lot, and they don't use the bathroom. 

On the surface babies seem basic, but actually they're really amazing, and no, not in the my child is the best child ever to exist way.

They're kind of extraordinary. 

How much do we really not know about these toothless wonders you ask? Tons! 

Relative to his/her weight, a baby is stronger than an ox, has taste buds on the roof, sides and back of the mouth, and can recognise the smell of its mother at birth.

These are just a few of the facts described in this hilarious video by BetUDidntKnow (NB: Do take the irreverence with a pinch of salt): 

They sound a little far-fetched but these are all true  –  we wouldn't recommend putting fact #1 to the test though. 

Here are a few other amazing facts you didn't know about babies: 

  • According to UNICEF, roughly 353,000 babies are born every day worldwide. 
  • A newborn baby's brain comes fully equipped with 100 billion neurons, almost twice the amount you have in your brain currently. 
  • At birth, babies have 94 more bones than adults do. 
  • Newborns get about 16 to 17 hours of sleep per day but the reason they keep waking their parents up at night is that their sleep cycles only last about 2 to 4 hours at a time.
  • Babies can breathe and swallow simultaneously. 
  • A newborn's growth rate is so incredibly fast that if a baby continued to grow at the same rate as it does during its first year of life, it would be more than 51 metres tall by adulthood. 
  • Baby-big-head: your baby's head makes up 25% of its body weight. 
  • Since their vision is still in development, all newborns are nearsighted and will only be able to see in black, white and gray for several weeks before colour can be registered. 
  • A baby's body contains just about 1 cup of blood at birth. 
  • Newborns will only be able to taste salt in their fourth month, but they are able to pick up on sour, sweet and bitter tastes before then. 

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What's the biggest surprise you've encountered with your newborn? Tell us in the comments. 

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