5 delicious true confessions

Many families have secrets. Some are funny, some are moving, and some are simply insane (the secrets, not the families!). The internet- and, specifically, social media, has offered a space for parents and their kids to share their true confessions. We do our best not to judge, but sometimes these hushed admittances can be shocking.

Confessing has many benefits. You may want to share a funny moment or you might be going through an experience which is particularly difficult, and sharing this may inspire others to offer support.

Shh! Can you keep a secret?

Everyone loves a good confession, though. The opportunity to have a window into someone’s life can be very tempting. If you’re confession crazy, we have some great ones for you:

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Confessions of a breastfed baby

Confessions of an ex-bully

Bad teacher confessions

What do you wish you could tell someone about being a parent but you never have?