Does your toddler have a girlfriend?

Not too long ago, my almost 3-year-old nephew came home from day care and as usual he told me about his day. It usually goes something like... We sang, we played, we coloured etc. But on this day it was a little different; he started speaking about a girl he hadn't talked about before. He only recently started at this school and he was just getting used to his new friends, so everyday there were new names that he mentioned.

They were usually boys, but this time it was a girl so I was surprised. The next day when my sister went to fetch him at day care, he went to get his new friend and they were holding hands.

She was extremely confused and said that they have to leave but that’s when my nephew said, “but Mommy, she’s coming home with us.” 

I can only imagine how much she laughed, she even snapped a picture where they’re holding hands and looking up at her like, “why are you laughing? We’re completely serious, woman.”

Just this morning I read, on The Stir about a woman, whose 3-year-old daughter has a boyfriend, and she's just not ready for it. 

I don’t know why, at such a young age, they already know what the meaning of a boyfriend or girlfriend is. That’s the funniest part. When they know that when it’s your girlfriend you must defend her, you must often speak about her, you must call her pretty and you must hold her hand.
Where do kids develop the knowledge of ‘romance’? 

There could be many influences regarding where they get their knowledge from; television, their parents or other family members. 

When I think of my nephew, he only watches cartoons and other family programs, we’re a very affectionate family but we try to keep it to a minimum when surrounded by family and we’re with our partners.

Then again, at school, little kids learn and pick up things from one another because they are in that sponge phase where they absorb and repeat. 

There are so many places where he could have picked this up but should parents object to it? Or should they accept it as childish play?

When do parents have to draw the line? This gives a whole new meaning to ‘play date’. 

We live in a world where facts and fiction get blurred
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