Hello Kitty beer!

Image: via Tsing Beer

Need to market your alcoholic beverage to women? Forget pink bottles or even glittery labels: A Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturer has hit on the local obsession with children’s character Hello Kitty and created Hello Kitty-themed beer cans with a range of fruity flavours, says The Atlantic.

Tots of alcohol, or alcohol for tots?

The fun cans sport fresh colours and contain flavours such as lemon-lime, passion fruit, peach and banana. They’re quite mild, with only 2.5% alcohol.

Women in China drink far less than men (15% compared with 55%), so it must have seemed like the perfect way to get millions glugging away on the cartoon brews. Of course, the small problem that KIDS may find the cans just as adorable as their Hello Kitty-loving moms doesn’t seem to have crossed the minds of the inventors. Of course, booze bottles and babies have met before: Baby Booze Bottles

What do you think of this marketing misadventure?