Babies don't need expensive gadgets

There are certain unfortunate circumstances some may need to adjust to - like needing to buy a special formula. But that is circumstantial, and not the norm. And not every parent will have a nanny. And not every mother that is a stay at home parent is "fortunate" or "wealthy" or "better off" than those families where both parents work. And sure there will always be hidden costs and unforeseen expenses.

But that's a part of life, whether you have a baby or not. The article didn't say that's all the expenses there are. It simply said there's no need to scare new parents with overwhelming figures on how expensive babies are, when the truth is most of those "needs" are not needs at all, and having a baby is an expense you can manage if you do it properly.

I don't think any one article will be able to cover everything that being a parent or having a child entails - that's why there are new articles coming out almost hourly. So maybe for you this article isn't relevant. But for a lot of us it hits home and it is comforting and informative. And if it gives someone the hope, courage or strength they need being a first time parent, do the technicalities of it really matter?

- Cassy

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