Camping with kids

We had our first camping trip with the kids this past December. We travelled to Mossel Bay and stopped at a camping ground in Colesburg on the way there and again on the way back.

We bought 2 3-man tents and the kids had a fantastic time putting them up while Hubby and I put some lamb chops on the braai (what else does one eat in the Karoo?). We slept on a mattress in the back of our bakkie while the kids slept on inflatable mattresses in their tents and shone their torches at each other all night long.

I must admit that I had anticipated a very stressful experience but it turned out quite well. The ablution facilities at this particular place were clean and comfortable, there was plenty of hot water for the showers and they supplied lots of toilet paper, too!

We're considering taking the kids on longer camping trips over future holidays. We'll probably try it for a week or so and then decide whether it's an option worth pursuing into the future...

Thanks for another great newsletter - I enjoy reading about your family.