Family treats on the cheap

We're a bigger family than most with 4 kids, so dining out tends to be expensive!

So we've established a few routines that work for us:
  • We eat dinner at the table. Every night.
  • We have "pop quiz" after dinner every night, where each family member, including the 3-year old, answers a "general knowledge" question. We play two rounds and each question correctly answered earns  a "handful" of sweets - usually we share a packet of Smarties or Jelly Tots.
  • Friday nights are take-out and DVD nights.
  • In addition to the above, we often make pancakes. Our eldest has recently mastered the art of making pancakes and we often have demands from the younger two to have pancakes for dinner. We usually fill half of the pancakes with savoury fillings and have cinnamon & sugar pancakes for dessert.
It's a great way for a big, busy family to spend time together & stay close in spite of their many divergent interests.