Fighting colds and flu this winter

Number 1

I add a cap of DETTOL/SAVLON to the bath water EVERY NIGHT! I believe that helps a great deal with killing those nasty “sick” germs.

Number 2

I give him NATURA TISSUE SALTS COMBIN 12 each morning and each night. If I see he’s starting to get a snotty nose, I increase the intake of the Tissue salts to 1 tablet every half an hour for a day, and the next day he is much better again.

Number 3

SCOTT’S EMULSION every morning!

Number 4

My son wears a VEST every day in winter, and he is not allowed to walk around the house barefoot in winter. He always wears socks and slippers, and sleeps with socks on at night.

Number 5

Keep the head warm! When we leave the house in the mornings he always wears a beanie to keep his head warm. If we go out at night he always wears his beanie, and we pack an extra jacket just in case!

So far we’ve had a very successful winter, and we have not been to the doctor once! (TOUCH WOOD!)


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