Healthy food that kids want to eat

I am a mother of 4 children who grew up, thank god, before the advent of junk food AND THEN CAME 10 GRANDCHILDREN WHO STAY DURING SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. Now that is a different kettle of fish! Something they also did not eat...
Then in desperation one day I grated beetroot and added spinach, then put this into a blender with cocoa (lots of cocoa) and dark brown sugar and blended to oblivion. This done I made a muffin mix using the ingredients in the blender with flour and raisins and raising agents. Into the oven they went and the kids could not wait for them to finish cooking. (They had been swimming and playing while the mixing went on so they only smelled the oven when I called them. Everything else had been washed and all evidence of the beet and spinach was gone...) They did not even want to wait for them to be iced the smell was so good! As soon as they were cool, they were gone.
The next day it was peas, broccoli and spinach with cocoa and so on and so on. Same result - all gone in a second. Then I made cakes, always chocolate to hide the evidence. Then pancakes.
Every day for lunch there were goodies, they did not even miss sandwiches for lunch and I was their heroine and the best ouma in town! You can use any veggies: brinjals, cabbage (must be the purple one), also add herbs. Next year I'm going to experiment with fudge. Chocolate fudge. I'm still practicing.