'I fell pregnant as a teen and aborted my baby'

The following reader's letter was taken from the comments in response to a Facebook post featuring an article called ‘I forced my 16 year old to have an abortion!

I fell pregnant at 16 and my mom forced me to have an abortion. I have a child now and I am 25 but I still feel guilty and can still remember the experience like it was yesterday. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly and I will let my daughter make her own choices as it is her body and she will have to life with that choice for the rest of her life so I will never force her to do something so traumatic.

Also when I did fall pregnant again I wait 5 months before I finally told her because I feared her reaction. My daughter is now turning 4 in December and is loved by the whole family. My mom and I will never be close and there will always be this between us no matter how many years pass. I can never fully trust her or tell her things.

- Natasha