My four births

I had 4 babies also each different.

1st one natural, epidural with episiotomy - and the episiotomy was the worst thing ever (other than c-section).

2nd one natural, epidural but only after 4 hours sitting in excruciating pain from being induced - no tears or episiotomy there - walked out the next day and drove 7 hours to my holiday destination.

3rd was natural, no pain killers and water birth and I tore - very sore - but that was my best I think - also walked out next day and healed better than with episiotomy.

4th was c-section - not elective - and worst birth of all.

I'm an advocate for natural and that's my advise when friends ask... But only if there is no danger to baby. The best advice though is to do whatever YOU want to do.

- Cheryl

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