Obsessive children

I have 3 girls aged 16, 13 and 7.

So we have lived through many, many fixations. I'm convinced they are the only true constant in the glorious mess of raising small people!
Hayley (now 16)

- Watched the The Lion King video so many times, I would go to sleep with "I just can't wait to be king" and the phrase "slimy yet satisfying' echoing in my head.

- She also had a small apple shaped bottle with a pop up lid that replaced her proper bottle that 'broke' (Mommy took a bread knife to it when she insisted on seeing her broken bottle). The apple bottle got lost (under the bed - I found it weeks later with congealed sour milk in the pop up bit that I refused to try get out. It got 'lost' in the bin), and years later when she was a teen, we found a new one in Checkers. She honestly got tears in her eyes. Note - we didn't buy the new one...
Nikita (now 13)

- Had a small pink hippo with magnets in his feet that she had to have on her bed to sleep. Of course she chose the tiniest animal of the lot, one that disappeared so often in her messy room that we dubbed him Hide-Away-Hippo.
Bronwyn (now 7)

- Tomato sauce. Highly orginal. Every family has to have one.