On the journey of double trouble

By Angeliqueca Roux

“Did you plan twins, what is the recipe?” Uhm, no one plans twins. When a mommy and daddy love each other...

“Oh, twice the trouble!” Thank you, Captain Obvious.

“What are you going to do, how will you cope?” Drink a lot of wine?

“Oh you are going to get so big!” Wow, you really are Captain Obvious...

“You have two, you can give one to me.” Sorry, you have to take the package deal.

“Do you know how busy you are going to be?” No, I have no idea. Please do educate me.

“What does it feel like when they both kick?” I don’t know, like two little people kicking in your tummy?

“Post pictures of your belly on Facebook, we want to see!” No no no. Why don’t you post pictures of your belly on Facebook and we see how it pans out?

Do any of these reactions sound failure ladies? Do you do that polite smile and forced giggle because you are not sure how to react to others utter surprise that you are expecting twins?

At 30 weeks, I think I have pretty much heard all the silly comments that could be thrown at you when you are on an emotional rollercoaster twice over. Never mind the strangers who forget the concept of personal space and do the belly rub or the never ending advice from singleton moms with children whom are months apart, or that one person who knew someone’s aunt’s - cousin’s - friend’s – daughter who had twins. Yes, please do tell me exactly what it is like to have twins?

The journey of being pregnant with multiples is very unique, especially if you are a first time mom. From day one you are told that twins will possibly be premmies, this you need to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for. Having been given a due date, this is just a guideline, I know women who have given birth to their twins at 25 weeks and those babies are happy healthy children today.

Apart from the silly comments or the suspense you are kept in for the arrival of you bundles of joy…the change in your body, as with every pregnant woman, is huge. You try to read as much as possible so you know what to expect, none of those articles really prepare you for what you will go through.

My own private summer…when it is 10°C at 6am and your husband doesn't want to get out of bed because it is so cold and it’s warm and snuggly in bed, meanwhile you are in a sun dress, opening even door and window in the house to get fresh cool air because you feel like it is mid-January in the Sahara.

There are moments when you feel like the babies are doing the cha cha on your bladder, in stilettos. At times, you feel as if your abdomen is being stretched in 8 different directions and you are not sure which is more uncomfortable, the stretching or the bladder dance. Having said that…the times when you feel these two little being bouncing (or fighting?) in your tummy. But then you watch the movement, your heart crumbles and you get all teary eyed, falling in love all over again. You cannot wait to hold them (with a specific “football hold” I am told) and gaze deep into their eyes, wondering how such beautiful beings can be a product of you and your darling husband, who at this point you are cursing for “doing this to you”.

Through all this, one comment has stood out the most, something I think about every time I feel despondent, something that makes me feel like I am doing something very special and unique here...

“Twice the joy, you are truly blessed.”

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